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Clifton with Rawcliffe School - Zebra crossing request (Eastholme Drive)

We the undersigned petition the council to install a zebra crossing point outside Clifton with Rawcliffe School on Eastholme Drive as a matter of urgency. There are currently no safe crossing points on Eastholme Drive, or a crossing patrol to ensure the children’s safety in crossing this busy road for school each day. During school start and finish times this road is extremely busy and dangerous, there are many near misses each day. Some cars stop to let you cross, but many don’t. It’s a case of children running the gauntlet to get to school each day, which is anxiety inducing for parents and care givers. Since the departure of the crossing patrol officer, this position has failed to be filled and has been vacant for almost 2 years now. We cannot rely on advertising this position or simply keep pining hopes on this as an option. The road is too busy and dangerous, it needs a reliable and safe crossing point as a permanent fixture.

The traffic can be bad most days with people parking erratically and illegally. Many parents drive as they feel it is unsafe for their children to walk. This cannot carry on, we are only a matter of time away from a serious accident or fatality and we cannot wait for this to happen. This must be made a priority.

I urge you to read the comments on the petition attached below.


We have over 350 signatures now and if we were able to share this wider in the community, I believe we would have a lot more. You only need to read the comments to see the repeated times people have said how dangerous this crossing point is and how much a zebra crossing is needed.

We have a meeting on July 3rd outside CWR school with Michael Howard (CoYC), Tom Horner (CoYC), Cllr Ravilious and Mrs Bev Wright (CWR School) to discuss this crossing point.

This ePetition runs from 18/03/2024 to 30/09/2024.

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