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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Clement's Hall, Nunthorpe Road

No. Item


Drop-in surgery 7.00 pm


1. Drop-in surgery 7.00 pm


The drop-in surgery gives you the opportunity to talk to your councillors, Street Environment Officer, Safer Neighbourhood Team, Neighbourhood Management Officer or visiting speakers informally. At this meeting there will be a representative from Waste and Cleaning Services.




1.1             Residents had the opportunity to talk with Cllr Dave Merret, Cllr Sandy Fraser and Cllr Julie Gunnell, Cindy Benton – Neighbourhood Manager, Matthew Ward – Neighbourhood Management Officer, Michal Czekajlo – Neighbourhood Management Support Officer, Angus Young – Street Environment Officer, Elizabeth Bates – Principal Environmental Protection Officer, Insp. Mark Henderson – Safer Neighbourhood Team, Shaun Donnely – Waste Management Officer.


Main Meeting 7.30pm


2. Main Meeting 7.30pm


The main meeting will begin at 7.30pm with welcome and minutes.




2.1             Councillor Dave Merrett welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave some background to the purpose of the ward committee.


2.2       The meetings of the last meeting were agreed as an accurate record of the last meeting and signed.


Safer Neighbourhood Police Team

Safer Neighbourhood Police Team

A brief update on local policing.


3. Safer Neighbourhood Police Team


Insp. Mark Henderson will give an update on their activity.




3.1             Statistics for the ward show that there is a 4.5% increase of all crime in the ward compared to last year.


3.2       A slight rise in the shop theft has been recognised (16 theft related  arrests ).


3.3       There has been a  15% drop in the house burglaries compared to last year. Since 1st of April 2010 we have recorded 22 house burglaries, it’s less than 1 burglary a week.


3.4       The Police are facing budget cuts, voluntary redundancy project is taking place between now and Christmas. The cuts will not affect the front line service, the areas we are looking for savings are HR, IT and Administration.


Residents were given the opportunity to raise questions.


Q-        Will the budget cuts affect the safety on the streets?

A-        We are looking for savings in the areas that will not affect the front line staff, so the safety on the streets will not be affected.


Q-        Should the Police try to cut the spending for the office/administrative work?

A-        Yes, the bureaucracy  should be reduced.


Q-        Have you got any figures on damage crimes such as car damages or graffiti?

A-        Yes, a 26% drop compared to last year has been recognised.


Q-        It seems there is an increase of drunken youths causing a nuisance at night.

A-        We will look into that and try to reschedule our shifts patterns to be able to deal with the issue. Details were taken on where the problems occur.


Air Quality

Air Quality

Elizabeth Bates will give an update on the results of Nunnery Lane air quality management investigations.


4. Air Quality


Elizabeth Bates will give an update on the air quality management actions.




4.1       There are several reasons why the air quality should be monitored. 1 in 5 people in the UK are at risk from the effects of the pollution. Most at risk are young children, pregnant women, the elderly and those already suffering from heart and lung diseases. Environment Act 1995 requires all local authorities to ‘review and assess’ air quality and to declare air quality management areas where health based objectives are not being met.

4.2       Traffic is the main source of pollution in York. The main vehicle pollutants are nitrogen dioxide and fine particles (PM10) - these are the pollutants currently monitored in York. Several years of sulphur dioxide monitoring did not indicate any issues with this pollutant. Currently operate 3 real time PM10 analysers and 8 real time nitrogen dioxide analysers. There are also 325 nitrogen dioxide diffusion tube sites which give monthly average concentrations of nitrogen dioxide.

4.3       There are 2 monitoring stations in Micklegate Ward. Real time monitoring on Holgate Road monitors PM10 and No2. Diffusion tube on Nunnery Lane monitors No2. Holgate Road appears to have improved in recent years. Nunnery Lane has remained fairly stable with slight increase in most recent years. Both sites currently meeting health based objective level at point of monitoring.

4.4       Real time monitoring results short term Nitrogen Dioxide objective. The 1 hour mean objective for nitrogen dioxide is 200ug/m3. 18 exceedances of this value are allowed per year. Between 2007 and 2009 there have been no breaches of this objective at any of the real time monitoring sites. Only the long term objective is currently of concern in York

4.5       Real time monitoring results short term particulate PM10 objective. The 24 hour mean objective for PM10 is 50ug/m3. 35 exceedances of this value are allowed per year.

4.6       Based on the measures of NO2 concentration at 36 diffusion tube sites in Micklegate shows that air quality has deteriorated since 2006.

4.7            Exceedances of the 40µg/m3 objective only have to be reported and acted upon if they occur at ‘relevant locations’. Relevant locations are places where members of the public are regularly exposed for 1 hour or more. In 2009, 22 of the diffusion tubes in Micklegate Ward exceeded 40ug/m3 but only 8 were in relevant locations. The main areas of concern are Nunnery Lane, Prices Lane, Bishopthorpe Road, Holgate Road and Blossom Street – all these areas are within the current AQMA.

4.8       Main approach to tackling poor air quality in York has been to encourage modal shift. This alone is not enough to solve the air quality issues.

A Low Emission Strategy is currently being prepared to encourage the uptake of low emission fuels and technologies within the remaining vehicle fleet and to minimise the impact of future development.


Residents were given the opportunity to ask questions.


Q-        Would you be able to create a low emission zone, where high emission  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Waste and Recycling in the Ward

Waste and Recycling in the Ward

A representative from the Waste and Cleaning Services will tell the meeting about the roll-out of kerbside recycling and changes to domestic waste collection arrangements.


5. Waste and Recycling in the Ward


Shaun Donnely will tell the meeting about the changes to the domestic waste collection and the roll-out of kerbside recycling.




5.1       Most residents can recycle from their homes using the council's fortnightly kerbside collection service. Items are collected from the edge of your property and taken for recycling. This service is currently available to 84.5% of the properties in York.

5.2       We are working closely with schools towards delivering the education for the next generation about recycling.

5.3            National Waste Strategy sets the recycling targets. In 1999 we were recycling 16% of waste, at the moment we are recycling 44% and the target to reach by 2015 is 45% of waste to be recycled.

5.4       EU legislation sets huge fines for not complying with the recycling targets. We are working towards it, to avoid the penalties.

5.5       We have new 3  box recycling system in place, it is better than weekly refuse collection and encourage people to recycle. The new system offer easier way to sort the materials and prevent the contamination.


Residents were given the opportunity to raise questions.


Q-        What about plastic material, are we able to recycle them?

A-        The roll-out should be completed by the February next year and we will be looking into the ways of recycling new materials.


Q-        Could the supermarkets be involved in the project of recycling?

A-        We are keen to work with everyone however  I am not aware of any discussions taking place at this moment. Some supermarkets have their own national recycling schemes.


Q-        My green waste was not collected because I have left it on the wrong side of the road. Would that be looked into?

A-        We will sort all of those issues by spring next year when the roll-out be completed.  


Q-        Will the recycling improve within city walls?

A-        There is no divide for inside and outside the city walls, the new recycling system will be the same for the whole city.


Q-        I have concern about the fortnightly collection system. What will happen when I am away for holiday and miss the collection date? I have no space on the backyard to store it.

A-        We can look into particular cases to help you out. I am aware that your waste storage space might be limited.


Q-        Will there be separate food waste collection in the future? Food waste stored for 2 weeks may create odour.

A-        We are revising our plan and we will look into that.


Q-        Why aren’t cyclists allowed to enter the Hazel Court recycling centre?

A-        It’s purely because of the health and safety reasons, only vehicles can enter the site.



Traffic Speeds in Micklegate Ward

Traffic Speeds in Micklegate Ward

There will be an update on the planned 20mph zone for Southbank and speeding issues on Bishopthorpe Road.


6. Traffics Speeds in Micklegate Ward


Tom Horner the representative of 20’s Plenty will give an update on the planned 20mph zone for Southbank and Bishopthorpe Road scheme.




6.1       We have distributed 2200 consultation questionnaires across the Ward to get the feedback from the residents about our campaign. 25% people responded and 75% of the opinions were in favour of the project.

6.2       Any formal objection will be forwarded to City Strategy Team.

6.3       We aim to make 20mph speed limits in residential areas without humps.

6.4       The purpose of this trial is to educate the  drivers and make them aware of the threats of speeding. Day to day issues, that what 20’s Plenty campaign is about.


Residents were given the opportunity to raise questions.


Q-        I have concerns about Bishopthorpe Road, what is the way to enforce the speed limit there, especially at night time?

A-        This is a good point, there is a consultation going regarding that matter and this is something to look into.


Q-        Some of the drivers are speeding despite the signs, its frightening.

A-        We cannot implement any restrictions, what we want to do is to educate drivers, make them change their habits.


2001-12 Local Improvement Scheme Suggestions

2001-12 Local Improvement Scheme Suggestions

We will talk about the proposed schemes for next year. This is your chance to tell people about any schemes you have suggested and to get more information about schemes you may support.


7. 2011-12 Local Improvement Scheme Suggestions


Residents were given the opportunity to raise questions about the schemes and get more information about them.


7.1       Joe Armer from York Youth Council gave an update on their plans for the near future. York Youth Council is raising funds for a facility at the city centre which could be used by young people. They are looking to rent a building on Fossgate for that purpose. So far they have raised £74,000, another £71,000 is required.

7.2       A representative from Southbank Greener Neighbourhood Group gave an briefing on their project. The Group is looking for more people to get involved in supporting or initiating environmental campaigns.


Q-        Why there is no ‘ Against ‘ option on the ballot form?

A-        It’s an production error the Councillors were not aware of. You could vote against by marking next to the particular scheme.


Q-        A resident asked the meeting to support scheme number 19, as the ramp would make the access easier for the wheelchair users.


Comments raised by other residents:

-         This ramp will encourage skateboarding.

-         There should be cost attached before putting for vote.


Q-            Question regarding scheme number 11. How many bins will be provided?

A-        Each bin would cost £1,000 and this price include 3 years of emptying.


Comment raised by a resident:

-         Could the bins have a sign attached informing that discarding household rubbish into it is an offence.


Have Your Say

Have Your Say

Your chance to ask questions about local issues and concerns not covered on the agenda.


8. Have Your Say


Resident’s had the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns about the ward.


Concerns were raised by residents regarding the new street crossing at Blossom Street.


Q-        What will happen to the crossing?

Q-        Will the green light remain on long enough to cross the street?

Q-        Will the ‘green man’ light be visible across the road?


A-        The refuge space in the middle of the street will be removed to give more space for the carriageway. This was never meant to be a stopping island but was used as one, especially by school children. Regarding the length of time to cross the street there will be detectors perceiving if someone is still crossing the road. The new standard for crossing lights is what is currently fitted. Cllrs will make representation to highways about concerns and investigate if temporary notices can be installed to warn of the new crossing procedure.


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