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Executive, 2019

Executive Members

Cllr Ian Gillies - Leader & Executive Member for Finance & Performance
Cllr Andrew Waller - Executive Member for Environment
Cllr Keith Aspden - Deputy Leader & Executive Member for Economic Development & Community Engagement
Cllr Nigel Ayre - Executive Member for Culture, Leisure & Tourism
Cllr Peter Dew - Executive Member for Transport & Planning
Cllr Jenny Brooks - Executive Member for Housing & Safer Neighbourhoods
Cllr Keith Myers - Executive Member for Education, Children & Young People
Cllr Carol Runciman - Executive Member for Adult Social Care & Health

The Forward Plan

The Forward Plan contains details of all forthcoming decisions to be taken by the Executive and Executive Members in City of York Council. The Plan gives details of the required decision and who will be taking it and when.

The vast majority of issues in this Plan will be identified as being of ‘normal’ importance. However, some are classified as requiring a key decision. For more information about Key Decisions see Definition of a Key Decision

Pre-Decision Call-in

Any three Councillors can give notice that they wish to 'call-in', from the Forward Plan, any forthcoming Executive or Executive Member decision provided they comply with the Council’s pre-decision call-in guidelines.

Find out more about ’call-in’.

If a forthcoming decision is called-in pre-decision, the item will be arranged to be considered at an appropriate Scrutiny Meeting. Details of all public meetings to be held looking at Council business can be found in the ‘calendar’ of meetings.

Getting Involved

For information on how residents and interested parties can participate in the council’s decision making process or at meetings see How to get involved

The current Forward Plan is the first plan in the list below:

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