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Protect our Library and Archives Service - No to cuts, closures or Social Enterprise

We the undersigned petition the council to keep all libraries open, not to cut the bookfund or outsource the service to a Social Enterprise. We want our Libraries and Archives Service to remain in council control and for the council to fulfil its legal duty to provide a comprehensive and efficient service for all residents to make use of, and to encourage both adults and children to make full use of the service. We further call on the council to drop its proposal for a further £200k of cuts in 2014/15.

We believe that as Library and Archives are a statutory service, it should be fully controlled by the council and democratically accountable.
We further believe that as a free service it can only rely on council grant to survive, and any income opportunities or tax breaks are marginal.

This ePetition ran from 07/02/2013 to 26/03/2013 and has now finished.

128 people signed this ePetition.


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