Health, Housing and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee

Work Plan 2023/24

23 April 2024,



(Public Health)


1)   NHS health checks

2)   Weight management pathway and obesity across York

3)   Vaping

4)   Pharmacies

5)   Work Plan

15 May 2024



(Adult Social Care)


1)   Adult Social Care Strategy

2)   Reablement

3)   Home Care: status report

4)   Autism and Neurodivergence Strategy (TBC)

5)   Work Plan

·                TBC Learning Disability Provision – The Glen and Lowfields

·                TBC Urgent care delivery review in York and the East Coast, to provide an update on the emerging integrated model and next steps

·                TBC Output from LGA Peer Review

·                TBC Lasting effects of the pandemic and review for winter 2024/25

·                TBC External expert on reablement technology (May?)