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Final Report of the Newgate Market Scrutiny Review

Decision Maker: Executive - for meetings from 03/06/00 to 26/04/11

Decision status: Decision Made

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: Yes


Purpose of report: To present the Executive with the final report arising from the Newgate Market Review.

Members are asked to: Approve the recommendations arising from the review.


RESOLVED: That the following comments and recommendations be agreed in response to the final report:


Scrutiny Recommendation

Cost implication

Executive comment

Executive Recommendation

1. To improve the general cleanliness of the market. This can be achieved in the

short term by:

i) Early implementation of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a review after 3 months

ii) Closing the market one day per quarter for deep cleansing (the first instance to be before Easter 2011)

And in the medium term by:

iii) Exploring the possibilities of storing waste underground – possibly in St Sampson’s Square or by exploring other suitable options




i) none given


ii) none given


iii) none given (but in the report “They were however aware that this may be cost prohibitive”)

i) This is understood to be in progress as part of the More for York review process.


ii) Closure of the market would require advance notice to customers and stall holders, and would require cost estimates, and should be considered in the review of the SLA.


iii) Without a cost figure this is difficult to assess, particularly in the current climate.

i) Request that CANS officers include a review of the SLA agreement to consider cleanliness, and to report to the Executive Member a review after three months


ii) Agree to examine if the outcome of I) in terms of measurements of cleanliness indicates that this action is necessary.


iii) Request that officers review other suitable locations for storing waste.

2. To improve the public realm – this can be achieved in the short term by:

i) Working with landlords and lessees of buildings surrounding the market to improve their general appearance

ii) Trialing ‘sculpted style’ stalls along Jubbergate with a view to implementing

this throughout the market in the medium term

iii) Looking at ways of preventing unauthorised parking in Silver Street and the Market

iv) Providing additional market stalls along Silver Street

v) Improving the lighting in the area


i) Officer time – could be contained within existing work plans


ii) Trial would be £5,000 fabrication and design costs with 4 units at @ £4,750. Total £24,000. Medium term would be £475,000 (100 x £4,750).


iii) Mainstream budget


iv) No costs given


v) No costs given

i) Helpful addition to existing negotiations.


ii) At this moment in time there would need to be a sound business case for the costs of changing the design. It is up to groups on the council to propose this within the budget process.


iii) Helpful addition to existing work.


iv) Subject to business case this could increase capacity and therefore income.


v) Could be reviewed but subject to budget.

i) Agree


ii) Notes the estimated costs which would require a growth bid to be proposed in the budget rounds.


iii) Agree


iv) Request officers examine business case for provision of additional market stalls.


v) Request that officers review lighting of the market area to assess deficiencies to be met from existing budgets.


3.  To begin to improve the early evening economy in the short term. This can be

achieved by undertaking a trial of a fixed closing time of 5pm for the market. It

would also require all market traders to agree to trade until 5pm. The closing

time to be reviewed in accordance with any other trading initiatives in the city



Officer time

Subject to negotiations with the market traders and their agreement there should be no harm in a trial.

Agree, subject to agreement with market traders.

4. In the short term, to improve and make more attractive all entrances to the

market This can be achieved by: -

i) Looking at the positioning of stalls

ii) Improving the lighting in the area

iii) Improving general cleanliness

iv) Making the Snickleways leading from the Shambles more inviting and

recognisable as permissible routes to Newgate Market


i) officer time


ii) repeat of 2 v)


iii) repeat of 1.


iv) No cost given

i) straightforward


ii) as above


iii) as above


iv) For areas that are in council ownership could be considered within existing budgets for property. Otherwise as per 2i)


i) Agree


ii) Request that officers review lighting of the market area to assess deficiencies to be met from existing budgets


iii) See notes for 1.


Iv) For areas that are in council ownership could be considered within existing budgets for property. Otherwise as per 2i)

5. In the short term to encourage more open access from the Shambles and other

properties that back onto the market. To encourage pavement cafes and ‘walk

through’ premises where possible.


No costs given

Property owners are able to apply for pavement café licences and so would be welcome to do so.


6. To improve the market stalls; this can be achieved in the short term by:

i) Replacing the existing canopies on the market stalls at an approximate cost

of £200 per canopy

ii) To reduce the number of stalls in the market to enable freer footfall

And in the medium term by:

iii) Exploring the type of stall that would be most suitable to the marketplace



i) 100 x £200 = £20,000


ii) no business case presented.


iii) no costs presented

i) To be applied to the budget process.


ii) Unclear how this can be met – but if linked to 2 iv) could be net neutral.


iii) Officers managing the market will have awareness of what is available and being used elsewhere. Information for future budget decisions could be gathered.

i) Note to be subject to budget process.


ii) Agree if this can be met at no additional cost with additional stalls on Silver Street.


iii) Request that officers maintain information on options available to future budget decisions on the market

7. In the medium to long term to look at using the rear of the market for a new

store for the market equipment.


Initial estimate cost of £21,000 ‘which may not be easy in the present economic climate”

Would require additional funding

Note to be subject to budget process


8. That a programme of reinvestment in the marketplace should be undertaken.

To this end it is recommended that there is a 5% reinvestment of income generated by the market per annum.


5% of  £450,000 is £22,500

Would require growth bid

Officers be requested to prepare business case for investment in the market.


REASON:      In order to provide an appropriate response to the Scrutiny recommendations, whilst taking account of the cost of the proposals within the Council’s budget as a whole.

Report author: Tracy Wallis

Publication date: 18/01/2011

Date of decision: 18/01/2011

Decided at meeting: 18/01/2011 - Executive - for meetings from 03/06/00 to 26/04/11

Effective from: 21/01/2011

Accompanying Documents:


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