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Report of:

Bryn Roberts, Director of Governance and Monitoring Officer

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Cllr Douglas, Leader of the Council

Decision Report: 2024/25 Corporate Calendar

Subject of Report


1.           This report presents for consideration and approval by Council the draft Corporate Calendar of meetings from May 2024 to May 2025, attached as Annex A.


Benefits and Challenges


2.           Approval of the Corporate Calendar will enable forward planning for the upcoming municipal year and provide a framework for the Council’s democratic and decision-making functions.


3.           Non-approval of the Calendar may delay forward planning and the maintenance of an appropriate schedule of municipal meetings.


Policy Basis for Decision


4.           An appropriate Corporate Calendar of meetings provides an essential framework for the democratic and decision-making functions required to support the delivery of the Council Plan and other key corporate priorities.


Recommendation and Reasons


5.           It is recommended that:


                i.             The Corporate Calendar of meetings for 2024/25, attached as Annex A, be approved.


               ii.             That the Director of Governance be authorised to make any changes to the Calendar as may prove necessary from time to time.




                i.             To provide a framework for the democratic and decision-making functions which will underpin delivery of the Council’s corporate priorities.


               ii.             To ensure that the calendar of meetings is implemented to assist with the forward planning and better management of meetings.




6.           This is the first time that Council has been asked to approve the annual Corporate Calendar of meetings. This is common practice at many other local authorities and provides elected Members the collective opportunity to comment upon the cycle, pattern and proposed dates for meetings prior to formalising. Equally, it provides absolute clarity to Members and the public regarding proposed arrangements.


7.           The Calendar has been scheduled with the following general principles in mind:


                i.             Maintaining the existing number and frequency of meetings of each Committee from the 2023/24 Calendar.

               ii.             Each Committee meets wherever possible on the same day of the week.

             iii.             Avoiding clashes between meetings wherever possible.

             iv.             Maintaining summer and Christmas breaks in August and mid-December to early January respectively, and for school holidays and half-terms as far as possible.

              v.             Meetings have been scheduled to enable the timely consideration of ordinary business, with flexibility for additional meetings to be called if necessary.


8.           Once agreed by Council, provisional room bookings will be confirmed and the Calendar will be published on the Council’s website.  A further report will follow in the coming months with proposed meeting dates for the 2025-26 and 2026-27 municipal years.


Consultation Analysis


9.           The Calendar was circulated to appropriate officers and to all Members in February 2024 for consultation. The draft presented to Council incorporates suggestions made during the consultation.



10.        The following options are available to Council:


                i.             Approve the draft Calendar.  This is the recommended option.


               ii.             Not approve the draft Calendar.  This option is not recommended.

Organisational Impact and Implications


11.        There are no known organisational implications associated with the preparation of the annual calendar of meetings, other than potential resource implications for Members and Officers if the calendar was not appropriately scheduled and spaced. 

Risks and Mitigations


12.        There are no known risks associated with this report.


Wards Impacted


13.        All wards.








Contact details


For further information please contact the authors of this Decision Report.





Bryn Roberts

Job Title:

Director of Governance and Monitoring Officer

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Corporate Services


07514 735939

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Lindsay Tomlinson

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Head of Democratic Governance and Deputy Monitoring Officer

Service Area:

Corporate Services


07591 337143

Report approved:




Background papers


No background papers were used in the preparation of this report.



Annex A: Draft 2024/25 Corporate Calendar