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Head of Internal Audit (Veritau)

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Cllr Lomas

Executive Member for Finance, Performance, Major Projects, Human Rights, Equality and Inclusion

Audit and Governance Committee Report: Counter Fraud Framework Report

Subject of Report


1.           This report presents the outcomes of the annual review of the council’s counter fraud framework. It also includes a brief summary of national and local trends in counter fraud.


Policy Basis


2.           The council’s counter fraud policy makes clear that it does and will not tolerate fraud or corruption against it. Assessment of the council’s exposure to the risk of fraud is important in efforts to minimising it, as is an effective policy framework.


Recommendation and Reasons


3.           The Audit and Governance Committee is asked to:


-              note the Counter Fraud and Corruption Development Plan and updated Fraud Risk Assessment at appendices A and B of annex 1.

Reason: In accordance with the committee’s responsibility for assessing the effectiveness of the Council’s counter fraud arrangements.




4.           Fraud remains a serious risk to the public sector in the UK. When fraud is committed against the public sector, money is diverted from public services into the hands of criminals. Fraudsters are constantly refining their tactics and techniques in order to circumvent the checks and controls put in place to prevent fraud from occurring. In order to protect income and assets public sector bodies must continuously develop their counter fraud measures to meet evolving threats. As part of the counter fraud service provided to the council, Veritau conducts an annual review of its counter fraud framework. This report presents the outcome of the latest review.


Counter Fraud Framework Review


5.           The report detailing the latest counter fraud framework review is contained in annex 1. It also contains an annual development plan and updated fraud risk assessment.


Consultation Analysis


6.           Not relevant for the purposes of this report.


Risks and Mitigations


7.           The council will fail to comply with proper practice if counter fraud and corruption arrangements are not reviewed periodically.


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For further information please contact the authors of this Report.





Max Thomas

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Head of Internal Audit

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Veritau Limited


01904 552940

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·        Annex 1: Counter Fraud Framework Review