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City of York Council Recovery and Renewal Strategy

Meeting: 25/06/2020 - Executive (Item 5)

5 City of York Council Recovery and Renewal Strategy pdf icon PDF 309 KB

The Interim Head of Paid Service to present a report which outlines a proposed approach to support York’s recovery over the next year from the significant and wide-reaching impacts of the coronavirus, and the reprioritisation of existing budgets required to deliver these strategies and plans.


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Members considered a report outlining the proposed strategic approach to supporting York’s recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic over the coming year, including, at Annex 1, a Recovery & Renewal Strategy. The report also set out the specific areas for investment required and where existing budgets would need to reprioritised.


In introducing the report, the Leader emphasised that the Plan was initially a one year plan, given the ongoing need to adapt to changing circumstances with Covid 19 and that, as we emerged from the current lockdown arrangements, supporting residents and small businesses would be imperative. He added that the Council would continue to lobby Government for financial support, wherever possible, given the predicted budget gap. 


In highlighting key aspects of the report and Plan, the Deputy Chief Executive, stressed that the risks of the virus had still not gone away and set out the work done to date to provide community and business support.  He referred to the key strands of the Recovery Plan and the key financial challenges and finally advised that developing a 10 year city plan with partners was under consideration.


A full debate then ensued on the proposed Plan, with Executive Members emphasising, in turn, key elements within their portfolio areas. 


Resolved: That


a.    the overall Recovery and Renewal Strategy (Annex 1), and the underpinning plans outlined in Annexes 2-4, be approved;

b.    the recommendation in respect of parking incentives (paragraph 10 of Annex 2b) be approved;

c.     the work to expand the attendance of pupils in schools (Annex 5), be noted;

d.    the areas of priority investment and the reprioritisation of budgets, outlined in paragraphs 17-28 of the report, be noted;

e.    the development of a 10-year City Plan (paragraph 12 of the report) be noted;

f.      the ongoing consultation with residents and businesses throughout the recovery period (paragraph 29 of the report), be noted.


Reason: To enable measures to be put in place for the continuing recovery of York as it emerges from lockdown and the pandemic.



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