Independent Remuneration Panel Member Role Description


Purpose of the Role


To recommend a Members’ allowances scheme to City of York Council and to provide subsequent advice on revisions to the scheme following any changes to City of York Council’s political structure / governance framework and policies.


Key Responsibilities


1.      To consider appropriate remuneration for the various roles in the Council and recommend a Members’ allowances scheme consistent with statutory obligations.

2.      To take evidence as appropriate and assess it in developing the Members allowances scheme.

3.      To consider any implications of changes to the Council’s structures / governance framework and policies and make recommendations on any revisions needed to the scheme.


Person specification



·         Not a candidate or not having been a candidate for election to the City of York Council, in the last 5 years.

·         Not a current employee of the City of York Council.

·         Not a close relative or friend of, any member or senior officer of the City of York Council.

·         Ideally not been a member or officer of a parish/town council in York.


·         Ability where appropriate to take an independent view which varies from that of other members of the Panel and demonstrate an ability to act with integrity and transparency.

·         Prepared to declare and register any disclosable pecuniary interests.

·         Never been bankrupt or have unpaid or unexpired composition or arrangement with creditors.

·         Never been convicted of a criminal offence leading to a three month (or longer) prison sentence (whether suspended or not).

·         An understanding of equalities principles.


·         Awareness of the role of the Council in York.

·         Understanding the public expectations of the role of Members of the City of York Council

·         Experience of participating in a Committee environment.

·         Be over 18 years of age.


·         Strong analytical capability, including the ability to question, probe and seek clarification about complex issues.

·         An ability to consider matters objectively and without regard to any personal political views or pre-conceived views.

Political awareness and sensitivity

·         Awareness and/or experience of democratic processes.

·         Must not be actively involved with a political party or similar organisation.


·         Available for a few formal meetings likely to be held at the time to suit the members of the Panel. Likely to be at least one a year with up to four additional ones called as need arises.

·         A time commitment of up to 5 days a year is normally envisaged.

·         Willing to operate via a “virtual” meeting – either through electronic or more traditional needs as required.