Full Council


21 March 2024

Director of Governance and Monitoring Officer

(Portfolio of the Executive Leader)


Police, Fire and Crime Panel Amendments




1.           This report seeks Members’ approval of revisions to the Arrangements for the Police, Fire and Crime Panel, following the transfer of police and crime commissioner functions to the Mayor in May 2024.




2.           Each Police, Fire and Crime Panel (“the Panel”) is required to make Arrangements to set out its key legal functions and how it will appoint its members.  The Arrangements must be formally agreed by each of the Panel’s constituent authorities; in this case North Yorkshire Council and City of York Council.


3.           Following the election of Mayor and the subsequent transfer of police, fire and crime commissioner functions to the Mayor, the Panel’s Arrangements will need to reflect the changes in accountability to the Mayor.


Proposed Amendments


4.           Annex A provides a revised draft of the Arrangements for agreement by Full Council.  This early review is required in order that each of the constituent councils can then formally agree the changes prior to early May 2024.


5.           The Arrangements have been updated to reflect the role of Mayor and, where applicable, of Deputy Mayor in relation to the Panel’s functions.  In addition, to ensure that the Arrangements fully reflect the latest provisions of the host authority’s (North Yorkshire Council’s) Constitution, some additional provisions have been included in the draft as follows.


a)           An Appendix 1 which lists the standard Access to Information Procedure Rules of North Yorkshire Council and how these relate to public rights to information around Panel meetings; and


b)           A new section 4.36 which provides additional delegated powers to the Assistant Chief Executive (Legal and Democratic Services), in consultation with the Panel Chair, to dismiss a co-opted member in appropriate circumstances.


6.           The draft at Annex A was provisionally agreed by the Panel at its meeting of 11 January 2024, prior to formally submitting to meetings of full council at both North Yorkshire and City of York Councils in February and March 2024 respectively.


Financial Implications


7.           There are no financial implications in relation to this report.


Legal Implications


8.           There are no legal implications in relation to this report.


Other Implications


9.           There are no other implications in relation to this report.




10.        That Members agree the revised Arrangements for the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Panel as provided at Appendix A.


Reason: The Panel must have Arrangements setting out its legal role and responsibilities and which accurately reflect the shifting accountabilities from Commissioner to Mayor, from 7 May 2024.  The council is therefore requested to agree the revised Arrangements ahead of this transition.





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Bryn Roberts

Director of Governance and Monitoring Officer

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Bryn Roberts

Director of Governance and Monitoring Officer


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11 March 2024



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Annex A – Revised Panel Arrangements for adoption in May 2024