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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Holy Redeemer Church, Boroughbridge Road

Contact: Kristina Davey  Senior Neighbourhood Management Officer

No. Item


6.30 - 7pm Drop-in

·        Talk to your local councillors

·        Find out about community groups active in your area

·        Give us your views on what is important to you in your community



Residents had the opportunity to speak with Councillor Myers, Kristina Davey (Community Involvement Officer), local Police Community Support Officers and representatives from York Timebank.



Welcome and Introductions


Cllr Myers welcomed everyone to the meeting and noted Cllr Barnes’ apologies due to family commitments. Cllr Myers said that this was his first ward committee meeting since being elected and thanked the two previous ward councillors for the work they had done.



New Ward Arrangements

Ward councillors will outline the revised process for ward committees, ward funding and how decisions are made.



Cllr Myers outlined the new ward arrangements saying that the two ward councillors want to work with residents to develop local priorities and help deliver these whilst also giving a voice on how to spend ward budgets. This will be done through the Ward Team, consisting of 8-12 people who can propose ideas, this Ward Committee, including the two Councillors and the ward budget that can be used to maintain and improve the ward.

Cllr Myers outlined the importance of residents input into decisions and advised that the ward committee will meet up to four times a year. This will include one formal meeting and can include other, more informal, formats such as walkabouts, drop-ins or consultations, depending on the need of the ward. The Acomb Ward Team will also meet with the councillors to inform the setting of ward priorities, work on projects to utilise the ward budgets and liaise with other partners such as police, estate managers, businesses and voluntary groups along with Kristina Davey the ward coordinator.

Cllr Myers introduced the ward budgets.

The total ward budget of £19,180* which comprises three elements:

·        General ward budget                 £6,769

·        Community Care Fund              £3,385

·        The annual Pride in York Fund £4,513*

(*reduced pro rata by £4,513 for the remainder of 2015/16)


In addition there is:

·        A one-off Pride in York Fund    £6,557

·        An annual Highways Budget    £11,282

The Highways Budget is for using local knowledge for highways improvements, resurfacing, for footpaths, cycle paths and street lighting.

The ward budget can be allocated through grants or by commissioning a group or organisation to do a specific piece of work that address ward priorities. The Pride in York Fund element comprises part of the main ward budget but the one-off element is for grants and initiatives to benefit the community that can help to reduce reliance on Council services.

The community care element of the budget is to support, through community activity, the prevention or delay of people needing to access formal care packages and statutory support, such as reducing isolation, nutrition, transport, prevention of falls or practical support.

Ground Maintenance – Ward teams are also being asked to identify priorities for future expenditure. The Ward Team has been provided with a list of grounds maintenance tasks split into two sections: those which can only be completed by the Council due to health and safety implications, eg. operating machinery or working with hazardous chemicals (highlighted in red), and those which could be picked up within the Ward, perhaps through volunteering (highlighted in green). 

Cllr Myers said that five ward priorities have been proposed by councillors after working with the Ward Team and considering ward statistics and data collected from a resident's survey. The proposed priorities are:

·        Reducing social isolation

·        Increasing facilities and activities for young people

·        A cleaner, greener ward

·        Improving health and wellbeing, and

·        Increasing community involvement.

Cllr Myers asked residents in attendance for any comments, ideas for projects and questions about the priorities. The following issues were raised:  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.



Have your say on proposed ward priorities worked up by Acomb Ward Team members.


Volunteering opportunities at the council

Michal Czekajlo, Volunteer Coordinator, will outline the volunteering opportunities on offer from the council and how you can get involved.


Michal Czekajlo introduced himself as the City of York Council Volunteer Coordinator and congratulated all residents at the meeting for being volunteers by being part of the Ward Committee and contributing to ward priorities.

Michal said that volunteering for the council can include many different roles, from school governors working with head teachers to mentors for young people that can add positive aspects to those in the care system to adult educators and leaders of health walks.

The council can equip and train people to effectively help in their ward to combat litter, clear snow and help with grounds maintenance such as clearing and weeding, and planting bulbs.

If anyone is interested in any of the volunteering opportunities mentioned contact Michal.

Training for new snow wardens will be offered soon along with equipment including a grit supply, snow shovel, hat, gloves and high visibility vest. 

Michal informed the meeting that all volunteers registered with the council are covered by the councils’ public liability insurance.



Ward Priorities

Your ward councillors will announce their priorities for Acomb ward.


Cllr Myers asked residents if they approved the five proposed ward priorities. Once agreed the Acomb Ward Team will meet to progress these and residents will be updated at the next Ward Committee, to be held in early December, most likely at Lidgett Grove Methodist Church.

AGREED: The five proposed ward priorities were agreed.

A resident offer to be involved in increasing community involvement was welcomed by Cllr Myers.



Have your say

Your chance to raise any other business.


Residents were given the opportunity to raise any issues of interest or concern in the ward.


Q.  Why are new speed bumps put in on roads with 20mph limits when money cannot be found to fix roads?

ACTION: This issue will be discussed at the next ward committee meeting.


Q.  There are a lot of overgrown paths with shrubbery at the moment.

ACTION: Cllr Myers will liaise directly with the resident about this matter.


Q.  What are the immediate housing plans for the former Manor School site?

A.  The area is included as part of the British Sugar development. Cllr Myers has asked if the grounds can be used by residents for recreation whilst this project is being finalised. The planning application was withdrawn and will be re-submitted soon.

ACTION: Cllr Myers will provide an update at the next meeting.


Q.  Are there any further plans to change local bus routes?

ACTION: Cllr Myers will enquire on behalf of the resident.


Q.  The park and ride bus seems to go past every fifteen minutes with no-one on it, what is the cost of this to the council?

A. The Park & Ride is a contract designed to provide a regular service with minimal journey times into the city centre. Less stops decreases journey times and make it more appealing to commuters and visitors in order to reduce car journeys into the city centre and reduce congestion. If the service was changed to stop more regularly, this would also impact on other services running in the area.

ACTION: Cllr Myers to obtain statistics on take up rates.

Cllr Myers thanked everyone for attending and urged people to leave their contact details so they can be contacted regarding future meetings and events.



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