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Stop plans to cut cars from using the city centre

We the undersigned petition the council to stopping the public using cars in the city centre and within the walls.

Recently a vote was undertaken by York council regarding using cars within the walls of the city. This decision voted in favour of banning non essential journeys into the city centre. This would mean that by 2023 the council are looking to let only those who are taxi drivers, public transportation and delivery drivers and disabled drivers into the city centre. This would mean that any access into the city centre or to go through the city walls area as an access route would be banned at certain times. We have already seen the congestion around York that has still not been resolved. We also saw the chaos that occurred when Lendal Bridge was closed and we cannot afford to shut of the city centre. The council believes by closing the city centre to inessential drivers we can become a city with cleaner air and less congestion. The added numbers to York’s outer ring road are too many. The city centre is used by many commuters as a through road to avoid other traffic and to shorten their journey. By using the city centre many drivers are actually easing the tensions on York’s ring roads. This petition is to stop the council banning us from the centre during the day. We need the city centre as a through route and this is not something that can even be considered until we have resolved the rush hour traffic on York’s outer roads first!

This ePetition ran from 31/12/2019 to 11/03/2020 and has now finished.

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