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Election of Chair 2023-24 (18:00)

To elect a Chair for 2023-24.



It was proposed that Cllr Webb, as the City of York Council’s new Executive Member for Children, Young People & Education, be nominated as Chair.


No further nominations were received, and it was


Resolved:  That Cllr Webb be appointed as Chair of SACRE for one year.


Reason:     In accordance with paragraph 5.1 of SACRE’s Constitution.



Election of Vice Chair 2023-24 (18:03)

To elect a Vice Chair for 2023-24.



Resolved: That the election of Vice Chair be deferred to the next SACRE meeting on 19 October 2020.


Reason: In order for the election to take place in the autumn term.


Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Interest (18:11)


There were no apologies for absence or declarations of interest.




Minutes of the previous meeting (18:12) pdf icon PDF 16 KB

To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 23 February 2023.


Resolved: That the minutes of the meetings held on 23 February 2023 be approved and signed as an accurate record.



Matters arising from the minutes (18:12)


Discussion took place regarding the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid meetings and different venues for meetings. Following discussion it was:


Resolved: That the format of meetings be reviewed in March 2023.


Reason: In order to ensure that meetings take place effectively.


Proposal from Humanist representative of Committee A of City of York SACRE (18:22) pdf icon PDF 483 KB

Members are asked to consider a proposal from Humanist representative of Committee A of City of York SACRE.



Members considered a proposal from Humanist representative of Committee A of City of York SACRE. The proposal was for York SACRE members to agree the following statement:

York SACRE recognises that the present agreed syllabus does not sufficiently address the legal requirement to cover non-religious worldviews, such as Humanism.  Pupils need to develop their understanding of these worldviews thoroughly and systematically throughout their education, alongside an understanding of the major world religions. Therefore York SACRE commits to ensuring that the agreed syllabus is revised in order to do this as part of the next Agreed Syllabus Conference and formally requests that the LA ensure that sufficient resources are made available to complete this work and ensure that schools are updated and trained appropriately.  


Members were advised that the Agreed Syllabus Conference (ASC) was responsible for the locally agreed syllabus. The locally agreed syllabus was the statutory document for RE in the local authority which set out what should be taught to pupils in all key stages and the standards expected of them at the end of each   key stage.  It is produced by an agreed syllabus conference (ASC) and was reviewed every 5 years. In addition, if,  at some other time, a majority of the groups of the SACRE (Groups A, B, C and D) asked Local Authority in writing to reconsider its agreed syllabus, a conference must be convened for that purpose.  


Members discussed the proposal and number of views were expressed.


[Cllr Rowley BEM left the meeting at 18:41 and returned at 18:42].


Resolved: That;

the request be noted by SACRE

the proposal be considered by the ASC during the next review of the locally agreed syllabus.

during the next review of the locally agreed syllabus the ASC be requested to undertake consultation with RE teachers and stakeholders on commissioning additional units on Humanism.


Reason: In order for the proposal from Humanist representative of Committee A of City of York SACRE to be considered.


School Visits (18:47) pdf icon PDF 270 KB

To receive an update on the first school monitoring visit which took place in February 2023.


Additional documents:


Maxine Squire recorded thanks to Ralph Butterfield School for hosting the SACRE visit on 23 February 2023. A member who took part in the visit noted that they were very impressed with the inclusivity of how the RE syllabus was delivered at that school. Maxine Squire was asked and confirmed that the school visits form would be amended for secondary school visits and would be circulated to schools not following the locally agreed syllabus. Olivia Seymour encouraged SACRE to involve academies in the visits. Members were advised that SACRE school visits would be promoted with maintained schools and would be shared with academy Chief Officers.


Andy Todd (Group C Member and Head of RE at Ralph Butterfield School) fed back that the SACRE visit was a positive process for sharing practice. The Chair asked him to a testimonial to be shared with schools. Maxine Squire noted that members would be approached regarding visits.


Resolved: That the report be noted.


Reason: In order to be updated on SACRE school visits.


National RE and Collective worship updates (18:57) pdf icon PDF 503 KB

To receive an update on national RE and Collective worship updates.


Additional documents:


Olivia Seymour outlined the National RE and Collective Worship updates as detailed in the update paper circulated to SACRE Members. She noted that the regional RE HUB website was live and she encouraged Committee A Members to register on the website. She gave an update on NATRE news which included information on a the launch of a flash survey on the recruitment, training and retention of teachers as part of the government’s education select committee announced inquiry on it. Members discussed the training of RE teachers and were advised that advisors from different bodies could be brought in to deliver training. It was noted that NASACRE offered online training that Members could access.


Members discussed school visits to places of worship. Olivia Seymour noted that York SACRE could produce a list of places of worship and communities that schools could visit. The Chair undertook to work with Maxine Squire on this.


Resolved: That the National RE and Collective Worship updates be noted.

Reason: In order to be kept


Correspondence on complaints/determinations (19:10)

A verbal update will be given on complaints received and the determinations in respect of those complaints.


It was reported that there had been no complaints to SACRE.


Resolved: That Members be updated on complaints.


Reason: In order to be kept updated on complaints to SACRE and

determinations of complaints.


Future meeting dates & agenda items for future meetings (19:11)

19 October 2023 at 6pm at West Offices

22 January 2024 at 6pm at West Offices (Approval of SACRE Annual Report)

19 March 2024 at 6pm at West Offices


Maxine Squire noted that it was Olivia Seymour’s last meeting with York SACRE and she thanked Olivia for supporting SACRE. It was noted that Olivia had a regional role and was instrumental in working with the primary RE groups and establishing the secondary RE group. Members noted that Olivia would be missed and she added that she had worked with York SACRE for 17 years. Maxine Squire that she would be looking at appointing an RE teacher as the RE advisor to SACRE.


Penny Coppin-Siddall advised that Interfaith Week was in November and that the art competition would be held every other year with the next taking place in November 2024.


Future meeting dates:

19 October 2023 at 6pm at West Offices

22 January 2024 at 6pm at West Offices (Approval of SACRE Annual Report)

19 March 2024 at 6pm at West Offices


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