Consultation summary and responses

Supported Bus Service Changes

Report: 22 January 2024

1.   Introduction

The public consultation for proposed changes to some supported bus services was launched on 21st December 2023 and ran to 17th January 2024.

Launch activity included the questions and supporting information being posted online on City of York Council’s consultations webpage and a news release being issued to local media. The consultation was also publicised via the CYC social media platforms, namely Twitter/X, Facebook, LinkedIn and Next Door. In addition, an email containing details of the consultation was issued to all ward councillors on 21st December 2023. A separate email notification sent to all members of the York Enhanced Partnership Bus Forum. On 27th December 2023, a letter was also issued to over 500 addresses in the Flaxman Croft Loop area of Companthorpe, specifically highlighting the proposed changes to the number 13 bus service there.

During the consultation period, posters promoting the consultation and including QR codes linking to the online survey were displayed at over 100 bus stops on affected routes, in addition to advertisements on real-time information displays at bus stops. Posters were also displayed in all York libraries, where paper copies of the survey were also provided.

Members of the public were invited to two drop-in sessions at the fully accessible Friargate Centre, held on the 8th and 10th of January. Ward councillors were also invited to two drop-in sessions on 18th January 2024.


2.   Questions & Responses

1)   All (100%) of respondents replied ‘yes’ to being asked if they confirm they have read and understood the Privacy Notice.


2)   Do you use the bus as your main form of transport? (y/n)

699 respondents replied to this question, and 506 skipped it


3)   How do you find out information about your bus service?

a.   Real time information at a bus stop

b.   Google or other mapping system

c.   Operator apps

d.   Printed timetables

e.   iTravel website

f.     Other – please write here:


701 respondents replied to this question, and 504 skipped it

4)   Please tick the bus routes that you use most often (Note that only those routes affected by this review are listed here)


1       between Chapelfields - City – Wigginton, run by First

11     between Bishopthorpe - City – Heworth, run by First

12     between Foxwood - City - Monks Cross, run by EYB

13     between Copmanthorpe - City - Haxby, run by Connexions

14     between Foxwood - City - Haxby, run by Transdev

16     between Acomb - Hamilton Drive – City, run by Connexions

19     between Skelton - Burton Stone Lane - City, run by Transdev

24     between Acomb and city centre, run by Transdev

25     between Fulford - City - Foss Islands - Derwenthorpe, run by Transdev

26     between Fulford - City - South Bank, run by Transdev


667 respondents replied to this question, and 538 skipped it



5)   How would our proposals affect your journeys? (select all that apply)


-      The bus would be further from my home

-      It would offer better links to other forms of transport (for example, different timed buses or catching a train)

-      It would make it harder for me to link to other forms of transport (for example, changing buses or catching a train)

-      I’d make fewer trips by bus

-      I’d make more trips by bus

-      I’d have to use an alternative mode of transport

-      My door-to-door journey time would be longer

-      I’d be unable to access education, training or employment

-      I’d be unable to access health services

-      I’d be unable to make shopping, social or leisure trips

-      There would be no impact on me

-      Other (please specify)

 Please note, 673 respondents replied to this question, and 532 skipped it

6)   What alternative transport would you use if the proposed changes are put in place? (please tick all that apply)

-      There would be no change for me

-      I’d use a different bus service

-      I’d walk or wheel more

-      I’d need to use my wheelchair more

-      I’d drive a car more

-      I’d need to be a passenger in a car more

-      I’d take a taxi

-      Other (please specify)


Please note, 665 respondents replied to this question, and 504 skipped it

Under ‘other’:

·        27 respondents gave another mode they may use; these range from cycling, walking and driving more, to taxis and relying on lifts from friends and relatives.

·        5 respondents said the changes would result in them spending more money on transport (eg for taxi fares)

·        2 respondents said there is no alternative for them.

·        12 people gave comments on how the proposals would impact their daily lives, from going out less, to possibly having to resign from their job. Several respondents said that their disability means they cannot or will not be able to drive, which will (for example) affect collecting prescriptions etc. Others mentioned not going out or being reliant on friends and family for transport.

·        13 respondents also gave other comments, which ranged from concern for those who had not seen or not been able to fill in the survey, to going in to York less/going to other towns instead, and concern over creating more car use.


7)   Are there any issues you would like to raise? Are there any bus stop improvements we could make, and where? For example, real time information, shelters, raised kerbs, lighting etc. Or would the proposals mean you would have to use unlit paths, or pavements and surfaces that are not even? (Please provide details)


·        344 respondents shared issues with us in response to question 7.

·        A wide variety of issues were raised and can be viewed in Appendix A of this report.

·        All responses have been passed to the Sustainable Transport team for review and action, where feasible.

·        All responses will also be shared with York bus operators during February 2024 for their information and action, as applicable.

·        Of the bus services covered by the report, most comments related to the changes to the 13 in the Copmanthorpe area. Universally, the feedback received was objections to the changes due to the increased walking distance it would result in to the nearest stop.

·        The next most referenced bus service in the responses was the 11, with most objecting to the reduced frequency. Some positive and negative feedback was received regarding the South Bank Loop change. Several people raised concerns about reliability and also the need for a Sunday service.

·        Many people requested more real-time information screens at bus stops, with some citing specific examples that will be considered.

·        Several people complained that real-time information is unreliable.


8)   Any other comments

·        346 respondents provided further comments in response to question 8.

·        A wide variety of responses were provided and these are listed in Appendix B of this report.

·        All responses have been passed to the Sustainable Transport team for review and action, where feasible.

·        All responses will also be shared with York bus operators during February 2024 for their information and action, as applicable.


3.   Demographic questions

Several questions were asked to gather demographic information from the respondents. Please note that in total, 31.76% (216 respondents) did not answer any questions in this section.


477 respondents replied to this question, and 728 skipped it




477 respondents replied to this question, and 728 skipped it


Please note, 470 respondents replied to this question, and 735 skipped it




Please note, 426 respondents replied to this question, and 729 skipped it


Please note, 471 respondents replied to this question, and 734 skipped it




Please note, 222 respondents replied to this question, and 983 skipped it


468 respondents replied to this question, and 737 skipped it


466 respondents replied to this question, and 739 skipped it


470 respondents replied to this question, and 735 skipped it

Report Appendices


APPENDIX A - Freeform answers to Question 7

APPENDIX B - Freeform answers to Question 8

APPENDIX C - York Bus Forum consultation response

APPENDIX D - Cllr Waller consultation response

APPENDIX E - Statement from Haxby Town Council

APPENDIX F - Consultation poster

APPENDIX G - Consultation news release

APPENDIX H - Service 13 letter and distribution area



Appendix A - Freeform answers to Question 7.

Are there any issues you would like to raise? Are there any bus stop improvements we could make, and where? For example, real time information, shelters, raised kerbs, lighting etc. Or would the proposals mean you would have to use unlit paths, or pavements and surfaces that are not even? (Please provide details)


Respondent ID



The 13 Flaxman loop is through a more densely populated stretch and the 650m difference will be a challenge for less mobile residents.


The proposal would mean I'd struggle or be unable to walk the distance from my home to the proposed bus stop. There is a steep incline to walk the distance up to Top Lane which due to health conditions is a struggle for me.

Improvement to the bus stops would be better. Shelter and seating at all stops along Flaxman Croft and real time information would be helpful in addition to paper time tables.


Currently, due to the road works on Tadcaster Road, the number 13 has been making just one circuit of Merchant Way which is better than none. But this still means that elderly and infirm residents are being disadvantaged. Getting to a shop, post office and pharmacy and the doctors and dentists are essential for all of us.  We should not let this bus change ruin their lives!  How would they get these essential services?


It makes good sense to amalgamate the 11 and 13 bus service, especially in the light of the impending changes to the doctors surgery here in Copmanthorpe, given that Bishopthorpe patients will now have to use facilities here in Copmanthorpe.

I feel that the individual routes would benefit from a complete overhaul which could provide greater efficiency and even cost reductions. At the moment, both villages have a half hourly service. The 11 service goes right through to Heworth. The 13 service goes through to Haxby. I wonder how many residents need to go to Haxby or Heworth. Similarly how many in Heworth or Haxby need to get to Copmanthorpe or Bishopthorpe. 

Surely most residents simply want to get into and out of York City centre. If they want to go further they can join the bus network at York Station, or Rougier Street.

We might be better having a single service to satisfy the joint needs of Bishopthorpe and Copmanthorpe which goes as far as Cliffords tower, then returns to those villages. One bus every 40 minutes or so? This would cut down the number of journeys and reduce vehicles and drivers.  

As for the 'other end of the current routes, I would propose a similar strategy. Haxby already has a couple of bus routes which could surely be tweaked and I feel that Heworth could be addressed with some modification or the implementation of an additional service which goes in and out of York.  

Maybe it is time for a fresh approach which deals with outline villages/suburbs as satellites to the city centre, but do not attempt to go such long distances as they do at present. 


My children will have to walk further to the bus stop when it's dark so safety is a concern


More real time information at more bus stops.


Real time information regarding no 12 not available at stonebow or station. Therefore no way of knowing if scheduled bus is late or have missed it which is very inconvenient


Real time information being expanded to more bus stops would be fab


Removal of the loop will affect residents of the estate which will no longer be serviced. This estate has a large number if elderly people and families. I note the increased walking distance has been measured but it involves a hill which many more frail or disabled people will not be able to manage. This change will also impact children using the 13 service to go to secondary schools in York. The change will mean children having to walk further in the dark in the winter months. More children will be affected if the school bus to Tadcaster Grammar is cut and more parents/carers select York schools.


I am against the proposed changes to the 13 service


Real time info often inaccurate - buses that are being shown in minutes away frequently evaporate and suddenly disappear when supposedly 'due'

Having 2 buses with very similar numbers but different times and routes ( in my case 25 and 26, or to be 24 and 25) is confusing - I cannot remember which is which ! Especially bad in Piccadilly where there are 2 stops on opposite sides of the road


It would be amazing if the 26 and 11 bus went via south bank every time. Also, they coincide currently so it would be amazing if they were every half an hour so it alternates. If the 26 bus was more frequent it would be amazing!


The electronic timing boards are of little use when they delete the bus time even if the bas hasn’t arrived by its due time. Also, often they do not state that the bus isn’t going to arrive at all. Frustrating so perhaps their role could be revised.


Removing the flaxman loop from the no13 will affect so many of the elderly community in the village around this stop. Expecting them to be able to walk up a steep hill to access a bus stop upto 1 mile away is simply a ridiculous suggestion. With 2 young children myself I would struggle to get them to walk that far before even beginning our journey.
York should be increasing its greener forms of transport not reducing them, the reduction of this service only forces more to drive their cars into York to be able to shop. 
Please focus on the residents of York and not just the tourist trade when funding buses and routes.  
We really should be an accessible city and that includes its out lining villages.


Real time information at bus stops served by route 19 would be helpful.


More perching seats or proper seats at stops. Also a bus route that goes round the city instead of into it. From Acomb I can't get to Clifton moor or monks cross without changing buses.  Should be a circle route that goes round the main out of town shopping areas


I live in Poppleton and regularly use the no 10 bus service to get to and from York city centre.  This is not very reliable during busy traffic periods and the First Bus App offers no assistance or information when buses are cancelled.


The current No 13 Service route from Copmanthorpe to West Nooks via York Road was undertaken as a temporary measure and now it is intended to be permanent alongside the withdrawal of No 13 Services to West Nooks. This could well facilitate future reductions to the 13 Service and the future viability of Service 13 then becomes an issue. This change and the introduction of a Service 1A creates a another issue of less frequent No 1 Services to parts of Haxby. Consequently there will be more widespread dissatisfaction of users throughout Haxby rather than confine the changes to the number 13 route. Trying to solve the West Nooks matter through affecting the main No 1 Service does not appear to be a sound effective and efficient measure. As for the reductions of the Number 1 Service on later Sunday Services then it may not be wise to stop the 22.32 Service owing to users needing access following leisure commitments in the centre of York. Finally real time indicators would be helpful at all/most stops budgets permitting. 


Real time information along Fulford Road going south towards Fulford.


Bus 13.

Clearly the majority of people using a local bus from the suburbs during the day will be retired… by cutting the local loop out on the way into town, not only are you adding 0.5 mile walk to the bus stop it’s also fundamentally all uphill for many, not really an intelligent adjustment looking at the core user age profile. Someone should actually come and walk from the bottom of the estate before suggesting it.


The already limited public transport options from the village into York are proposed to get even worse. Driving cars into York will increase from the village. Reopening of the train station would be an improvement.


Just to reiterate I only moved to Flaxman Croft because of its existing bus service!


I would ask you not to change the times of the number 19 to hourly. The bis service is bad enough as it is. This makes it worse.


The number 13 should still go via the merchant/Flaxman loop a couple of times during the day to accommodate the people there as the walk to top lane could prove difficult for some. It currently loops twice that could stop but it should go there at least a couple of times each day Monday to Friday to accommodate the residents


There would be no service that gets people from Bishopthorpe to York on time for a 9am start at work. This is unacceptable.


Increase frequency, ability to buy all range of day tickets on all apps I.e first York, transendev. The all York day ticket is really awkward for certain buses


The number 13 starting and ending each journey at West Nooks acts as a major source of connectivity for many elderly residents around the area. The number 13 is under utilised because it is known for being infrequent  but also because it only comes twice every hour. Cutting this to once every hour will do nothing but worsen passenger numbers when the council wants to increase these numbers. The council should focus its efforts on increasing passenger use on this route. A key thing for the council to consider would be the creation of more bus lanes in and around York for routes such as the number 13 and number 1 which are often stuck in traffic meaning they don't stick to their timetables (thus meaning passengers won't use them).


Keep the service as it is so that it can be used by the community to access friends and the station. The changes would be a loss of my families mobility. We rely on the bus. I do not have a car.


Real time information at the bus stop is imperative. The changes to the 13 route would have a detrimental impact to children going to school and the elderly especially in regards to safety during the winter months. At the very least a peak time service should be available fron 7-930am and 3-6pm.


What impact would removing the loop through Flaxman Croft actually have? The majority of those I see boarding at these stops are elderly who would find it the most difficult to walk the extra distance to Top Lane. As a bare minimum it could alternate on/off the loop ensuring the pre 9am and post 40pm serve the loop?


bus to Millthorpe school therefore would mean waiting in cold/dark for longer for bus


Reducing the bus times makes getting about harder for people with disabilities. Especially when you can't afford a taxi. This discriminates against those with poorer health and also makes it harder for those without a car to have more choice of where they work and can affect children getting to school.


There are no bus shelters on Bishopthorpe Main Street so I would have to wait longer in all weathers for a bus.


You state that the 13 currently stops at Askham Bar Tesco but I have never seen it do so when I have been waiting there for the no. 3. The 13 bypasses Tesco and goes straight along Tadcaster Road from York College to Old Moor Lane and then into town.

It would be great to have real time information at all bus stops but that will be too costly to implement.


So many buses use Skeldergate so would it be possible to place a bus stop therecaas none currently stop.


I'm relieved that the changes are not worse for the services I use - but I am really worried about just how few people (relatively speaking, across York) are aware of the changes or the consultation.  Council communications are leaving people behind who are either not local political "hacks" or online.


If the 26 is cut I no longer have a bus I can rely on to stop on my street Balmoral Terrace if I have heavy shopping or the Grandchildren with me. You say the 11 will go back to going round this loop when changed to an hour, thus bus regularly dosent turn up or gets stuck in traffic or changes route when it’s racing with no information put up anywhere.

You could improve bus stops by putting monitors up on south bank so we could see how far away buses where and regular update of timetables you sometimes can’t read with so much dirt across them. You could bring back paper timetables readily available on the bus as a lot of elderly people don’t have or don’t use mobile phones.


Journey to and from Fordlands extended to go via Germany Beck. I cant see turning point in Germany Beck.

Bus stop in Piccadily - Banana Warehouse unsuitable for 'disabled access' - also separate stops for two bus services fulford-bound


Council should be more considerate of places like Bishopthorpe, where the demographic shows a high proportion of elderly and infirm. Transport should be seen as a basic right, not a consumer option! This will exacerbate an issue, when the village surgery closes, this year.


Real timeinformation at Haxby is rarely correct, often jumps from, say 9 minutes to 5, then stays at that point until bus arrives.


Real Time Information - Bus Shelters Main Street Bishopthorpe


Yes please leave the Flaxman Croft loop in place.  There are many older people living in this area as can be observed by the number of bungalows.  Many cannot walk as far as the nearest bus stop on Top Lane you are proposing.  As well as walking home on the return journey, often with shopping.


Stopping the No 1 bus to Haxby in late evenings, when users are often returng from pub is a safewty issue.

Making the No 13 bus less regular impacts a lot of less mobile/older people at the east end of Haxby who find it hard to walk into Haxby to catch the alternative No 1 bus.  It also impacts those wanting a bus to the Stonebow end of the city and will impact those using this service to go to work.


Your proposal to use the South Bank loop during the day will cause traffic jams due to parked cars and other vehicles wanting access and will impact on your ability to meet your timetable.


Real time information that is accurate. So often it just isn't, and can be misleading.


We are over the age of 80 and find the proposals to the reduction of the no 13 very frightening. The alternative bus stop means an uphill walk for us and we would be unable to cope with that due to health issues. We worry that we are going to be isolated as a result of these changes. Our mental and physical health would be affected adversely as a result.


The bus stop outside the Nestle Cocoa works towards New Earswick has been moved it is now not weather protected and 100m further up the road on the narrowest part of the pavement.  This is a more inconvenient place for all passengers, it is not as well utilised as the weather protected bus shelter now dismantled.  A more apoeopriate location should be made.


Bring back no11 Sunday service so I can meet friends and family in York and catch trains on a Sunday! Currently there is no Sunday service which is appalling.


Weekday morning buses that get into the Centre of York for 8.30 are important for people working in the centre or getting on the train from York station. Reducing the buses to every hour during the day may be ok if they were slightly more frequent at commuter times.


Please do not reduce number 11 to hourly. This would have a significant impact.


real time information at the main Southbank stop next to the Knavesmire pub is necessary as buses are cancelled or late from time to time


The majority of people on Flaxman Croft who use the bus are elderly and therefore rely on the bus. Having recently moved here I am dismayed at the proposed withdrawal of the number 13 bus,The current bus route was a major selling point of this location.


All a waste of money if there is no bus to catch


Accurate real time info at Bishopthorpe bus stops would be helpful


A bus shelter on Acaster Lane end bus stop where the bus terminates


It is already impossible for me to get the last Coastliner from Leeds and get a no 1 bus home. I would prefer to do this. The last  no 1 used to be at the station after the Coastliner arrived.

Getting into York (Rougier Street) is not easy for an evening meeting as the last no 13 only goes to Stonebow and the no 14 is too late. I have to walk a long way if I get this no 13.

Real time information at New Earswick.


Bus stops out of town (eg in Acomb) to have real time bus info. For the number 5/5a to run until midnight & more regularly from 6pm during the week & on Saturday's. The council & bus companies are supposed to be encouraging people into the city centre on an evening by using their transport but the frequency of buses & how late they run doesn't encourage that.


Real time information at bus stops would be useful

Bus shelters with seats and protection from the weather


More real time displays


I know that the number 11 bus is used for a group of children in Bishopthorpe attending Millthorpe School. I know that recent changes have created difficulties in them using the bus to get to school.


I know that a not insignificant number of older and less mobile people use the number 13 to get from the Haxby shopping area back home, either to West Nooks or the central area of Haxby not served by the number one route - it might be better for the 1A service to follow the full route of the number 13 through Haxby, rather than mostly following the existing number 1 route. (This was the case a long time ago in the Ryder York era, where there were 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 2B, 22 and 22A services all taking different routes through Haxby and Wigginton, allowing many more journeys within the area for the less mobile.)


Information displays need to be more accurate. Cancellations notified much earlier rather than after displayed departure times.


The stop was moved from top lane to Tadcaster Road some years ago making It further to walk for the majority of users when using the Coastliner.

It is a long uphill walk to the Tadcaster Road stop from Flaxman Croft for someone like myself, getting on in years, chronically ill and not qualifying for disability privileges, so I won't be going to catch the 13 there.


Real time info at all stops


Buses are essential for York so there should be no cuts to services. Instead we should be looking at increasing the number of buses per hour, and the hours of service. If we want to get cars off the roads we must improve public transport.


Real time tracker on Bishopthorpe Main Street as it is the main stop in the village.


Bus stops on bishopthorpe road (South bank to Terrys) some need proper castle kerbs whilst others are always blocked by parked cars and one at Keeble park Bishopthorpe has a CYC van often blocking acess


I would have to walk past the McCarthyism Stone houses to reach nearest  bus stop to town rather than catching bus in Merchant Way. I am elderly and would find this a problem especially in bad weather.  I must state here this will be a big problem for the elderly or infirm people who live further into the estate which could entail a very long walk.


Too many  cars parked in streets and on grass verges. No Incentives to use buses.


Better waiting area at station for 1 and 13.

Shelter at Exhibition Square for 1

Shelter at Eastfield Avenue for 1 into York

ACCURATE real time information at all bus stops


Real time info would be good


Real time information at all bus stops


Can the P & R   buses not stop at a few more designated stops please?


13 from Copmanthorpe to town does not run on Sundays.  The Coastliner runs along the top of the village but since the introduction of the £2 fare the bus is often full by the time it reaches Copmanthorpe and this means we often cannot get on a bus to town on Sundays.


I have had to resort to using the West Yorkshire Metro real-time bus app for bus services in York! Why doesn’t York have its own live departures app?   The QR code is only any use once you arrive at a bus stop. I want to be able to plan which bus service to catch before I leave home.


The new route discriminates against approx 1/4

Of Copmanthorpe population many of whom are elderly and the long walk to and from the bus could be too much. The stop into York is real trek! and with shopping could be too much.


Walking back to new earswick from york in the dark, the footpaths are unlit or rough or discontinuous


Bus shelter monkton road st paulinus stop


The number 13 is a vital lifeline for the elderly that live at this end of Haxby and by removing the half hourly run, you are forcing those that struggle to walk further.

Plus the number 1 is already too busy at peak times and the 13 allows those of us that are not school kids to travel in peace and reach our designation sooner.

Seems a step too far as these buses are already unreliable so 1 bus an hour makes the thought of waiting for one less appealing and will force many of us to drive and park in town so not great for the environment.


 Tadcaster Road is well served with the Park and Ride services but the addition of not 12 and 13 make access to Copmanthorpe easier.  I hope the Coastliner Services are not affected and continue so that one can access the East Coast and places like Stockton on the Forest


Real time information at Ashley Park for those who do not use electronic devices.

Bus shelter at Ashley Park bus stop.


If we can return to a reliable service more people would use it. This is a short sighted plan as following covid and in particular the Tadcaster road works the service has left you wondering if or when the bus will come (I have indeed waited for one which never came. Once the roadworks are finished it needs observing for perhaps a year by which time when people have found their confidence in the service they will return.


The service Temple Lane/Drome Road Copmanthorpe was withdrawn some years ago and the Stop signs and Bus Shelter remain.     Changes to service 11 and 13 could serve this area.  School children and others must walk from Copmanthorpe along a pavement and for a stretch without a footpath to and from the houses at the Acaster Malbis end. 

The 11 route could continue to Copmanthorpe and return along the 13 route and the 13 continue to Bishopthorpe return on the 11 route.  A stop at cross roads to Acaster may attract passengers from Acaster and caravan sites.


Need more evening buses on No 1 route.


Can the number 12/14 please revert to calling at Ryecroft Avenue on the out of town service rather than just the inbound service


Real time information would be useful to have at the Cross Keys stop in Dringhouses.  There are two big hotels nearby, and visitors are often uncertain about riutes and times.


Thus bus stop at Tesco is awful — needless sloping pavements, which are hugely disadvantageous to people with mobility problems, as well as to anyone with a trolley. There should be level pavements, plus a trolley park immediately by the bus stop. The current shelter is pathetic, providing almost no protection from the elements, and completely inadequate seating.


I understand there were previous vandalism problems but a shelter at Ashley Park on the No. 11 route would be an improvement during inclement weather.


When haxby rail station is in place please stop the bus from coming down West Nooks which is a tight residential street, this would add less than a 5 minute walk


Service frequency should be increased not decreased to improve attract usage and help flow services in the horrendous York traffic congestion. Car traffic needs banning from central York asap.


The number 11 needs to be more frequent and run on a Sunday.


Real time info on number 13 buses and at Haxby village westbound stop


12 route works well.


Our number 12 bus has been cut from half hourly to hourly but it has worked really well West Yorkshire buses and especially the drivers are so much better than First York please carry on with this service it is so badly needed, there are a lot of elderly passengers living here and they would be completely cut off as walking for the number 4 would be just too far for them


It is proposed to remove the Copmanthorpe Flaxman Croft loop from the number 13, which would make the journey to a bus stop a lot further for a number of people, particularly during dark (mornings and evenings) and also inclement weather (particularly snow and ice).  Lighting is not particularly good round parts of the area.  The estimated 650m walking seems less than what I believe it to be.

There are a lot of elderly individuals and others with mobility difficulties who find it difficult to get into the village and out again during the day, since Connexions removed the Flaxman Croft loop, from the inward journey (to Copmanthorpe). This has meant that it is more difficult to access Village service such as the Doctors surgeries, Dental practice, library and local shops.  At the same time while travelling into York has been unaffected, the return has meant having to walk from the top of Merchant way.

This has meant many of the people who would normally get the 13 getting the 840 or 843 if it comes first, as there are no benefits if you have to walk from Merchant Way.  This results in a loss of passengers for Connexions.

Just noting using the Connexions website going into the village gets to Top Lane at 16:23 and gets to Station Road at 16:27.  The equivalent Saturday service enters Merchant Way at 16:14 and gets to Station Road at 16:22.  So it takes 4 minutes.  How much fuel is that actually taking up, and should be compared to customer satisfaction and service.

It may be worth considering a variation as is happening at the other end of the line with the introduction of the 1A.  Is it possible to run a hourly service 13 which not serves the loop and an hourly service in between perhaps a 13A which does not.  Or alternatively run earlier services which serve the loop of a morning and later services serve the loop of an evening.


Regarding the closing of the flaxman road loop on service 13- I have seen no published info that clearly explains how it will result in a cost saving by closing that particular section of the route? The bus will take approximately five minutes to get round flaxman road loop and I can’t see how closing it will result in any financial savings? If anything, it will result in less passengers, less turnover and more people using cars to drive into York city centre and use the already overcrowded car car parks. The nearest alternative bus stop is too far away to use for those with mobility problems or young children.


There needs to be a shelter or the removal of the very high hedge which overhangs the bus stop on Girvan close as it drips on you when waiting in the rain


Have you tried promoting the bus services to people or organizations with staff to whom the services would be relevant e.g early morning buses to businesses with staff who need to make an early start or late buses to businesses where staff finish work late.


The proposed changes to route 11 means there is no public transport to the crematorium or Bishopthorpe.

Bishopthorpe Rd is busy enough already without the inevitable increase in car use; sidewalks and cycle lanes are incomplete.


The 25 and 26 services are very important for residents on the Fulford Road corridor because of the unreliability of the Park and Ride 7 during large parts of the year.  For example there is no guarantee that you will even be able to get on a number 7 bus during the St Nicholas fair (Nov and Dec), summer and half terms and it can take up to 30 mins to get to the rail station. The number 7 often will not pick up any passengers on Main St/ Fulford Road.  We (York residents who don't have cars) need these alternatives especially to get to the rail station (even if you walk from Piccadilly).


Please keep the number 12 running and frequently. Often it doesn't turn up or waiting times are over an hour at Tesco Askham Bar.


I particularly would miss the 22.32, 23.17 and Sunday 23.19 number 1 service, as this is my route home from York Railway Station. If I have travelled to Leeds or elsewhere by train for evening entertainment it would mean I would have to pay out for a taxi home.


There is no bus shelter for number 11 end. You have already reduced it once and plan on doing this again! We live in an area with a lot of.older people who rely on the bus and people like who are disabled so can't drive. I already have to be late to work due to rubbish bus times. We are not a tiny village on the outskirts! I use to live in a little village on the outskirts of York and they had more frequent busses!!!!


It would be helpful to have the bus stop at the same location for each of the services in piccadilly.


Can we please keep an eye on real time info? Often the signs are out of sync with apps and such, which can lead to a lot of confusion.


It would be helpful to have clarification as to how the service 12 and 14 contracts are to be 'merged.' For example, will there be a new invitation to tender for the merged route which either of the two current operators (East Yorkshire and Transdev), or any other operator, could bid for? The past few years have been tumultuous for the 12, with a number of route, frequency and operator changes. Things have stabilised with the current operator, East Yorkshire, who have won praise from Woodthorpe residents for their high service standards. It would be very unfortunate if this was all to be lost.

It is disappointing that, as part of the network review, no consideration seems to have been given to possible route and timetable changes that may help to attract more passengers. For example, has consideration been given to routing the 12 around the 'Grassholme loop' in the opposite direction? Many residents say that it would make more sense for the bus to go around the loop on the way back from the city centre, when people are likely to be carrying heavy shopping bags, rather than on the way into town.

With regard to the 12 timetable, it would be helpful if consideration could be given to meeting the needs of school children who may be more likely to use the 12 to get to All Saints or Millthorpe if the timings worked out better, eg a 7.25am departure from Woodthorpe is too early and an 8.25am departure is too late.

The proposed withdrawal of the number 13 from the Flaxman Croft loop in Copmanthorpe is very regrettable. It is a fairly short diversion from the main route, but for residents living at the foot of what is quite a steep hill, its withdrawal would make the chances of them being able to access a bus on Top Lane quite a challenge, particularly for those with impaired mobility. The Dial & Ride service would have provided an alternative for these residents, but sadly that service has ceased.


Woodthorpe needs a more frequent bus service. With the law of Diminishing Returns, the less fequent and reliable the service then the less people will use it, There should be at least ahalf hourly service..


Cutting out the Flaxman Croft 'loop' on the #13 route will be very detrimental to many older and/or infirm residents in the area, of which there are a great number.  The loop provides access to the centre of the village for shopping and getting to and from the doctor's surgery and pharmacy as well as access to Tesco and York.


More real time displays at bus stops would be useful.

I also strongly feel an integrated app/ website for York buses would make a huge difference, as an improvement on the current fractured situation with info on several different operators' sites.

Also return tickets ought to be transferable between operators.

The £2 ticket limit is excellent and has definitely prompted me to use buses more.


The number 13 is great for those of us that live further afield from Haxby Centre. We already struggle with poorer quality of internet and with this proposal would lose the ability to have a frequent (half hourly) bus. My daughter (4 years old) would struggle to walk the additional distance home without needing a carry as it's about 0.7 miles and depending on what we've been doing, could (and has been) a very tiring walk for little legs. The 1A would be good but making it an hourly service means you really have to get your timings right, especially on those occasions I would have my daughter with me. Would the 1A also continue into the night and alternate 30 minute slots with the number 14? Or would it stop at 630? It's not clear on the proposals. It's not the end of the world but it would cause a pain and means this side of the village is again left out of bigger proposals. Presumably with the new train station being built in Haxby (West Nooks side), busses would need to be more frequent to service that stop so surely this should be thought about as part of the plans?!


I would have to cross a lot of road endings, using extra kerbs than I do now with some visual

problems would have difficulties, crossing these roads in darkness, or in bright sunlight.


Stop the current practice of showing fake real time information. Buses are listed and their waiting time reduces to’due’ only to disappear from the board and reset to a longer time. No bus turns up. These boards can obviously be programmed just to cycle through the timetable without reference to actual buses.


If I've got to go to the hospital area there is no bus and there is no crème if people have got to go and other old pensions what cannot want this all cannot travel by car with miss the bus service


I would be concerned that the additional stops via Germany Beck mean that the first Crossfield Crescent - train station arrival time would be later - it's already late enough that a bus+train commute is hard to get into work ontime.


A reduction in the 16 would mean having to walk up to Acomb Road for the 1 most of the time. The inbound bus stop for the 1 that is opposite New Lane has a seat but it is badly sited, if you sit on it you can't see the bus coming and can't indicate in time so it sails past without stopping. If this could be rectified, and a real time info screen provided that would be a big help.


There should be real time information at each bus stop.  Increase buses to number 11 not decreasing it!


Remove all commercial operators! You cannot have an effective service run by a commercial for profit business! Bus services must be nationalised, cheap to use and frequent on all routes regardless of usage for them to be of any use!


Real time information please! It’s so difficult to get information about bus times and it’s never clear if monitors are showing real time or timetable- things just disappear off the  board . Tbere also used to be information on a monitor in the station showing times of buses- would be good to have that back so you can decide if worth going for a bus or getting a taxi.


Have proper bigger shelters especially in town as when it's at bust times not everyone can get shelter in bad weather conditions.


Inconsistency of services is huge issue,


It's unclear from the proposals what the effects on timing would be; for example the additional loop around Germany Beck seems quite reasonable but it is unclear how much time that adds to a journey, which might change which services I use most often.


Not featured in the review, but it's important that usage of no. 20 is promoted, including by timetable information displays at more (or even more?) stops, especially in the Clifton Moor retail/industrial and Vangarde/Monks Cross shopping areas. Also, although shown online and announced on buses, there is no physical sign, timetable or road marking for the west-bound bus stop in Stirling Road near the junction with Audax Road: despite its proximity to industrial premises and various retail outlets (including Dunelm), even the drivers are generally surprised that someone wants to alight. And I've never seen anyone board there, since its very existence is more-or-less kept secret!


I would like the number 11 bus to be reliable. It regularly fails to turn up when it should.


Lack of a Sunday service means I have to travel by car on this day putting more pressure on the roads


Get the bus services right before thinking about the bus stops


Early buses are important if you want to catch a London train. So I would like to see buses at least arriving 10 minutes before the train. For example the 0630. Whilst I accept that some services could be taken out, there is a real need to have a reliable service timed to connect with early London services.


Nowhere is there mention of time changes in the day. If number of buses (no 1 bus) is reduced I will be affected. If bus is more full I will have difficulty keeping my walker close to me and less of a nuisance to other passengers. I will therefore use bus less, a taxi more of my car, depending on where I need to go. The obvious result will be I shall buy things online and business in York will have lost my custom.


I think that removing late night services, even on a Sunday, will encourage more car use by those who need to use these services for work and leisure. Early morning and late evening services can be essential for workers who may have no alternative choice of transport other than walking along, at best, very dimly lit roads.


If buses were more frequent and reliable they would be used more.  We have to use the car to go into York from Bishopthorpe whenever we are doing anything time sensitive as we cannot rely on the bus.  When we moved from the city centre buses ran 7 days a week and for the majority of time every 30 minutes.  Now the bus timetable changes constantly, reduced service and random timings.  Many have voiced locally this is being done intentionally so people will use the bus less to provide the evidence base for reducing the service.  We use the car a lot to go into York.  If the bus service was any good and good value for money, we would always use the bus!


So long as the number 13 starts its journey in the same place as it does now (Station Road) and stops on Main St, it should not be too inconvenient. Walking to Top Lane would add another 15 minutes of walking, total walking time 25 minutes. I would not use the bus and drive to town instead or take taxis. The station road bus stop could do with a shelter and bus information time, seen as this is where the bus starts from it would be useful to track its journey.


All of the above


On the No 11 route, it would be worthwhile to conduct an audit on bus stops. For the journey I take going into the city centre from "Terrys", there are too many bus stops between Terrys and Bishopthorpe Road, the stops "Reginald Grove" and "Winning Post" could easily be withdrawn as there are other stops only 100 yds further on, and in the case of Reginald Grove the stop is in the middle of a narrowed part of the street with parking on both sides, so any bus stopping creates a blockage for other traffic. The Rectory Gardens stop is better placed and less than 100 yds up the road.


I am concerned that the changes will reduce the number of passengers using the service and potentially lead to further service changes or cessation because of the 8 passengers rule.


Re-routing 11 through South Bank will increase journey time and impact on performance, especially on race days - very backward move which, combined with reduced frequency, will significantly impact on people's ability to rely on the bus service for their transport needs, pushing people bac into making car journeys on York's congested road system, increasing danger for cyclists and pedestrians. These "external" costs need to be considered in making decisions on marginal reductions in bus service costs...


Re: 13 service. The overall service has become so unreliable it has driven people to the Leeds bus route going into York, not wanting to risk using the 13. For instance, I have weekly venesection with the NHS. To be sure I get there on time, I am forced to go to Top Lane, reducing the pick ups on thr Flaxman Loop. However, in the summer the Leeds buses were often already full by the time they get to Copmanthorpe

That’s the effect of atrophying the service incrementally and artificially depresses the number of people counted in pick-ups. Drop offs along the Loop will be higher than pick ups but aren’t counted

The Flaxman loop is already lost in the afternoons after 3.30pm. That fishy “only 30 people a day use the ‘Flaxman loop’ stops” counts ‘pick ups’ not drop offs. So if you cut the loop in the afternoons, as they have done, then you’ll surely deliver the apparently low number offered in ‘evidence’ for the consultation

The way the service has been run these last few months will have served to depress the pick up numbers along the Flaxman Croft loop, massaging the figures to make it easier for the council to cut the service. I note the woefully short ‘consultation’ period is such I won’t have the time for a Freedom of Information Act filing (to query the evidential basis) to be answered within the statutory deadline. No doubt the decision on consultation timetabling - announced just before Christmas - was intentional to thwart that risk


All bus stops need to be brought to a good standard with some seating, cover (this could be combined with a living roof to attract wildlife) and real time bus information. The bus stops I use are well lit during the times I use them.


No 11 bus stop at Ashley Park could do with a shelter


If an additional stop could be implemented so that the no 9 park and ride had a stop on Malton Road between Vanguard and Monk Stray in Malton Road around Elmfield Avenue this would be so much help. There are stops but the number 9 doesn’t stop there. The number 12 was reduced to running hourly some time ago and so being able to catch the number 9 at the top of Elmfield would resolve a lot of issues.


Real time information is very important, so it would help if you could keep it working.  EG at the railway station there was a period of weeks when the No 1 and 13 indicator was blank.


The reduction in the early and late services would cause us to use taxis to and from the station at those times.
Please, please could you install a shelter for those waiting for a north bound No.1 at the art gallery, opposite the theatre.


Bus shelters on Huntington and Haxby roads. Réal time information at bus stops


The buses are unreliable and the apps are often inaccurate.

Bus services need to run at the times advertised

A single accurate app covering all buses would save wasted time and make bus use more predictable and therefore attractive. It’s impossible to see the bus coming from within some shelters eg Rowan Avenue.  This makes a reliable, live information app essential.


Changes in bus time tables would mean that I would have to travel along unlit pathways, which as a young woman, I find more intimidating than taking a bus.

Also, buses that stop running at 6pm already make it harder for me to access my employment


There is absolutely no way that a bus would first of all fit down Whitting Close due to the narrowness of the road and the parking arrangements but it also wouldn't be safe due to the lack of pavements and walkways for pedestrians.


Upkeep of realtime information e.g. the one at the Fox, Holgate Road is often showing wrong information (it has had the same message now for over 3 weeks) or not working at all.


The number 26 bus provides a vital service for older people living in South Bank. Cancelling the 26 will have an adverse impact on the lives of many people in the South Bank area. Saying that the 24 can be used instead is not true as the 24 goes nowhere near South Bank.


Sunday service serving Fordlands and Heslington Lane / Broadway.

Service into Germany Back estate.


I am very concerned that the number 13 bus not calling at West Nooks will effect my access to local services such as shops and Doctors. I am in poor health suffering heart and mobility issues. I wish you would not interfere with this service. Many thanks.


I have concerns (mostly for other people) if we lose the Flaxman Croft stops off the 13 bus route. There are many elderly people living on this estate who will struggle to walk to Top Lane for the bus. It sounds like the main reason for the issues we have seen this year are more to do with delays caused by the roadworks on Tadcaster Road. When things are back to normal early in the new year, I'd be surprised if the Flaxman Croft stops really add much cost to the journey.


Surfaces from Rosedale Avenue to Acomb Shops are uneven and unlit


More real time information and boards at more stops eg Gimcrack at Fulford


Real time information screens at Stirling Grove would be very helpful.


The 25 and 26 need to run more often not less.


One service per hour for bus no 25 and 26 is not enough. The timing of the buses it means it ban be aligned with the train times/school/ job starting times

The service is not reliable. It happened the bus didn't come when I relied on it to get on time to train station. There is not electronic display on the bus stop at Heslington Lane/Stirling Grove


Would welcome a direct service from Fulford to acomb alongside a direct service to South bank


No 11is not particularly reliable - would this improve?.  Withdrawal of No 26 to South Bank would reduce number of services to that area.  Making No 11 an hourly service should make it easier to calculate when bus supposed to be due.  Current 50 minute timetable is impossible to work out without access to timetable - hard copy or website.  Sometimes 21, 11 and 26 all leave South Bank area at same time (meaning 3 buses all compete for same passengers) and than no service for around an hour. 


Need earlier buses to get to station


Raised curb for Grants Avenue stop (towards Fordlands from town) as currently dropped off on grass verge. Not ideal for prams or when wet.


Real time information seems to be frequently wrong - says bus is 7 mins for example, and the bus never shows.


Real time information on heslington lane would be really handy.


My daughter lives in whitting close/Bishopdale way.  There are no pavements to walk or raised kerbs.  Also  there are very young children in the area.This  will be a serious road safety issue.  Street lighting is limited. Also the turning points are very tight and cars parked could be damaged.  Also a noise issue.  Bus stops for the 415 and 7 in the main street are easily accessible.



Bus shelter on West Nooks would be good. The main issue, however, is the proposed decline in the frequency of buses coming out to West Nooks. An hourly service would be a disincentive to using the bus service and I will probably use my car more.


If Yorks policy is to reduce car miles, why are you cutting bus services?


Any  changes  to the 26  bus / timetable would have a huge impact on my life


A seat at the bus stops around Flaxman Croft would be a great advantage, as some of us are up unable to stand for any period of time


the printed timetables at the bus stops are not replaced when changes are  made 3 changes to times have happened recently and the bus stop still has UNDATED a timetable from last summer  At least put A PRINT DATE ON THE TIMETABLE   that costs nothing


Although I don't live in Flaxman Court, I do live in Copmanthorpe. Not running through Flaxman Court would be a stupid idea, as it is a large housing estate. May I suggest it runs via Flaxman Court during peak times (6am to 10am and 3pm to 7pm) and on Saturday's for those at work.

I also think the bus timings need looking at, especially with how busy Tadcaster Road and the city centre is at peak times.

Often the buses run late due to timings they need to stick too and I think this puts people off using it.


With No.13 and No.1 buses cutting out loops, it would be hard for elderly or folk without cars to have to walk the extra distance to get to the bus, especially on the loop in Copmanthorpe.


Flaxman has many cul-de-sacs running off it which are primarily bungalows and therefore house many older people having to make a considerable walk to a bus stop will make a huge difference to their lives both socially and mentally.

Felling confined to your house is like being in prison for many. Having to make a long walk which is uphill would be difficult for some of a good but in bad weather impossible. I truly hope you wil;l reconsider and keep the current arrangement in place.


Real time information at bus stops


Bus information needs to be kept up to date. eg:- number 10 bus information on the boards is not accurate.


I can’t get on my bus as it won’t let me board. I am in a wheelchair.


I have stopped using the Saturday service since it became less frequent.  Should you miss a bus and have to stand at a bus stop for an hour with shopping is miserable, especially in the winter. 


The Flaxman Croft loop is essential for those who could not make it to Top Lane, Copmanthorpe due to the extra distance


Whilst not directly at a bus stop the junction off St. Giles Way onto Station Road in Copmanthorpe could really do with a streetlight. That corner is ridiculously dark, hard to tell the road from the pavement (the pavement isn't exactly even either) when you're coming off the bus to get onto St. Giles Way.


Lighting needs to be improved as it is generally pitch black around the bus stops, and most bus

Stops in Copmanthorpe do not have a shelter so there is no hiding from the rain and weather elements.


No.13 should use more reliable bus tracking.

This will have skewed the resent survey figures as the tracker often is not on and I suspect on purpose. Advertising this tracking more will also allow more visiblity of the service and remove cars from the appalling state the council is making of Tadcaster Road. A bus shelter on Hallcroft Lane, Main Street and Horseman Lane would be well used. The Flaxman Loop bus shelter is well used. Large puddles develop by the existing bus stops in Copmanthorpe soaking bus users with passing traffic.

The Flaxman Loop serves the elder appartments and large numbers of bungalows at the bottom of the significant hill. Removal of this vital service also impedes the placement of not stopping on Top Lane.


Information on real-time boards isn't  accurate. Printed timetables and online info do not agree. Bus shelter at Banana warehouse is inadequate.


We need half hourly buses on the 11 bus route.


Real time information at Reginald grove stop would be useful


The 13 should be timed to run differently to the Coatliner. These changes will mean that there is no difference in which bus is caught for those on the Flaxman loop. The coastliner is unreliable and often full. No room for a buggy. As someone who can not drive the bus is essential - this makes it less local and less desirable during to distance and having to cross a busier road.


The frequency of the number 11 bus has already been reduced in the last few years making it difficult to get anywhere on time. The bus is too infrequent as it is! Lots of elderly residents live in Burnholme, both in the 2 care homes and bungalows who rely on this bus to get to the shops for food and supplies. It’s unacceptable to reduce the service further. The service is also currently unreliable and late. Diversions (planned) are not highlighted on the bus stops meaning you are left at the bus stop waiting  unaware the route has changed.


Why can't the 13 be timetabled to travel from Copmanthorpe to York not at the same time as the Coastliner.  It would provide a more useful and frequent service, making the 13 more viable. 


It's an incredibly poor bus service which you are making worse.


Real time info screens (that are accurate), more shelters, more seating in shelters


Please bring number 11 bus back to every 30 min. Heworth and Burnholme area are really suffering abd we consider ourself to live within the City not a village in the middle of nowhere. You are forcing people to buy more and more cars everyday as public transport is a joke. Nothing has been done for thinking green and avoid driving. Number 11bus is very important to hundreds of adults and secondary school students going from Bad Bargain lane area to All Saints school. One bus per hour is a complete disaster.


Real time information would be amazing for the number 13


The no 11 is already rammed at peak times since going to a 50min timetable. The service has also become more unreliable  - services dropped and 'unplanned diversions ' (6.15am bus at Winning Post to town - driver decided to miss out Bishy Rd and go down Taddy instead).

We're getting to a point where the elderly are stranded on Sundays and cannot trust the service. The 26 is far more reliable.  With better timetabling between the 26 and 11 we should be have a 30min service - not 1 hourly service. Hoping some other company starts a service


Real time information on Scarcroft Road for the No 11 would be really welcome.


I’m very worried for many of my elderly neighbours living on the Flaxman Croft estate who would be unable to walk the extra distance to catch the bus and who can no longer drive.


Making the number 11 service hourly will stop my children being able to access School and College with ease. Meaning more use of the car. It will also make their school day longer or have to walk. One of my children is disabled so this will cause huge inconvenience for him. He has already struggled with the service stopping at Stonebow.

The lighting in Burnholme especially on Hempland lane allotments is poor since you removed the lights. This i find a concern for the children having to walk home if the bus is no longer an option.

Cutting this service yet again is absolutely ridiculous. I just don't think you care about the people who use it? This year the number 11 has gone from a bus service to be proud of to an absolute joke. Especially with putting the fares up! How on earth do you expect children to get to school and college?


Most of the buses are already skipping the Flaxman Croft section and have been for a couple of months, so if they have received extra funding for this, it should be returned.

They used to go around Flaxman Croft on both the way into town and the way home - this is not on the description of current services in this survey.

The Coastliners are often full on Saturdays and Sundays over the summer, but the 13 service is hourly and not on a Sunday, leaving no option but to drive.


It's frustrating when awaiting the no 11 and then it vanishes and never turns up at my stop at bad bargin lane. I would use this alot more if it ran both days on a weekend and also if there was late night buses


Rubbish app, unreliable on an evening no Sunday service on the number 11 - really poor for a village the size of bish so close to

The city center


The proposals would mean walking for 10 to 15 minutes to a bus stop from which I probably use the 840/843 service as 13 would give no advantage. The other option is to drive to the P & R which is fine while I am still able to drive but I am not getting any younger.


I think the no 13 loop in Copmanthorpe  should continue on one part of the journey to allow people in the estate to access a bus stop near their homes there are a lot of elderly you use it  - if people have to walk all the way to the Tadcaster road stop may as well use Coastliner so it could  give the 13 less income anyway - or is that the next plan to scrap it altogether!!


You should prioritise adding real time information to more stops, and improving the quality of that information over other improvements.  All busses should be tracked.  When a bus is cancelled, there should be a specific announcement of that fact.  No point having a better, brighter shelter if your bus has been cancelled so you should be walking but you've not been informed.


Current real time information is unreliable.


We love using the bus for meeting friends, socialising, shopping, eating out where we would not drink and drive.
This involves a longer time required in York and we would not pay extortionate carparking prices.
Everything is getting chipped away at.
Cycling from Bishopthorpe on unlit roads and cycle paths is not for me at 65 years old it's a massive issue. The cycle route to the park and ride still has dangerous root damage and as a lone woman, I'm not prepared to take those risks.


Making the number 11 bus more frequently the bus is always very full for seats and it does not come frequently and convienfly enough. It is the one and only bus that runs from outside the old chocolate orange factory - terrys mews so there is no alternative!! I work at marks and Spencer’s servicing the community and I’m having to pay £10 everytime I have a shift on a Sunday due to there not being a bus running or it not being convenient enough throughout the week anyway! They must run more buses on the number 11 or make the 26 pick up from Terrys mews it’s not enough


Installation of real-time information would be great. But I understand it may be cost prohibitive.


I go to.the theatre a lit and out for meals. The late night number 1 service means I don't have to drive and park in town. I don't feel safe parking in Marygate and walking back on my own. Bootham car park is usually full. There should be a safe car park. Otherwise I have to get a taxi and the price of these is getting very expensive. This would restrict my evening activities.


A Shelter in Grassholme - almost the only stop without one.


Leave the bus schedule alone we need Sunday service on south bank


Beech Avenue stop has s bus shelter but no working light (been like this for years!) so bus drivers can’t see you are at the stop unless like me you have a mobile phone you can wave.


Real time info does not always work. The text service advertised never texts back. Thank you.


Better pricing options


If bus times were more reliable that would help me use buses more. If I'm in a situation where timing is crucial i can never rely on the bus to turn up on time, or sometimes at all.


There should be more frequent services provided to encourage more people to use the bus service rather than cutting them. With the current government subsidised fares the bus should be a good alternative to people driving and parking in town from Copmanthorpe. That many do not see the bus as a suitable alternative will not be fixed by removing accessibility; it needs to be increased.


Why not use the South Bank loop in the evenings only.  The issues with cars being driven on the same route is so much more of an issue during the day.


There'd be no changes in where I'd start/stop my journey. The stop at the end of the route on Acaster Lane could do with better access to cross the road on to the full footpath on the otherside


Do not make the loop every journey. Pointless and the bus gets stuck.

Current service levels are abysmal, I used to use the bus when it was every 30 minutes. I rarely use now due to infrequency and cancelled buses. Making it 1 hour is pointless. The service needs to be every 30 minutes so people will use the service.

The less frequent the service the less people will use it and will use cars and expensive taxis instead. Its a big village and reducing/ removing buses is making everyone's lives harder. No doubt because less people now use the bus due to issues, you will eventually cancel the service all together.

It needs to go back to every 30 minutes!




Real time information on Bishopthorpe Road shelter wood help


Number 11 has been cut 3 times in the last 12 months, it is clear the intent is to remove the service. In contrast the new campus of the university enjoys 17 buses an hour. These two facts are unreasonable. No service bus route in the urban area should be less than twice an hour during the day. Perhaps diverting funding from the over serviced university routes to ones needed by residents would serve the city better.


More people would use the 11 and 26 if the bus companies discussed timetables with one another and had them running every 30 mins respectively. Currently they run 3 mins apart meaning one can be full, standing room only and the one which comes a couple of minutes later has fewer passengers to pick up


The biggest issue is when the number 26 is cancelled as there is the wait time of an hour until the next one.


Accurate real time information at all bus stops


It would be helpful to have some shelter and seating at the 4th Avenue shops stop.


The 11 once an hour and removing the 26 will make using public  even more difficult. I have a volunteer job in town and use 26. I may have to give it up. This would affect my mental health.

Also as there are no buses on a Sunday I am confined to my house, or I reluctantly use my car


It would make the 11 so infrequent that it would be unlikely for the timings to work with required arrival and return journeys. You might be able to time one but you have to be able to use it for both journeys.




The reason we got the no 26 in southbank was beacuse the number 11 was unreliable. Every hour after and before rush hour is ok, thats whar we havd slready. But a bit more frequently before 9.30 snd after 4.30 back to south bank/Bishopthorpe for yhe peole going to and from work woild be helpful


The Knavesmire is not a pleasant walk in winter but my only alternative is 15 mins walk to a bus in Tadcaster road (4 or coastlines) and 10 minute walk at other end. 


Shelters in areas where the elderly have to sit and wait


The 50 min service leaves too long gaps and means it can take a whole morning or afternoon often to meet a 10 min appointment. I'm a great fan of the buses and use them whenever I can, but it's getting so that I just can't afford the time to hang around.

It would be nice to have a bus shelter somewhere between the station and Bishopthorpe for the buses coming out of town. I can think of 9 on the way in, but none on the way out.


All bus stops should have dot matrix so travellers know how long to wait,

I waited and 3 buses never turned up, I missed a rail connection, now the timetable is less frequent, plus the speeds of the buses is getting too slow and if there is a cyclist then the bus goes only at the speed of the cyclist, york is too tiny to give all the space to cyclists


Real time information at the Knavesmire Pub stop would be great


Every hour is to in frequent


A lot of elderly people use the number 11 and the change to fewer buses now makes it harder. Some cannot stand for long and waiting for a bus is difficult when coming back from town and appointments. It also makes it difficult for catching other buses to get to other parts of York, such as the number 6 to get to the hospital. It would be much better if it was returned to a half hour service.


Shelter on Ashley park road


Why couldn't bishopthorpe and copmanthorpe be on the same bus route run every half hour.


Real time information at the Woodthorpe shops (terminus).


Although the proposed change to the 13 would have no impact on me as I do not live in the affected streets, this change would have a massive impact on the residents of flaxman Croft and surrounding streets. Many of those residents are elderly and would have a considerable walk to the bus stop on top lane. Many wouldn’t be able to manage that walk. The bus is often their way of getting into the centre of Copmanthorpe to the local shops. If you take the loop away their quality of life will be massively affected. Also by doing this it’s likely to increase the number of cars on the road as people decide not to use the bus as it would be much less convenient.


The bus stop on Tadcaster Road Lane needs to be moved nearer to Merchant way to save at least 100 yards.


No shelter at Ashley Park


Please… do not reduce bus services esp no’s becoming impossible to get to meetings, work, groups.. with a bus every 50 minutes.  A bus every hour will mean more cars on the roads, which is the very last thing we need. Why not keep the no 26 but run it 30 minutes after the no 11.. so we effectively have a bus every 30 minutes?at the moment, ludicrously.. they often arrive at the same time.. then nothing for an hour.

The no 11 often just doesn’t turn’s unreliable. If I want to catch a train I have to get a taxi! More cars on the roads.

We need a regular and efficient bus service.. cutting times down is counterproductive. Since it went down to 50 minutes more people I know take their car in to town. Pensioners and people with prams and tge disabled are unable to walk into town.

Please don’t reduce it! Why are some buses eg no 7 and 9 every ten minutes?  No 6, every 15 or 20…

Please don’t cause yet mire road congestion by forcing people into taxis or cars..esp if they’ve a meeting or deadline or train.. and there's no bus for an hour!


No13 parked up on lane near Station Road bus stop, it came around the village at the right time, drove past the bus stop & said not in service & did not pick up people at the bus stop. What is the point of a bus service if it travels around the route but refuses to pick people up. On other occasions the no13 left early from Station Rd. Have emailed bus company & not received any response. 


I have witnessed the 13  bus leaving a few minutes early so I missed it and the next bus coming round at the right time but having an out of service sign and not picking people up. The 13 bus is unreliable. When contacted the bus service has not acknowledged the email and made no explanation.


I try not to use the bus after 6pm using my car instead if I need to cross the city to attend a meeting. Only having an hourly service on no 12/14 service is not at all ideal .If I were to use no 4 instead and get off at Eason view I would not be happy walking that far home on my own


Routing the 12 round Woodthorpe on both outbound and inbound directions. I can no longer carry shopping from Moor Lane to my home so have to stay on the bus out to Foxwood, back to Woodthorpe, wait at the terminus and then travel to my nearest stop.


Bus stops should be better maintained for the elderly not just qr code.


Although appreciate the offer of bus stop improvements it would be a waste on the 11 route Ashley Park route given the already poor service. The money would be better spent on maintaining or improving the current service level eg back to every 30 minutes,  run later evening  & Sunday services. A lot of elderly & less mobile people live in this area & find it difficult or impossible to get to the alternative 6 and coastlines bus stops.


All bus services could and should be improved. Reducing them makes no sense.


I think that one bus stop in Bishopthorpe should have a real time information screen as sometimes, if the buses get delayed or slowed to end up going together and then you might have to wait more than the 50 minutes allotted time.


This change to Number 11 is a very poor idea. I would go into town in the evenings if you ran evening services, spend more money on local businesses that way. Considering the roads are suitable for buses to travel from heworth without to town, this reduction in services is inconsiderate. The area feels isolated as it is, so this is not good news for the local community.




Real time information as well as shelter


Alternate buses to access Flaxman loop once on return journey to York. An hourly service would be better than no service for many elderly who live on this part of the route. A number without cars or unable to drive for various reasons.

This change will remove their independence.


A Sunday service on no.12 would be useful


More real time info at bus stops


I would use the same bus stop which has a printed timetable. A real information screen would be useful but not essential as most people at the stop know what time it is due. Only issue is when it is late, or does not turn up, that is when a real time screen would be of benefit


Maybe try running Hoppa buses during off peak times instead of old clapped out double decker buses that must surely have higher fuel costs as they aren't energy efficient.


The bus service from Bishopthorpe into York is appalling, when the bus was reduced from every 30 mins it was said that the delays would be minimised. Wrong when we go for a  bus there is no guarantee that it will arrive  you could then be waiting up an hour for the next one.

Other parts of the country run more frequent buses which are well used as people can rely on them  and no longer use cars. If York council want to reduce emissions put more money into buses and  increase their frequency to places like Bishopthorpe .


The last bus on the number 11 route final stop in Bish forces users to walk down an unlit alley at nearly midnight. Totally unacceptable disregard for customers safety.

The unreliability of the bus means we have been stranded in town with our young children waiting for the bus a number of times.

I am unable to get to work and get back to the childminders after work using the bus now and clearly in the future. Meaning I have to drive the bus route, we only have one car in a bid to be more environmentally friendly, but the bus was my winter alternative to cycling to work. My husband will then have no access to the car for his work.

The wider reach of virtually cutting off the bus route to Bishopthorpe will mean that access to health care and other services will become nearly impossible.


The current #12 service works reasonably well at the moment -why change it?

Removing the late night #1 will mean more trips by car (22:32 is not late).


Note that this service is the only bus passing the Crematorium. Hourly is too infrequent for those attending funeral services here.


The service level for the number 11 is appalling. As a family we try to use the bus as often as possible but the amount of times on the return journey to bishopthorpe that the bus just hasn't turned up is unacceptable. This means we cannot rely on it for key travel e.g getting to the train station for a connecting train and therefore I get a taxi. If the service was more reliable I would 100% use it more frequently but it just isn't. Being stood at york train station bus stop with 2 kids under 6 for over an hour is not an option


The number 11 service is the only one which serves the crematorium. Having an hourly service will make it difficult for those attending services to get there at the right time.

In only a matter of months the number 11 service has gone from every 30 minutes during the day to 50 minutes at the moment and with this proposal to every hour. If there is any desire to reduce car usage then this should not happen.

Recently the service 11 has been very unreliable with buses missed out for no apparent reason, will there be a guarantee that this will not continue?

The bus stop on Main Street Bishopthorpe at the Palace/Acaster Lane end is not well lit. The bus has actually failed to stop for me in the evening due to this, necessitating leaping into the road to hail it.

The South Bank route includes Balmoral Terrace, a street which is not suitable as a bus route due to the cars which are always parked on both sides of the road.

Compared to the number of buses which go to the Park and Ride sites it is unfortunate to say the least that residents of areas within or close to York cannot get a bus to take them to their homes. The Park and Ride system just ferries people to their cars and out of York.


Reducing the bus service at weekends is a mistake as it's when most families use the number 11 bus.    During the week it is used a lot by elderly citizens as I see them at the bus stop at Stray Road.


It is essential for many people in Bishopthorpe including myself to have a reliable bus service to get to work and go shopping  and access social activities.


Adding the  south bank loop would add quite a bit of time to

Yeh journey from bish to York depending on how many stops. If it were a lot longer I would revert to driving the car but the bus is more convenient at the moment


We should not have to wait an hour between every bus! It’s a joke, plenty of people use the Bishopthorpe bus!


The number 12 & 14 are unfit for purpose. The 12 is highly unreliable and bus stop tracking and app tracking never accurate. The route is too long and long waits in Woodthorpe force many people to walk from Acomb Park to the number 4 at Eason View (15/20 minute walk) this isn’t acceptable. A more frequent bus would encourage people to use them and a shortened route not going all the way to monks cross would benefit many - a frequency of less than 3 buses an hour puts people off public transport. Equally the local routes being run by 3 or 4 different operators is not helpful and means return tickets cannot be bought (residents in Acomb park can be served by the 12,14, 37 or walk to the 4 - these being East Yorks, Transdev, Reliance and First).


Provide an adequate service to increase usage. If you can't rely on a service being there when needed you stop thinking of it as a viable option.


Before the removal of the half hourly 12 service from Woodthorpe in Jan 2023 into town, I used the catch the 12 to and from school daily. Since then, it has been impossible to catch the new 12 hourly service which doesn’t fit with school start times and would require me to have a different ticket to my First York monthly one too. It has also been impossible to catch the number 4 from Eason View as those services arrive at Dringhouses already packed and often just drive straight past leaving all the school children at the stop. So, I have been forced to walk up to Tesco to catch the number 3. Please, please reconsider a 7.55am number 12 service from Woodthorpe - this would be much appreciated from all the secondary school children in Woodthorpe attending All Saints and Millthorpe schools.


Proper bus shelters with seats especially at Ashley Park Bus stop.


The no 11 would not connect for me to get to work in time and get back to pick my grandchildren up from school ect


The bus 11 is essential for keeping the village of Bishopthorpe connected to essential services and amenities in York


It has been reported I don’t know how many times to the council the bus stop opposite the Knavesmire pub, there’s a panel missing from the bus shelter for nearly 2 years & it’s never cleaned not like the bus stops on Bishopthorpe Road!! Electronic bus table so people would know if the bus is coming or not!!


Real time information would be great


South Bank loop is difficult for buses to negotiate due to narrow streets and parking all around, sometimes bus cannot get through.

Loop gets missed out sometimes so it's always a lottery if attempting to catch the bus at any point on the loop.


If the 11 service was hourly on a morning and early evening this would impact getting to/from work, school etc for a lot of people.


The no 11 bus is essential and needed more than once an hour. Infrequent service makes it difficult to do anything in town, work, hospital etc on a bike it is not safe due to the amount of cars (and everyone being reliant on cars as there's NO bus!!) I cannot afford taxi or to run a car and we need a bus every half an hour not one an hour.


The reduction in service to Bishopthorpe is ridiculous. There is already insufficient buses whilst on Tadcaster road there are plenty. Why nit reroute some of the other services to go via Bishopthorpe. Every time. I use the bus it is very busy.  Please reconsider reducing the frequency of this service.  Young People who what to work and pensioners will suffer.


I am really confused about the impact on the no 1 service from wigginton by adding in a 1A that missed out wigginton. Does this mean there will be less buses from wigginton, or more irregular times as one bus is missed out to run the 1A? Just not really clear in the consultation. Having large gaps between services during peak travel could be really challenging when buses fail to run. The frequency has dropped off since covid so this concerns me.


I work at the hospital and am no longer able to park on site as I live within 5 miles of the hospital. The hospital policy is that I should now use the bus......what bus? Please put on more buses at peak commuter times so I can get to and from work. I am not alone in this situation. I would like to use a bus as driving/parking is stressful but the bus timetable is making it impossible to commute.


Better lighting at stonebow for 11 return to bish


Most stops in South Bank don't have shelters and none have real time digital displays or functional lighting. They also lack raised kerbs and bus stop markings so often get parked over.


I am disabled and I work full time, mainly from home, but I do need to use the bus to attend meetings at the office. I also use the 11 bus to connect with the number 6 bus to get to the hospital. I use the 11 bus to travel to the railway station to catch a train to go and visit my elderly father


I use the number 11 regularly and it’s bad enough not having it run on a Sunday and every 50 mins but to increase that to every hour is just ridiculous. The bus is so convenient but you’re forcing people to use their cars more, paying for parking or having to pay for a taxi.


Bus shelters required in bishopthorpe


I may need to catch the number 3 bus and walk to Bishopthorpe from the park and ride. This is unlit and very dark at night.


One bus an hour from Bishopthorpe onto York is not feasible. I am already affected by this since you changed it to a bus every 50 minutes. If a bus doesn’t show up (has happened to me a few times) you are now proposing that customers have to wait a whole hour until the next one arrives?? People use the bus service to get into York for work, hospital appointments, meeting family and friends etc. I presume you want to promote using the bus service above all other methods of transport yet you are proposing to make them hourly? This will simply make people order a taxi or drive into York, negating the need for the bus service although I suspect this is what you actually hope to achieve - complete removal of the number 11 bus service is your ultimate agenda is it not?


I would probably have to walk home on a night in the dark down a long road that has very few road lights so it will be dangerous


if there was a way of knowing if prams were on board in the realmtime that would help


Bishopthorpe has already lost its previously regular bus service to a level that I hardly use it, to reduce it further means even less passengers will be able to use the service to travel to work/school/shopping.  Our village is also losing its GP surgery and reducing the bus service to once per hour means residents will have to rely on cars or taxis to reach the next nearest surgery without having a very long journey and extended periods of waiting for bus connections


The number 11 is already a reduced service, many have stopped using it due to the reduction in service and now use their car or drive to the park and ride. The proposed service would make it difficult to get to work and be able to drop children at school. The increase journey time due to the south bank loop would be problematic and the roads in south bank are too narrow for a bus which adds additional journey time. Bishopthorpe is a village of the elderly and families why penalise these two groups which a reduced service and problematic route. When I travel on number 11 in the morning it is packed from Bishopthorpe, why can we not have more regular buses at peak times and a reduced service during the quieter hours. I will end up using the car, contributing to the already horrendous traffic in York. I’ve tried to make the bus work for several months but the service is reduced to the point it is no longer viable for many. Very concerned resident.


The change to the number 11 negatively impacts commutes for both school and work, meaning either being late or arriving at too early a time when the building isn’t open. There is no service already on a Sunday which means driving into York and paying high parking charges. The current 50-minute timetable is unpredictable and at times that are difficult to remember. Getting back from town is difficult to plan also. Bishopthorpe is one of the main villages outside of York and it makes no sense for it to be so poorly served by transport links. 


The timing will matter in the morning to ensure there is a sensible time for the Bishopthorpe bus. We used to have a 8am bus that was great for getting kids to school and me to work. If there is a 8.00 bus I could live with an hourly service.


The 11 is an awful service. No amount of changes made to it will improve it. We’re lucky we have the 21 here as at least that can be relied upon. 


Altering the no 11 to hourly, means even less people will use the service, you need to ensure we have access to a more regular bus, than reducing it even further.  I thought this government was about increasing bus usage not discouraging. 


As I've commented above, buses are essential for people with disabilities to access services. Bus stop.improvements are secondary to making sure that there is a useful, regular and reliable bus service.


Including the south bank loop would increase journey time and the narrow streets around that loop often make the journey awful as cars and buses meet and the road becomes blocked. I have spent an extra 30 mins on the bus on evenings in this situation. It would mean I can no longer rely on this service for work and would instead travel by car to the city centre. A bus once an hour would not be an acceptable service for me to get to work. The number 11 is often completely packed at 45 min intervals so intervals of one hour would make this worse, pushchairs and wheelchairs struggle to get on or people would stop using the service


I have various health problems and am already struggling with the reductions to the 13 service on a Saturday. Having to get the one would add at least 2 hours to my round trips into York and have a detrimental effect on my health.


Shelter on Holly Tree Lane  Haxby.


Acomb shops shelter currently not fit for purpose


If I caught the proposed 1A from York to Haxby, I would have to walk further to my home. (Approximately an extra 500 metres)


Real time information on Folk Hall area bus stops


Removing the west nooks collection means a lot of children will be late for school, which let’s face it the council couldn’t care less about  a lot of older people in this area relay on this service


The proposed change to route 13 would add a walk of minutes to my journey. Learmans way to Tadcaster road is a distance of 1100metres and not 650metres


Connexion buses offer a friendly service with many of the drivers knowing and interacting with elderly passengers - losing this contact would be detrimental


Explain exactly how merging the 12 and 14 will impact the bus timetable,  including journey times The frequency on the 12 of one hour is already at the limit of usefulness. 


To bring the services into the 21st Century and have live location and times for the bus


The reason the number 11 bus was stopped from going round south bank was congestion. The roads are so narrow and lots of cars parked either side making it incredibly difficult for the bus to get through.


So, we are going tose one number 1 per hour from an already inadequate service (they were every 10 mins. in 2001!)  and also lose some evening services. Every evening or just Sunday evening - your wording is ambiguous and in any event under the current timetable there are no buses at 22 32, 23 17 & 23 19! Please clarify! In any event,  I fail to understand why the loadings on Service 1 late evening are apparently less than on the 5/5A. Has First or the Council done any passenger counts at those times? If so, what were the results? 


1) The current and proposed route descriptions for the number 13 bus do not show it going through the bulk of Haxby (which it actually does currently!) - i.e. along Eastfield Avenue, Wheatfield Lane, Greenshaw Drive, Westfield Road, The Village.  I hope this is an oversight in the description and the bus route will continue to serve these areas!!  There are a few odd services in both directions which (unhelpfully) do cut straight along York Road but I believe these are the exception rather than the rule.

2) I do not think it makes sense for the West Nooks portion of the number 13 service to be withdrawn and replaced by an hourly variation of the number 1 service.  This would result in an odd gap in what is at present a regular, even service pattern for the number 1 service through the whole length of the Village and on to Wigginton.  If the demand on West Nooks does not justify half-hourly provision why not just terminate the number 13 short at the Memorial Hall on alternate services?

3) The existing number 13 service through Haxby and terminating at West Nooks is ideally placed to be extended to the planned new Haxby railway station when that opens in (maybe?) 2025.  The station will presumably itself merit a half hourly service to connect with the hourly trains in each directions and this would be easier to achieve by stepping back up the West Nooks section of the number 13 from hourly, than re-working a variation on the number 1 service and diverting even more buses from serving the Village and Wigginton.  (Although the mooted additional hourly Northern service between York and Scarborough seems to have been dropped for now I imagine this may resurface in future once Northern have resolved their train and staff resource issues).

3b) A further opportunity once the new Haxby station opens would be to extend the number 13 service from Haxby past the station and on to Strensall.  This seems by far to be the easiest way to provide residents of Strensall with a bus service to the station (the business case for which makes reference to the expectation that it will serve a broader catchment than just Haxby), as well as enabling residents of Strensall to visit the shops and services in Haxby by bus (and to a more limited extent, vice versa). Again this is something more easily (and logically!) achieved than by diverting the number 1 service.

3c) Another medium-term consideration when planning bus routes through Haxby is the forthcoming development north of the town at Local Plan site ST9.  This will add approximately 800 houses via road access on Moor Lane (west) and Usher Lane (east), and which presumably would benefit from having a bus service through the new estate?  To my mind this could most effectively be delivered by splitting the number 1 service at the junction between The Village and Moor Lane.  Some buses would continue to the existing Wigginton terminus with the remainder looping up and through the new estate from Moor Lane to Usher Lane, terminating in the Usher Park Road/Swarthdale loop where (conveniently) a secondary pedestrian access to the new Haxby station is proposed!

4) Instead of merging the number 12 and 14 services in their entirety I think it would make more sense to split the (evening only) number 12 services and add them to the (daytime) number 13 and 14 services that cover the same areas (Haxby/West Nooks and Woodthorpe/Foxwood, respectively).  This would result in a simpler network diagram, avoid complicated interleaved services and mean each area has one fewer timetable and operator to contend with!

5) I think it would be useful for bus users if the number 13/14 stop at Old Dyke Lands (Eastfield Avenue) in Haxby and the number 1/20 stop around the corner at the end of Oak Tree Lane were relocated to one single, shared stop on Eastfield Avenue.  Somewhere in the vicinity of Bridge Street, perhaps?  That way if people are travelling into York city centre they can be service agnostic and catch whichever bus turns up first, rather than picking a side and seeing the other bus sail past while they're waiting!  This would also even up the distance between stops (for the number 1 and 20 services) which currently has an irregular pattern here - a long gap between Eastfield Avenue o/s 36 and the corner of Oak Tree Lane followed by a very short gap before the next stop on Oak Tree Lane at the shops!


Concerned at the worsening frequencies.

Would like to see a real time display at Pulleyn Drive northbound


Cuts to services 1 and 13 would negatively impact on my lifestyle, meaning I would use the buss less. Sunday evening cutbacks and potential early morning cutbacks would prevent me from being able to connect to the trains at York station, which I use for business and leisure trips.

Towthorpe Road area of Haxby would be severely affected with a halved frequency. This is wrong at a time when a new station will be being built, and the services should in fact be extended to Strensall via the proposed station site.


Real time information in Bishopthorpe bus shelters would be useful to those who do not have smartphones with the relevant apps.



Appendix B - Freeform answers to Question 8

Q.8 Any other comments

Maintaining a good bus network is vital to steps towards net zero carbon emissions.  Cars obstruct buses and are a prime source of pollution so any limitations which can be placed on their use would be welcome.

Loss of evening services does encourage evening car use  -  but I suspect evening buses will only get sufficient use if it is possible to effect a change from cars to buses.

Ifthe no 26 and no 11 bus routes are combined it will become very difficult to seat all the passengers.

The present reduction of the 11 bus/improperly staggered shedule of 26 I feel has become untenable in reliability for many, -thus forcing people to use cars again and reduce the numbers of passengers per hour. If I become employed-the 11 bus would be too unreliable to get me to railway/blossom st. This does not reflect the Council stragies on accessibility

 in Transport or on climate change,nor on Wellbeing/Health-(a recent health scare I had may have needed immediate taking to A and E in a poorly state-I cannot afford the round trip of £30 for a taxi-if the next bus is too late. I feel the 11/26 needs to be made more frequent and that savings be made elswhere in areas well covered by frequency and choice of buses eg. making some of the park and ride buses a little less frequent.

The omission of the Flaxman loop in Copmanthorpe will make it difficult for elderly and disabled residents in that area to access bus services. The ending of the Dial a Ride service may make it impossible for some residents to leave their homes.

Please train drivers to be more considerate to cyclists.  They are usually quite good at waiting for passengers to sit down before moving off, but can be quite nasty to cyclists at times.

I will need to ask my mum to give me a lift more to Cafe West if you make the buses even less often. Please go back to every 30 mins to help my mental health and all the old people. You are making our life even worse.

I think that you should give an address to send the form back

The current changes reducing the frequency of the Flaxman Croft loop have already made bus travel much less attractive, especially with the changes not actually having been communicated to passengers. The reduction of the number of buses on the route has led to the drivers being more rushed, meaning they are much more impatient and often pull away from stops prior to people being sat down, which has scared my child and doesn't give time to secure pushchairs. I am also much more likely to use the car since the Sunday service on the number 13 was withdrawn, as I'm more likely to go into the city centre on a Sunday than other days during the week.

I am frankly disgusted that a council that claims to want to encourage public transport usage is even making some of these proposals.

The number 1 bus stop needs a shelter at the Exhibition Square stop heading north. I do not think this would make the new from the theatre worse as the alternative is a carpark.

The cuts may look modest but cutting the evening service will prevent theatre goers using the bus to get home. Cutting both the early morning and late evening is likely to make it difficult for people to get to/from their work. Their numbers may be small but would have a huge impact on their lives.

It is sad that since I moved to New Earswick the only method First have used to increase their revenue is to cut services. This will inevitably discourage people who have a choice from using the buses.

Covid demonstrated that the buses were reliable when traffic was low. The bus companies alone cannot solve this problem but addressing the issue of bunching(?) would help

On behalf of the University of York, we consider that beyond this review of routes/services, there is opportunity to review bus service connectivity between the Fulford Road corridor and Campus East/West, given the increasing demand for trips to the University from this corridor, resulting from newly opened student residents (e.g. Student Roost). We'd like the opportunity to discuss this further and have data that might be useful to this process.

Can you work more closely with the University, Persimmon, Student Roost etc to come up with a bus service between Fulford Rd, Fulford and Heslington East (sports village and campus?) This could potentially also link between the two park and ride sites to minimise traffic queues at Designer Outlet and provide another feed route to and from Hes East campus. The BSIP funds will all be gone soon, with nothing to show for it other than further cuts to bus routes.

Better timetabling in Haxby as between No1 and 13 so that they do not both come at the same time.

More frequent buses on all routes - no 1 used to be every 10 minutes, no 20 to Monks Cross more frequent.

More restrictions on cars in York to encourage greater bus use and enable buses to move more quickly

How do you expect bus usage to grow if you decrease the number of buses per hour and also reduce the frequency of the service. Bishy Road may be thought of as an affluent area of the city, and these plans suggest you have given up on expecting the residents there to give up their cars, but South Bank isn't and your plans will deprive them of public transport. People wont give up their cars if they don’t have a reliable and regular bus service and that means at least every 30 minutes.

Bus services NEED extending in frequency - NOT reducing - to be FIKT for purpose - otherwise the city centre area will clog with cars

The proposals to remove the Flaxman Croft loop from the 13 route are counter to all the things we should be doing as a society,  We need to encourage and extend public transport, not reduce it.  Please reconsider this proposal.

I am really disappointed at the proposal to reduce the number 11 service. This is a vital service for me and many others who commute to Leeds in the mornings via the train station. The removal of the City Zap service changed my plans once already and now removing this number 11 bus again will mean earlier mornings, longer journeys and tougher commutes all round. There are many of us families who love the flexibility of the bus when parking in town is expensive and inaccessible during peak teams and I cannot oppose any more strongly to these changes. Please reconsider and keep the Bishopthorpe route available.

Taking away the flaxman loop really will put half the community at a disadvantage.  It’s a really steep long hill to walk up if the nearest stop is top lane.  Anyone with young children or the elderly would really struggle to have to walk all the way up there from the estate. 

What about the children who go to secondary school and rely on these services to get to school?   If tad grammar bus stops and it drives more children to attend York schools how are they expected to get there?  

Surely the planned new builds in the village had   Services such as a local bus service as one of the listed amenities to encourage people to come and live in the village.   

What about York green plan?… isn’t encouraging the public to use services such as public buses part of that. 

York bus services do not seem joined up - some places have several bus routes covering them whereas others do not have any provision.

Maxim saving per year at £1 per mile would be £7500-£8000 as bus and driver already paid for. Assumes petrol cost.

Benefit of the bus service shouldn't be measured in cost per customer per journey. We rely on the bus service between Haxby and York as our primary source of travel and losing the proposed times would impact how we get to and from work before 6 and after 10.

I would be most affected by the loss of Sunday evening services on route 1 from central York to Acomb.  This would relate to attending events in York centre and, on other occasions, connecting from train to bus at the railway station.  I propose that if some reduction to No 1 services is made, at least late evening connection from the city centre to Acomb is retained.  I would also suggest relating the timing of such trips to the principal train arrivals, so as to offer a range of connections. 

The Highway Design Guide which City of York Council has used to determine the appropriateness of development in the area for a significant duration of time, clearly states that “dominance of motorised travel, especially the car, limits choice and opportunity, particularly for those without a car. To address these problems, there is a clear need to improve conditions for ‘vulnerable’ road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, as well as developing a public transport system that is integrated and accessible to all potential users. This section refers to the Council’s current sustainable transport policies and proposals that aim to provide people in York more travel choice, as set out in the Local Transport Plan.”

It also states it is essential that “a viable network of public transport services is available” and that “good, direct and secure links are provided to the public transport network for both pedestrians and cyclists.”  Furthermore, the Council aspires to “provide more accessible services with good penetration of residential areas for those people for whom a good local bus service is vital to their personal mobility.”

It is clear from the above, therefore, that your current proposals do not support the policy base which underpins the planning system that City of York Council uses as the framework with which to determine planning applications and shape the urban environment within which we live.  The Local Authority has a duty of care to the residents who pay ever increasing Council Tax charges, to ensure that access to these services remains appropriate and fit for purpose.

The consultation letter sets out that the proposal will result in residents of the southernmost section of the estate having to walk in excess of 1km to access bus stops on Top Lane and Tadcaster Road.  It fails, however, to acknowledge the severe gradient on Merchant Way, which will have an adverse impact upon the elderly and mobility impaired citizens who will have to walk this route in future to access the rerouted bus service in future.  This does not satisfy Section A4.5 of the Chartered Institute of Highways & Transportation’s ‘Buses in Urban Developments’ which clearly states that a maximum recommended walk distance of no more than 300m is advisable for access to ‘less frequent routes’ (defined as those above 12 minutes).

It is evident that the financial strains of operating a commercially viable bus service in a post-pandemic environment, mean that change may indeed be necessary to preserve the availability of accessible public transport services.  I would, however,  recommend that City of York Council pause the current proposal to remove Merchant Way and Flaxman Croft from the route, to instead consider whether a less frequent, but more reliable 13 bus service would better serve the resident of Copmanthorpe.

It goes without saying that peak-hour commuter services are still necessary and should ideally be timetabled to ensure that an end destination within central York is achieved shortly before typical working start times (as this is a current failing of the 13 service, which gets people into town after the hour or half hour and regularly forces residents to set-off unnecessarily early).  A half hourly off-peak service is, however, wholly unnecessary for a village located outside of the ring-road and serving a more limited catchment than inner-city buses may hope to facilitate.  I believe it is of paramount importance to fully understand the financial and operational implications of reducing the off-peak frequency to either 45 or 60 minutes, in order to continue serving the whole of the village and (just as importantly) improving the reliability of the service in future.

Thank you for bearing in mind the above points, whilst considering the business case for alterations and improvements to the 13 bus service between Copmanthorpe and Haxby.

The 16.05 13 From Copmanthorp - Haxby Should Be Re - Instaed.

Whilst an extra 650m may not be a long distance to walk or carry shopping when fit, it is when you have mobility issues. This is another punitive measure on the less abled.

The proposed changes would severely impact the elderly and disabled  who live in the bungalows / sheltered housing situated on the Flaxman Croft loop. The statistics used to justify the review have been significantly skewed  by the year long roadworks on Tadcaster Road making the journey times up to 50 minutes each way for a three mile journey - obviously putting people off using the buses.

Having visited the presentation in Friargate where the City Council's were promoting the use of public transport and pledging to "improve" the bus services any proposal to reduce such services are a complete contradiction of stated Council policy. If full reinstatement is not an option then maybe there is a compromise solution with every other bus using the loop both into and out of the village,

There is an error in the route description for route 13/14. This does not operate via Haley's Terrace between Huntington Road  and Haxby Road, but via Link Road in New Earswick.

Couldn’t the no 13 be linked to bishopthorpe?   And go to town via bishopthorpe instead of down taddy road.  

The coastliner already has stops from taddy road to town, so that would remain accessible for those needing that route. 

Buses in York need to be like buses in Leeds,  a return ticket is valid on all bus companies, for example, i could catch a 24 from main street Fulford to Piccadilly and get a 415 Selby bus back to to the same bus stop. Not providing this lets down the people on York, more people would use the buses, my son is disabled and quite often his bus doesn't turn up when returning home from college, he can't understand why he can't get on any bus, "a bus is a bus" he says.

The number 16 bus is a joy to get, it is a small community, everyone knows each other the bus driver is known by everyone it is reliable and friendly. By changing this service to an hourly bus taking in other areas I can forsee delays etc. The number 16 only runs until early evening and during the day is the only service which comes down Hamilton drive. However I am regularly woken up past midnight with, out of service first York buses cutting through, I assume on their way back to depot, due to the road service which makes a dud dum sound on every concrete join on the road. Which I don't understand why they drive down the road which is not their route.  Even worse when it's a double decker.  I would vote to keep the 16 service and prevent other larger firms with larger buses and double deckers. I also forsee issues around holly bank due to the small roads and parked cars a larger bus may struggle to get round, which would result in a route change and the older folk who regularly get the bus would be forced to walk up to the main road which will probably mean they won't and could be isolating for them. A lot of older folk regularly us the bus to get to Acomb shops especially and into town

Why are you cutting services when the need is to get more people out of their cars and using the bus?

New dedicated bus services serving York Hospital as follows.  One from Grimston Bar Park and Ride to Monks Cross P and R, then the hospital.

Another from Poppleton Bar P and R to Rawcliffe Bar P and R and then the Hospital.

Existing services operate from Askham Bar area, Dringhouses servince the Hospital via Wiggigton Road and Haxby Road.

Major publicity in the City and extending to villages etc to Malton, Easingwewold, Pocklington Tadcaster, Selby etc advertising dedictaed Hospital bus services encouraging people to leave their car at P and R and complete journey to hospital by bus.

Bus transport is essential to so many people, and if we want to encourage people to use the bus, it needs to be efficient and not expensive.  Taking the bus for a family can be more expensive than parking the car.  Make group travel cheaper, maybe have something like the RAICARD system where you can purchase a card and then get reduced travel all the time.

A general comment rather than about the specific changes proposed: please can bus drivers be encouraged to lower the bus when people with buggies get on and off. This rarely happens and if the bus doesn't park close to the kerb can be difficult amd dangerous to get the buggy off. On one occasion I've experienced my son's buggy wheel getting stuck under the bus because the bus wasn't lowered and wasn't parked close to the kerb so the buggy wheel dropped too far forward and under the bus. (The driver did not make any move to help me pull it out either, they just sat there and watched).

Frequency of no12 used to be 30 mins, now it’s 60 mins.  Not good enough.

Very disappointed that dropping the Flaxman Croft loop is being considered. Many people use the bus stops both young and old. Many school children use the stops in the loop on a morning, as well as commuters and other people going about their business throughout the day. The bus service as a whole is essential to the village and for mine and other residents wellbeing.

Being able to catch the bus very close to me has meant I can access the hospital via bus, travel in to town or continue to Haxby. This supports both my mental wellbeing and health, social opportunities and supports the local economy as I'm able to access shops. I do not drive.

Top Lane is some distance away. The coastliner is very full and I'm aware some passengers who have hoped to get on the Coastliner have not been picked up due to there being no space.

The council should be encouraging people to use the bus, not discourage by removing a service from a section of the village.

Villagers in Copmanthorpe, especially older ones, are extremely grateful for the number 13 bus service. Yes, we also have access to the Coastliner which we are equally grateful for, but, the Coastliner is not accessible for all residents.

Removal.of the Flaxman Croft section form 13 route us a serious backward step

Just no need to cut the flaxman loop. It forces us to walk to the same stops that are serviced (more frequently) by coastliner. Real problem for elderly living in the village.

The no 11 is my only form of transport and without it I would be isolated. Also no bus on Sunday means no bus at bank holidays which restricts me being able to enjoy activities that maybe  happening in York . I am a pensioner and unable to afford taxis.  Also I have a few hospital appointments through the year so an hourly service  would make that more difficult   Why cannot the bus be more frequent ,say from early morning to 11.0 am then reduce until teatime when people are returning from work and school.  Yo u want less pollution from cars but don't have a decent bus service??.

EYMS drivers very pleasant . Obviously a more frequent daytime service on no 12 would be more convenient

I would find it very difficult to get out at all. I am a pensioner, live on my own and cannot afford a car. I rely on the number 11 bus to get me in to town, to the railway station and to access healthcare. A bus every hour would be very inconvenient.

I have used the number 11 bus regularly for several years and have seen this reduce from every 30 minutes to every 50 minutes. It will be even more difficult for me to access doctor/dentist appointments etc if the scheduling were to be further reduced to every hour.

We do not have any evening services at all unlike other services, so to cut our buses further is very unfair.

Surely the council is trying to keep cars out of York. Without available buses I will have to rely on someone with a car to take me to town/railway station.

I am concerned that the frequency of the 24 is not reduced

Please don’t change it. I live in Flaxman Croft.  honestly don’t know how I could get around without the bus stop close to my house. I can’t walk up hills and I don’t have an expensive wheelchair to get to Top Lane where the other bus stop is. If I did I don’t know if I could take a wheelchair onto the bus.

I feel that the current timetable, with a service once every 50 minutes already makes using the bus quite prohibitive. I had hoped when I heard there were going to be changes to the service that it would become more, not less, regular! I think this is an excellent link between the city and Heworth/Burnholme, which actually could replace using the car, but not when it is so infrequent.

In my experience, it is also a service that is well utilised (in fact, on one occasion it was so full that some people couldn't get on) and it surprises me that a more (not less) frequent service isn't justified.

Why stop a well used part of the route - I presume by not having these passengers you will be able to reduce the whole service citing reduced passenger numbers.

I am strongly against the proposed changes to the 13 bus

Less busses mean not able to travel when need to.

The recent £2 fare has been good - a flat fare is helpful and if it is also transferable between routes, eg used within 60 or 90 mins that is good too.

Since I got my bus pass I have used the buses a lot more. If a cheap straightforward pass was available ( assuming York could not afford free transport as being done in several European cities) buses would be a far more attractive means of transport for more people and would keep more xars out of the city centre.

I am a young woman who lives in York but works in Leeds and getting bus back on an evening is so helpful. I feel much safer coming back later from work and I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my working hours in order to feel safe.

I think that it is becoming more and more difficult for non-drivers to access York. The constant prioritising of the park and ride by the council means that local services see little to no funding and are constantly late and expensive. With skyrocketing traffic and parking prices, the council should be encouraging more people to use the bus by providing a better service and better advertising.

I have noticed that the Coastliner buses 843 and 840 that come through Copmanthorpe tend to arrive through the village at the same time as the number 13. More people may use the 13 if the time could be altered to say, on the quarter past and quarter to the hour, to avoid duplicate timings.

I understand that Londoners receive so much more per person in subsidies towards their transport costs, ie travel passes for buses, trains and underground in the oyster region, from the age of 60. I feel that this is unfair so perhaps transport bosses in our region could lobby for fair subsidies for ALL, not just those in the south. This would enable the financing of a better and fairer public transport system in the York area.

I urge you to fully consider the limitations you will enforce on our community.  

Reducing the bus frequency to Bishopthorpe is a retrograde step on top of earlier cuts making this service very unattractive. I would suggest a win/win solution could be directing Copmanthorpe services via Bishopthorpe into York. The majority of the Copmanthorpe service is duplicated by Coastliner service plus others along Tadcaster Road. Combining Copmanthorpe and Bishopthorpe into a single 30 minute service would increase journey opportunities from Copmanthorpe and almost certainly reduce subsidies.

Route 19 is operated by Pullman Monday - Friday and Transdev Saturday only. It is vital the route is recognized as a social need, in particular for the Eastholme Drive and Burton Stone Lane areas. It must not fall victim to any proposal to maintain service frequencies elsewhere, as has been proposed in the past.

It seems very unfortunate that you are proposing late night changes to the No 1 bus route, as this may well result in taxis being taken, both expensive and environmentally less friendly.

The early morning no 1 must surely be used by essential workers getting to the hospital? If so it seems particularly unfortunate that you are planning to cut it.

I think I am right in saying that the seniors bus pass does not give free travel on the Park & Ride services. If so, why not? In my local area the former main bus route (no.12) has been reduced to 1 per hour while the no.9 P & R to monks cross seems to be every 10 or 15 minutes. Now I'm aware that they are now run by different providers but that wasn't always the case.

Unity Health’s main surgery is at Kimberlow Hill, Heslington.  Before this building was erected the main surgery was in Wenlock Terrace, Fulford Road and many families from Fulford were patients.  There are no connections by bus between Fulford and Heslington. The only way to travel by bus is to get to the Barbican and then take the University bus to Heslington East campus.

The No 13 service is extremely poor, invariably does not run to time.  This is an excellent route which if run properly would probably see an increase in passengers.

Bishopthorpe route- If you make the time between buses longer in the end people stop using the bus entirely and then where is your policy regarding the reduction in car usage heading?

if economics are the main reason for this proposed change , would changing to an hourly service but leaving the loop in not be feasible ? Certainly running the bus at 15 minutes past or to the hour rather than a similar time to the coastliner service .

The timetables do not corrispond with the travel app. Plus the travel app is often not working at all.

Sunday service should be returned.

See above

The bus is the way into the city for everyone. Not just the elderly

Cutting out the flaxman Croft section of the no 13 bus would make it impossible for many of us to use this service. As the mother of an adult with special needs,the current route makes it accessible for her and is confident in the short distance she has to walk to the nearest stop. Having to walk the vast distance to the top lane stop is not an option ,therefore having detrimental affects on her independence.

Please increase frequency!!

The consultation information is very poor. It says regarding service 1:

It's proposed to withdraw support for journeys with very low usage and high

cost-per-passenger, specifically the journeys timed at 10:32pm, 11:17pm and 11:19pm, Sunday evening journeys on service 1, and potentially the pre-6.00am Monday to Saturday journeys

Which departures are these? From Wigginton?  From Chapelfields? Elsewhere?

How are we supposed to comment properly without full information.. I had to check the timetable online to ascertain which services are being cut and have commented as if they are the services from Wigginton.

The questionnaire itself is poorly written. Walking and using a bike / electric scooter are two separate modes of transport. And ‘ to wheel’ is not a verb I was aware about until completing this consultation.

Overall £200,000 in savings seems very small compared to the council's budget as a whole; £141,000,000,

My family would be affected by these changes.

Regarding service 1

My son goes to Joseph Rowntree School and has friends in Haxby so he would now need to leave much earlier on a Sunday night when he visits his friends (he is in 6th form so it's not too late to get the 22:32). Or get his dad to pick him up and drive him home (we no longer live together).

I rely on the early service (pre 6am number 1) to catch the train on occasion early as part of my job. I'm not sure what alternative arrangements I would make, as my employer would not pay for a taxi in these circumstances.

I would probably stop using the 14 if the route is made the same as the 12 as the stop nearest my house would be further away and I wouldn't fancy the longer walk in the dark (it's an evening service).

Is there any evidence that making the 12 and 14 one package will attract more bidders to run the service? This seems to be speculative. Transdev didn't bid for the evening service as far as I know (who run the 13). First pulled out at the earliest opportunity of running the 13 and again did this with the 12. I don’t see them bidding for this service.

I'm not sure who would run the 1A service from the limited information provided. I wouldn't put my faith in First Bus keeping it up.  I suggest that less people would use the 13 once the frequency of service is set at once an hour as opposed to every 30 minutes as it would not be frequent enough. The 13 provides access to the other side of the city centre to Stonebow which is useful, especially for the more infirm who use this service in my experience. Particularly those using it on Huntington Road who would have to walk further to catch the 1A/1/5 or 12.  And there would be less services for those living on Huntington Road to get to York College as well on a through route. Also will Transdev want to run it with that frequency?

Once the service runs less, less people use it, so it ends up being cut again. This has happened with both the 13 before, used to run on a Sunday every half hour, then once an hour but now it doesn't run at all on a Sunday. And the 12, now it's once an hour does seem to have even less people are using it than when the service was every half hour. I know I don’t bother to go to Monks Cross much now the 12 only runs once an hour as I have to be really organised to time my shop around the return journey  Or take two buses.

City of York Council don't seem to realise that those of use without a car don't all want to cycle and walk everywhere. I walk 10,000 steps most days and use the bus to get to work and for leisure. I feel unsafe cycling and it's a poor option when it's pouring down with rain or you need to take shopping home. Also as a woman I feel safer on a lit bus than walking in the dark, and we can’t all afford taxis.

Charge more for parking within the City of York and use those funds to subsidise the bus services as they are as they have been cut enough. And if you cut them even more they will just be cut even further in future making life even more difficult for those of us on a lower income, or who are infirm, disabled, elderly or young and dependent upon the bus service.

It's bad, but about to get worse... that's essentially what you're saying.

The No.13 Flaxman Croft Loop contains a high proportion of bungalows with elderly residents. Many of these will be unable to walk up the hill to the nearest bus stop and so will have NO means of getting into York. These people are also very unlikely to fill in this survey

Why is the council making basic living standards harder? If the bus companies say it’s £450 per day just for this route, they are ripping tax payers off!

None of these changes are ever thought through in regards to when children are allowed into the school site and when they have to catch a bus. Recent chnages have already made it harder or more unsafe for Bishopthorpe children who go to All Saints or Millthorpe. My daughter was having to hang around for 20 minutes at All Saints for them to open the gate, on her own for the majority of the time. You need to consider the child safety implications of bus times as well as how it limits people with disabilities being able to get around.

I may have to rely on my parents to take me to college and collect me if the bus service doesn’t run at the right times and it wouldn’t be worth buying an advance ticket for the term.

The 12 sometimes runs ahead of time eg it leaves Stonebow or the Station going towards Tadcaster Road before the timetabled time.

The 11 and 26 are vital services for Bishopthorpe Road shops, and as a disabled non-driver, are personally nearer to my home than alternate stops at Prices Lane or further afield.

Appreciate thus iss not a problem of the city councils making. Privatisation causing conflicting interests.

As above.  The communication-reach is woeful.

Where do I start with this. It’s unbelievable that a service like the 11 that serves Bishopthorpe, South Bank and goes all the way over to Ashley Park should be reduced, it beggars belief that bus providers could entertain doing this when people have to get to work to school and those of us who are retired still have a life to lead. For those of us who live in South bank and don’t have a car(and there is a lot of us) use the 26 all the time as it goes round the loop and it stops right on Balmoral Terrace where I live which is brilliant when you have heavy shopping or it’s dark and raining and the walk from Cameron Grove seems a long way. I really don’t trust the 11 to go round the loop especially at busy times in York such as summer, Christmas etc. The whole thing is a farce. We used to have the wonderful hoppa buses that ran every 15 minutes. We need something that just runs more often not less just to go back and forwards to town then people would leave cars at home.

We now have the chocolate works residence and a lot of retired people live there and when deciding to move there understood we had a good bus service but unfortunately it’s diminishing bit by bit. We need a bus on Sundays like before when we had the Transdev bus 500 that ran every couple of hours. It seems we aren’t allowed to go anywhere on a Sunday if we don’t have a car and for most people it’s too much to walk into town and back. I have lived on South Bank for forty years it’s always been brilliant to be close to town with a bus service but this it seems is changing and making day to day trips harder.

Local bus shelters need seats and covers.

Reducing frequency and hours of operation of buses impacts on service usage throughout the day as people will be forced to use alternative forms of transport.  Since moving to a 15-minute timetable frequency, there are often long service gaps in the number 1 service of 30+ minutes and it can take longer to get from York Railway Station to Wigginton then it takes to get from Kings X to York by train!  A more regular and stable bus service, preferable aligned to train timetables, would promote more bus usage which in turn impacts positively on the green agenda.  Public transport needs to be seen as a priority if we are to achieve net zero, not as the "cinderella" transportation option.

No cognisance on form re not being able to make a journey at all

Public transport is very important in the city, to enable residents to access the city centre as well as other shops/facilities around the ring road etc, helping to reduce the number of cars on roads, reducing emissions, and keeping roads safer.

See above. These proposals would greatly affect our ability to socialise

Some of the drivers of the new electric buses do not use the improved acceleration and braking correctly making a more uncomfortable ride,  drivers need to make the journey smoother and not fiercely accelerate and brake.

They should also wait until all passengers getting onto the bus are seated before starting particularly those mounting the staircases.

The times on a morning are strange and mean I need to allow over an hour to get into town 3.5 miles. They should be more frequent on a morning to enable people to commute especially as parking costs in York are prohibitive. Bishopthorpe bus service is poor at best compared to other routes in York. The park and ride is also not great as to get there at peak times is affected by college traffic.

The hourly buses in the evening are important to encourage people to go I to the centre and spend money. I've used the late buses recently and they are used.

It’s extremely disappointing to read these proposals about the #11 route. Though it’s not my main form of transportation I rely on it regularly to get to work, access the train station, and take my children into town. If the proposed changes are implemented, I’d have to rely more on my car which would increase the already bad congestion in York, particularly around Bishopthorpe Road and Tadcaster Road.

Keep us informed of decisions

Although on a good day I can walk to the nearest proposed bus stop, it is unlikely I can manage this on a bad day and I doubt I could manage this after a trip into town. This would mean that the bus service is no longer able to meet my needs. As I no longer a young person this is unlikely to change for the better in the future.

I'm concerned about the stopping of this to Flaxman Croft area for elderly people. On occasions when I have caught the bus, there have been plenty of people getting on and off from Flaxman Croft, most of whom were elderly. That area has a number of bungalows and I'm concerned that this survey will not reach those people. I'd suggest leaflets are posted or posters on the actual bus stops affected and then opportunity for them to comment in the local library if not done this already.

We are over the age of 80 and have just moved to Flaxman Croft from outside of the York area.  Once of reasons we chose where we now live was for the convenient bus service into town.  We would need to walk up hill to Top Lane if the Flaxman Croft route was taken away.  My wife would not be able to deal with the uphill walk to Top Lane - she is 87 and needs easy access to a bus stop.  This would severely limit our abilities to access the town centre and we would need to rely on family for lifts but they work full time.  This is going to severely impact our quality of life and we will be far more isolated as a result.

No 1 is not reliable now! If you need to get into  York by a certain time you have to allow a great deal of time.

Sorry but I current only use the 5 or 5A.

Stop queues blocking pavements. Ban smoking and vaping anywhere near bus stops.

The letter we received from the City of York suggested the operator had struggled to recover from the Covid pandemic. There is no mention of the havoc created by the diabolical situation and poor project management of the Road works on Tadcaster Road.

For over a year the bus time table has been thrown out of the window. I recently travelled on the 13.07 from Malton to Comanthorpe. We arrived on time and left York Station on time at 14.00pm, then the trouble started. We passed the Mount at 14.45pm and arrived at Copmanthorpe at 15.15pm. Two hours and eight minutes.

Simple mile and a half journey to Tesco half an hour each way. I will not be using the bus again if these changes are made.

If you want people to use buses more you need more buses not reducing them. You are limiting people going out in the evening and weekends   Putting more cars on the road. Young and old people will be especially affected. The bus you do have need to come on time and not travel in 2s or 3s

Bishopthorpe really needs a bus as lots of elderly residents and lots that commute into town for work. Without a good bus service,

people will become isolated if unable to drive or drive into town adding to the already horrendous congestion into town. We also take the bus a lot with our children and want them to understand the importance of using transport that is better for the environment than driving. Less buses will breed the entirely wrong culture in the next generation. Please please protect the number 11 as we use it for work, nursery runs and leisure.

Bus travel needs to be a service NOT a for profit buisness

Please consider the above points as many people will be unable to walk these distances and this will change their lifestyle and independence.

East Yorkshire appear to be doing a very good job at providing a good reliable service to Woodthorpe

Ensure fewer cancellation of scheduled buses

Driver training needs to be improved so that they don’t turn people away if they need help.

My main mode of local transport is a bicycle. I use the bus mainly after dark and in bad weather, therefore more in the winter.

There is often a convoy of buses following each other along Tadcaster Road in both directions including Coastliner, 37 and 21. Looking at the setting off times from termini to spread the availability of services would improve usage as buses would be more frequent on that stretch of road into and out of the city centre.

Fed up of being preached to about the environment when acts like this are only going to put people in there cars more! I don’t believe that just coming round Flaxman Croft once would incur any extra great cost!

People would probably expect their bus service to take account off the age of the passengers ie are they mainly pensioners, young, or an equal mix. And not on a economy basis calculated by someone in Leeds looking at data on a screen.

Over the years no.11 service has slowly got worse.

I would just really like a reliable bus service, one that would be on time, get people to appointments on time, without having to resort to taxis, asking others to drive you somewhere, or setting off an hour earlier than necessary.

Please do not change the Senior Citizens pass times!  0900 is a perfect time for the first bus, any later makes for complications with appointments and work

I use the 12 bus to commute to the train station and back 3 times a week. With the service bei

I look forward to the day when York Council bring bus services back in-house so that the needs of its people can be met and all profit reinvested. Reducing bus services will lead to a greater use of private cars and thus thwart York’s ambition to be green.

Acomb is the closest major shopping area to Woodthorpe yet it takes about 45 minutes minimum and a change of bus to get there. Do any of the proposed bus routes link these two important centres?

Schoolchildren fill the no 11 bus before it reaches the Stonebow en route to Ashley Park, there are often no seats available left for passengers at this stop. Although I use a walking stick - I have had to stand, and now avoid this bus meaning that I have to wait for the next one in order to obtain a seat. The provision of a larger bus with more seats would be appreciated at peak times.

There are many elderly people down Flaxman croft who may find it too difficult to walk to the Coastliner bus stop and those who can will take the first bus which is usually the coastliner thus the connexions will lose more revenue probably threatening more cuts.

As an example of the effect of changes to service, when the Saturday nine a.m. was removed I had to change habits and use the car.

Please do not axe late evening buses.

There’s nothing much to be done about this, but I disapprove of the ‘for profit’ model. Buses should be a public service under a civilised government.

Would it not be possible to merge other bus routes with the No. 11 for example 25 or 6 to provide more frequent provision of service to the Bad Bargain Lane, Ashley Park and Heworth Without commuters?

Alternatively, provide more services (every 30 minutes) on the No. 11 route between say 08:00 to 10:30 and after 14:30 when at times (after schools are out) there is standing room only.

Why take a bus off  11 or 26 route , 1 bus an hour is not adequate for this area why allow a big influx of residents via Terrys old factory and then take  a bus out of service

Passenger numbers will continue to reduce

as the bus frequency  is reduced. It is no longer a convenient service. I will need to use my car more.

See above

The more the bus service is cut the less I will use it. I use the bus to get to work as I work in town and its become hard because of the changes this will make it harder still. I also when I'm just going into town now tend to drive despite the bus stop being just outside my house because the frequency of the buses has reduced so much in the last 2 years.

Having a consistent timetable- constant changes are frustrating

Number 11 service reductions simply mean we will either walk further to a coastliner bus (which is often overcrowded) or more likely we will drive into the city centre. Our own bus use has reduced in the last 2 years as the number 11 service has been reduced and we have driven into the city instead. Each reduction in service pushes more and more people like us into their cars making further reductions inevitable

IDEA. If the 12 service is reduced, could the '4' route be diverted once an hour travelling down Eason view, left at the end, into chandlers road, then down to moor lane, alness drive, Bellhouse way, back onto its route on foxwood lane and vica versa? It would miss lidl stop and end of foxwood lane, be 10 minutes longer but have a wider demographic of customer use.

While I appreciate the predicament for Connexions, I would like to make two further points

Firstly - I was watching the local news yesterday evening and there was a feature regarding buses in West Yorkshire and a person from Connexions was saying how they were a family run company.  This is a tag they often use on the buses.  I have always wanted to support them but at the same time they need to support the community they serve.

Secondly, it was also noticeable that Connexions posted an amended timetable on the 6th October with effect from the 9th October.  This cut out the Flaxman Croft loop on the way into the village.  There was no notices on the 6th and the first I knew about it and many other passengers was when we were told by the drivers on our return journeys.  They also removed the 17:33 from Rougier street, which meant that the only buses home were either the 17:13 or the 18:13.  Many people would find it difficult to leave work at 17:00 and get top the bus stop.  They blamed this on the road works.  Now that the roadworks on Tadcaster Road have ceased, will the times and the loop be reinstated?  Interestingly they still served the loop on a Saturday - both ways.

If there is any additional information that you haven’t already published that shows how closing the flaxman rod loop will result in cost savings, I would be very happy to read it.

The 12/14 service was recently cut and really should be reinstated more frequently and at weekends

It would be nice if York residents who don't have cars could be looked after with bus services that match those for non York residents who do have cars and benefit from cheaper fares (children are free) and better frequency on Park and Ride services.

The grid lock for buses in the city centre during the St Nicholas fair this year needs to be sorted so that York residents can go about their business - so many tourists driving into the city (Piccadilly etc)

It's really difficult to catch the number 12 at a decent time in the morning as a student living in Woodthorpe needing to get to York College for my courses starting at 9am.

Including south bank in the number 11 route throughout the day would make a really positive difference and I’d be much more likely to use the bus as it would be so close to my house.

The changes seem fairly reasonable,

It is very disappointing that ward councillors and service users have not been able to feed into the network review. It is a missed opportunity. We all want a network that is sustainable and reliable, and there may have been improvements suggested that could have been built into this package of proposed changes.

The timing of this consultation is unfortunate, with limited opportunity to spread the word amongst residents who do not have access to the council's social media feeds. The fact that there are just eight days between this consultation closing and decisions being made  does suggest that this is a 'done deal'.

To give a more frequent service in addition to the No 12. On an hourly basis the No4 bus from Acombe could be diverted from Foxwood Lane down Bellhouse and on to Alness Drive. From then on follow No 12 route until the Cross Keys on Tadcaster Road and revert back to No 4 route to the city. Taking the same route for the return journey. This could be 4A not needing any more busus or drivers. It would also allow the residents of Woodthorpe access to Acombe

I am concerned about proposed changes to the 13 and that this will make the service less viable long term, leading to further cuts and before long cancellation of the service.

As a mother with a 6 month old I use the 13 as the Coastliner (which also serves Copmanthorpe) is often busy and too full for us to board with a pushchair. I have stood at bus stops in the city and been unable to board the coastliner, resulting in a long wait in the rain with a baby. If I had to rely on the coastliner alone I would end up driving into the city centre more often, for fear of being stranded in town.

I am also concerned about the many older people who live on the Flaxman loop and rely on that service on the 13. It is a long uphill walk from the bottom of Flaxman Croft (eg Farmers Way) to Top Lane, and would be unviable for anyone with mobility problems

I am a healthy 54 year old male who currently has good mobility and so the change to the number 13 bus service will not affect me personally. However, I feel that there are a relatively large number of elderly people who live near the Flaxman Croft loop who rely on this section and would be unable to walk up the hill to Top Lane/Tadcaster Road. I wonder if you could consider continuing to include this section but at a reduced frequency.

To remove the Flaxman Croft loop from the number 13 bus route would be detrimental to the overall bus service. Many elderly passengers living on this side of Copmanthorpe would be unable to walk the extra distance to the next nearest bus stop. Removing the Flaxman Croft loop would remove a good percentage of passengers from the service resulting in less income and would make the route more vulnerable to cancellation for the entire village in the future.

The bus service in our rural area is dire .   I thought we were trying to promote public transport to ease road congestion.

I will worry for my safety and that of others if we cannot get public transport home via number 1 bus in the late evening. If I have enough money, I would get a taxi but if not, would be forced to walk home alone in the dark. This would also prevent me from meeting friends, going to cinema, visiting hospitality during hours the bus is not running

Shocked to find out the subsidy rates. Diesel buses are gross polluters and I regularly see empty buses in the suburbs. For the city we should push operators to smaller electric buses for the lower usage routes. For the services connecting the (dormitory) villages to the city, can the cost not be handed over to the county? It’s not obvious why city taxes subsidise those who choose to live out of the city.

Please don't make further changes to the service 11 - it's already close to useless, and if it goes to an hourly service, will be even worse.

The number 11 bus is that Michael service to a main part of York there is only the one there is only the one box what goes to the crematory and if people cannot fall taxes they can not get there

The diminishing frequency of the number 11 bus service has already been a huge disappointment. I, like I imagine many others, have been put off using the service since it stopped arriving every 30 mins. It makes it difficult to know when a bus will arrive, and I have lost count of the number of times I have got back to York by train, hoping to get a bus to Ashley Park only to find it would be 30 mins or more until the next one. Now that it is changing to only once an hour, it seems unacceptable if someone misses a bus by a minute, they will have to wait an hour for the next one, we live in a small City, not a remote village. If it does change to only one an hour, even more people will be put off using it, especially older people. I assume people living in Bishopthorpe will be similarly affected and disappointed. 

There's also no good bus connection between fordlands area and the university campus  - a bus connection across that way would be very useful!

The 16 is a much loved local bus service and in my experience is generally well used. Connexions run it well and it is very reliable. It is used by many very elderly people who tend to have a lot of medical appointments but are anxious about long waits in crowded waiting rooms due to infrequent buses, bad enough with the current service every 45 minutes, worse if reduced to hourly. Many are unable to walk as far as Acomb Road or Holgate Road to access alternative buses.

Is there scope to provide a pre 6AM &/or more late night services for 5/5A at the Strensall/Huntington end by combining with the Service 1 services flagged for removal (a circular service possibly)?

Stop wasting so much public money on commercial companies and ridiculous road layouts!

I do feel that bus users are poor relations of the park sf riders who seem to get a better service than those of us in the city. Could the park and ride not make one stop at eg dringhouses.

I feel as though Bishopthorpe is constantly been picked on when these change proposals are published. We do not have the luxury of numerous shops, doctors surgery etc and need to use the bus to access these facilities..

Maps would have been a lot more digestible than a list of stops.

The 13 bus service would likely be used more if it connected Copmanthorpe to Bishopthorpe and went to town that way instead of matching the Coastliner route

It does not encourage people to use buses when you keep cutting the frequency and you are far too reliaint on First Bus - almsot as if what they says goes. They took on some contracts to force others off and then run down the service. Frequently late (no 10) and service reduces all the time. Parka dn Ride not frequent enough shoudl be 10/15 mins max

Do not think the changes to the 13/14 will actually save any money.

As someone who meets up with others in Haxby every Sunday, and have been doing for over 15 years these services changes will have a big effect. I and several colleges regularly use one of the last buses to get home.

Hourly services have too long a gap between services to be useful. The Service 12 has been hourly since post-covid and this has contributed to the reduction in passengers using the service..

Although I appreciate and accept the Council's need to reduce costs, the whole premise on which your review is based is over-simplistic and therefore faulty. A public transport system worthy of the name should aim to meet local needs and not the commercial convenience of the operators. Moreover, reducing the frequency can actually lower the demand (and profitability) of the service.

Until the beginning of 2023 the 11 bus ran at 30-minute intervals. I then used to make on average 5 return trips on it per week. Since the interval change to 50 minutes I take it perhaps once a month. The connected services simply don't link up. This has led to me not going to the doctor, dentist and hospital. It is just too difficult.

My wife has also given up her job because there is no feasible way to travel to her workplace by bus. She was spending more than half of her net salary on taxi fares.

The current route system was created in a chaotic ad hoc manner and results in a system completely unsuitable for people's needs. If you genuinely wish to improve the transport system in York you need to start by reviewing the potential demand in all the localities, including where people actually want to go, and then reconsidering routes. After that you can review the optimum frequency of the service.

I agree that you have to some extent taken the 11's route into account, by changing to the South Bank loop, but this misses the opportunity to think about where people actually want to go. For example, our children go to York College and currently it is not an easy journey by bus. The nearby Tesco supermarket would also be a useful destination. As is the station. So why not a loop that incorporates these places?

There are, of course many other options, and it would be a considerable task to undertake a more user-needs-based review. But if you don't I fear your whole transport review process will just drive up car owenership and usage

In a world trying to encourage public transport it is strange the frequency and reliability has decreased so much over the last 10 years.  I wish we had Council Members that lived in the village so we could have the bus service the residents deserve.  I am even more upset for those that have no other option than the buses.

The time has come to take the whole York bus system into the control of local government. The running of the No11 service is typical of the poor service First provides and where a private company can cherry pick the most profitable routes, whilst running others into the ground. This can lead to citizens being isolated if there is no service or it is too expensive. Already we have NO bus service on a Sunday/Bank Holidays and the regularity of the current service is appalling even before first summarily take services out of service with no notice. If the service went to an hourly timetable, and they took a service out, this would mean 2 hours between services. Any promises this improve timetabling is all lies - I've seen this happen with the No10 service and it will happen with the No11. There is no accountability with First as they have no customer service desk worthy of its name and the fragmentation of services with different providers means getting city wide connections is very expensive. In line with the city of Manchester, it is time public transport was taken in house to serve the citizens of York with their council tax, rather than being run for the benefit of non-council tax payees such as tourists, P&R users and students.

The fact they timetable the 13 largely to follow (not precede!) the Coastliner bus also substantially reduces the economics of the 13 in Copmanthorpe

Re-timetabling to have clear water from the Coastliner bus (which since £2 fares has often been full and unable to pick up copmanthorpe to York passengers for much of the year) would considerably improve the economics of the 13 route overall, and provide cross-subsidy for the Flaxman loop.

The Flaxman Loop is essential for many mobility impaired residents of the largest section of the village

I take the bus regularly from Poppleton Road and often completely empty 59 services speed past. I think request stops along this route would make better use of the service from the Park and Ride to city centre and return and would serve the people who live in our suburbs better

I think there should be a major overhaul of routes to ensure that there are routes into and out of the city from all directions but not through routes (or at least not many). There is really no need to have a bus that goes from Haxby to Copmanthorpe or similar. My experience is that the vast majority of passengers get off in the city centre. By splitting routes, delays could be reduced and buses could be more reliable. One of the things that has been happening more is that buses are early - I have experienced this with the 13 particularly - and that means that with a half hourly service during the week and far less regularly on Saturdays I have to find alternatives or go to the bus stop at least 15 minutes earlier than I would if the bus were reliably on time. Especially in inclement weather that is not helpful.

The number 11 service is bad enough at every 50 minutes. This is not adequate for people to get to work/college. Every 30 minutes was ideal. Also the last bus is early and not late enough to utilise getting to town for a night out. Hence more taxis/ubers are used.

As above. The number 12 was reduced to hourly some time ago which meant myself and my doughier could no longer use the service as we couldn’t get to work on time. Merging with 14 does not help. However, If an additional stop could be implemented so that the no 9 park and ride had a stop on Malton Road between Vanguard and Monk Stray in Malton Road around Elmfield Avenue this would be so much help. There are stops but the number 9 doesn’t stop there. The number 12 was reduced to running hourly some time ago and so being able to catch the number 9 at the top of Elmfield would resolve a lot of issues.

My husband and I have just moved to York.  The bus services were an incentive to move here as we are trying to use our car less frequently. 

Infrequent, unreliable services deter bus use and encourage car use.

A good bus service is essential for people and for our planet.

Maybe actually have a look at the 'proposed route' before actually proposing it? One look at the layout of Whitting Close in particular and you will see how ridiculous of a proposal it is!

It is very difficult to support a bus service which is so unreliable (no 13), which is ridiculous when the bus stop is right outside our house. There have been a number of occasions when one of us has planned on getting a bus which has not turned up or is running so late that they either don’t pick up for the final bus service of the day, or wait to become the next timetabled service (ie the 5 o’clock may not arrive until 5.20pm then ends up waiting until 5.30pm to leave). On so many occasions we then have to walk to the other end of Copmanthorpe to get the Coastliner. It can not be relied on for onward trains, or medical appointments. This is such a shame as public transport should be easily available to encourage fewer car journeys.

I don’t believe that removing the loop in Copmanthorpe is the answer - as much as a pain the detour is, I am aware that this is a vital route for older or less abled residents, to be able to get to the local services. Please just concentrate on making a more reliable service, which would be a better way of encouraging more use of public transport.

You cannot remove the Flaxman croft loop, people will not walk that far to get the 13. You will loose customers. This is a terrible idea.

Please please do not stop the number 13 going to West Nooks.

More busses from Stirling Grove to the Rail Station are needed to better connect with trains.

We need the more services going to the train station not less

Would like the choice of both alternatives as both would be used. More buses needed across York rather than services always going into city centre. Would like a service which runs from Fulford road to tang hall/heworth/Hull Road without having to change in city centre

Where will the bus stop be in Piccadilly for bus 24 back to Fulford?  The current arrangement for 26 isn’t helpful.  It’s a long walk to reach it. You need to reopen Coppergate to buses so the new 24 can leave from same stop as the 25. 

Buses 25 and 26 are vital to elderly people who are unlikely to have access to this survey.

I very much appreciate having this local bus service and use it at least twice a month (myself and sometimes 3 children), more in the summer.

A Fulford to university - campus west and campus east would be very popular by staff and students who live locally and may reduce car dependence and parking issues.

Can the last number 11 service be extended to complete its route through Bishopthorpe instead of ending on Caster Lane and leaving less mobile and vulnerable passengers needing to walk a great distance to complete their journey home?

I use the 25 and the 26 regularly. I'm 83 years old and it is how I manage to get out socially and over to south bank. It really is a lifeline.

This diversion of 25 and 26 onto the Germany beck has not been thought out clearly.  Bishopdale and whitting close are unsuitable for 2 way traffic as the only pulling in places for vehicles are designated areas specifically dedicated  only for residents/visitors parking.The circuit suggested has not taken into account these safety issues. 

I thought the council were committed to increasing our use of public transport, not reducing it!

I thought the idea was that we used cars less.  This would make people use them more.

 Public transport should encourage people to get out of their cars.

From Copmanthorpe to the city centre, I can use either the No. 13 or the Coastliner, but the Coastliner is often full by the time it reaches our village.   The No. 13 timetable works better for me, especially early in the morning.   Although it doesn't affect me, there are elderly people living around the Flaxman Croft loop who rely on the No. 13 to get them to the shops and doctors in the village centre and to take them home afterwards.

Why not cut the buses coming into the village to pick up children for Tadcaster school and make them walk up to Top Lane, they are more able to do this than us older people, this would save money to enable the Flaxman route to stay in operation.

Greater effect on the environment

The junction of Top lane and Merchant way will be busier especially with the nearby proposed housing development lsolation for older and disabled people

why would you put undated timetables at bus stops? - it makes no sense

More than happy with Connexions , but could we look at a later finish time on a weekday say around 7pm and later finish on a weekend?.

Maybe an hourly service until 10pm on a Saturday and until 6pm on Sunday?

Removal of the 26 service in South Bank and the decrease in frequency of the 11 service would both detrimentally affect my ability to get into and out of the city centre.

Removing the Flaxman Croft loop would move access to a bus stop by quite a distance. This makes using the bus less attractive and would make life very hard for the elderly who can’t walk the extra distance.

Even though the  no 10 is not mentioned this service is now diabolical never on time and so few and far between it’s always rammed full and to have to wait for the next one is not an option in the cold particularly when you have a wheel chair or a baby in a pram

The flax man loop should remain. Only need to do it once on the way in or out of the village but it is important for access to the service

York Council want less cars in town so please make buses and routes better and more reliable. Don't cut or reduce services.

The Flaxman Croft loop is a critical part of the No. 13 route which covers a large estate including elderly housing. It takes in 5 bus stops and when I use the bus, more regularly now I’m retired, it picks several people up and drops others off. I am very against losing this part of the route!

On the number 13 route if the flaxman Croft part was cut out the elderly people who live along there will struggle to walk the extra 600m to the other stops. Therefore I think we should keep the stops along there so they can continue to get the bus.

I think getting rid of the flaxman Croft route is a bad idea as many elderly people get on there and they won’t be able to walk up the hill to catch the bus and do what they need to do at their destination.

Just need a more frequent and reliable service

At 79 years old it is difficult to face walking up for the Coastliner from where I live.   At present I am able to drive for the Park and Ride,  but looking to the next few years when I will be giving up my car, I was hoping the NO. 13 would be available for me to get out of the village.  I feel so sorry for friends who used to rely on the bus from the Flaxman loop to get to the village and help with lifts whenever I can.  

By removing the loop on the number 13 it makes it far more difficult for those with mobility issues to access the service. 

The timing of the proposal to remove funding for the school service to Tadcaster at the same time as this proposal is very poor. Surely increasing the 13 service to make it easier for school age children to access other education providers should be encouraged not discouraged - which this proposal does.

Taking flaxman loop out of the number 13 route would affect many elderly people that live around that area who need to get the bus as this is our own way into town. Taxis cost around £15 each way so please reconsider this. It would be devastating to our elderly neighbours who can not walk far and who can not afford a taxi. The extra 650meters up and down hill would have a horrid impact of the elderly community that live around flaxman. Where the houses are predominantly bungalows. Also reducing the service would Make it incredibly difficult to get into York and back, which would affect getting to and from work, it already is a nightmare when buses are cancelled, I have waited an hour for a bus before now. We need a regular service that isn’t at the same time as the coastliner to make it much better to get into York. The coastliner and the number 13 currently arrive at more or less the same time meaning there is a long wait if you miss the bus! It needs to more staggered between the bus companies to provide a better service.

What is happening to numer 10?

Why would I use a bus that doesn't run to time, that regularly fails to turn up and is generally undetectable. I want to use the bus but what if it doesn't turn up so I miss my train? Compensation please?

The alternative bus services from Leeds are often full and run poorly. This means I am late for work as the next service means I arrive at 0945.

Both the 13 and 840/843 should deliver a service arrivng at Stonebow by 0850.

There should also be stops in use on Picadilly as the bus is forced around the long way and so the bus can better serve my place of work by letting me off at a stop which it drives past anyway. Similarly servicing the Barbican for those from the Tadcaster Road areas.

Support local services and they can be used. The result of not doing is that I can't use a full bus which refuses pick ups at peak times and getting wet in the process.

Manor Heath needs properly relaying and is damaging cars.

We need half hourly buses on the 11 bus route. It is the only bus on our route to Bishopthorpe Road and Bishopthorpe village. Not enough buses!

One bus an hour is not a very good outcome for many people. The more cuts that are made to bus services the more people will use cars ( those that have a car!). Surely the aim is to reduce cars on the road to reduce air pollution!!

The 13 drivers know and care for their customers providing a vital lifeline between the two parts if the village and the city. Cuts are not what is needed.

Has an option to link up with the park and ride been considered?

The reduction in the No 11 service will discourage bus use at a time that it should be encouraged. Unless you live very close to the City Centre it increases the reliance on cars- for outlying villages for many people cycling or walking are not options. The council is not being green in practice and needs to have sensible practical policies rather than idealistic ones which do not work. This needs to include good public transport- there is no other substitute for cars for many people.

This is the only route that stops in Burnholme, reducing the frequency even more makes it hard for local residents who can not walk into town making them isolated. It will also increase car use.

Please keep the discount too currently running where children travel free with a paying adult. This has been brilliant.

It strikes me that the council would save money by cutting the 13, but it would be a huge loss to the Village of Copmanthorpe.

This change will make me and others use their car or a taxi more when during a climate crisis the government and local authority should be encouraging the opposite: public transport. This is yet another reduction in the number 11 service which used to run every 30 mins and the frequency reduced on the promise of an on time, reliable bus service. The service we.currently receive is appalling. It is often late, and that is on the occasion that it turns up at all. The proposed change is that the bus journey goes less far and becomes less frequent, which seems something of a boon for the operator but not for customers. Leaving children travelling from All Saints school to Heworth with a potential 1 hour wait or having to walk into/through town unaccompanied. It's getting to the point where there isn't any point having a bus service at all as it will be so infrequent, no one will bother using it.

Buses that actually run, Sunday and Bank Holiday service

Removing the flash link in Copmanthorpe would make the service unusable for many elderly residents. The year where Tadcaster roadworks has been so bad has impacted the reliance of the timetable. Once this is back to normal, the numbers will go up. I suspect you have used numbers during this difficult period and not a normal service period.

As a user of the 13 service the simple solution is to take out the Flaxman loop one way and just serve it out of the village rather than both ways. Or maybe adjust the timetable so that it doesn't immediately follow the coastliner service that I usually get on as it arrives first.

Why can’t the number 13 bus come around The Flaxman Croft loop a few times a day so that elderly residents and those less mobile are still able to use the bus even if it is less frequently. As a retired person myself I would prefer to use the bus in the week not at the weekend.

Why? Why are you targeting the number 11 service again? It used to be reliable, twice an hour with friendly staff. Now it is expensive and you are wanting to change the frequency? The service is an necessity for people of all ages. Once an hour is unbelievable. Are you wanting people to use their vehicles more? Because that is exactly what will happen. School children rely on this service being every half an hour. It means they don't have long waits for buses alone and vulnerable. My child potentially could have an hour wait alone at places like Blossom Street or the station, which at the age of 11 years is frightening. This is also the only direct bus to the only Catholic School in York. Discriminating against the choice of religion if the children can not get to school by bus. Absolutely disgusting.

A more frequent "hopper" bus service that just went from Copmanthorpe to the Park and Ride, would be more useful - if they did a ticket that covered the whole journey into town (currently a £2 fare). The more frequent the buses are, the more reliable they become, and the more likely they are to be used. Especially, covering the evening hours, and every day of the week.

Heworth is not well served compared to other parts of York and so the reduction of the 11 service still further would be significantly detrimental both in terms of frequency and vital connections to the railway station .

I feel that cutting services will not encourage more people to consider using buses—on the contrary!

I would have thought that getting rid of private cars in York is the only solution.

Terrible bus service - lack of reliability increases congestion and traffic down bishy road

The service 13 has deteriorated recently with Flaxman Croft being served only in the journeys towards York and then only until mid afternoon. The last service from York Station is the 15.05 and the one before that only operates on non school days. The road works in Tadcaster Road have had a very bad effect on the service and no doubt put off a lot of passengers. Connexions buses started off very well but their time seems to be up! 

If CYC want people to use their cars less, why on earth are they reducing the bus service?!  A poor bus service will result in even more cars on the road.  Since I retired recently, I have been using the bus more than I used to (for shopping, leisure & hospital appointments). Parking & driving in York city centre is a problem and it is horrendously expensive compared to other towns/cities.  Taxis also cost more in York than other places.  Not everyone can ride a bicycle either.  A good bus service is needed!

Service 11 currently runs every 30 minutes so an hourly service would have a big impact

Did York not receive money with cancellation of HS2 for local bus services

The no 11 bus is well used during the day. It was well used when it was every 30 mins about 2 years ago. Why is the frequency of this bus during the day being repeatedly cut - it doesn’t make sense?

The No 13 service is the only form of transport for children who attend Millthorpe and All Saints Schools.  Unaccompanied school children as young as 11 years old use this service twice daily to travel to school.  Making these changes will not only increase the journey times for what is already a time consuming journey, but will mean that children will have to walk long distances in the dark, before and after school in the autumn/winter months.  This is unsafe and unacceptable.  The existing bus provision for schoolchildren travelling to what is their catchment school is already very poor in terms of time tabling, total journey time and reliability.  Making these changes would just make a bad service worse.

See my remark above about real time information again, and underline it.  Also:  improve ventilation on busses and put up signs to remind people to cough into handkerchiefs or at least into their elbows.  Covid hasn't gone away, but coughing into the air with no shame seems to have made a comeback.

I would use the bus more if I could rely on it. So often myself & others have gone to catch the no11 home from city centre during the day & it just hasn’t turned up. If you have no other choice other to go by bus it must be a nightmare. The rest of us just go back to using our cars, not exactly Eco, & have to pay extortionate car parking.Bus services are supposed to give a service this seems not to matter anymore.

If bus times are 1 hr then is easy to work out when it is due. 50 mins apart is ridiculous. Loosing the 26 is not very helpful and will be missed.

There should be more buses in York to get people out of using cars. The city will suffer if it's not accessible to all and buses are the best way to do that.

It appears that No 11 does not service the community of, quite often, elderly people and makes it feel an 'occasional rural' service, rather than a service for a suburb of the city. I question why we don't merit a far better service, as many of the vulnerable people here don't drive and use No 11 to get them to the city centre and shops.  It proves a long, cold wait for this age group, particularly with disabilities, if the No 11 is only to run every hour. Could it be that the privatised First York Bus company make no profit from so many using bus passes on this route???  The No 11 needs to liaise with the Coastliner so that an alternative timetable could work towards either one of the other arrives within a half hour!!!

Please reinstate the loop of the number 12 service around Woodthorpe (Grassholme, Ryecroft Avenue, Acorn Way and Moorcroft Road) on the city centre to Foxwood leg of the service. Ever since you cut it, my journey time has increased by over 20 minutes. As I have to go all the way to Foxwood to come back and then to my bus stop at Ryecroft Avenue.

Number 11 service needs to be more frequent not less

If the number 11 runs hourly it should not be at the same time as the Coastliner  runs through the Heworth area if possible.

I think hourly would be better because you would know what time to expect it.

You should be looking at ways to increase bus use and not cutting services.

It feels like you are slowly removing the number 11 service. You are cutting off Bishopthorpe from town for the elderly-there is now no longer a Sunday service and thus isolating them for that day. The number 11 service has very much helped me get to and from work and into town to shop etc, but going hourly will affect my connection to rail etc. very disappointed as I feel the bud service is a fantastic mode of transport.

The No11 bus provides an indispensable service to The Residence, Bishopthorpe Road

East Yorkshire have run a very punctual service on 12. First did the short-lived 12a quite well, but were unreliable on the 12 including cancellations and even (rarely) missing Woodthorpe Loop. I think Transdev do 14 OK but they face emptier roads.

The 14 serves the Woodthorpe Loop when leaving town as well as going in. If the TT can accommodate that on the 12 it would be very welcome.

Removing late night buses to Southbank prevents people going out and having to pay for taxis which is not affordable this is a public

I cannot understand when City of York Council want to reduce the number of cars going into the city why the bus services are becoming so few to villages on the outskirts of the centre they are forced to use cars and taxi’s to get to the centre?

Since the number 11 was reduced from every 30 mins to 50 mins I have had to use the Park & Ride which involves driving to Askham Bar from Bishopthorpe (not a good alternative to the number 11 as without a car no way of getting there).  This is to get to an educational course at York library but the timings of the bus now mean the number 11 is not an option.

If I want to go into York socially on an evening I can’t use P&R as Askham Bar doesn’t run late buses and I couldn’t have a drink then drive from P&R!

Parking in the centre of York is outrageously expensive in fact unaffordable for most.

I had to make a choice not to go to the hairdressers before Christmas as I couldn’t get a bus in time for an appointment so went to park in Nunnery Lane car park until I realised 3 hours was going to cost me over £11! It made my appt unaffordable.

How does reducing bus services fit with the climate change policies of the council?

I understand running buses with no passengers is not sustainable but why not run the buses at peak times more regularly and reduce them at the times the buses aren’t populated with 8 passengers?

Stopping an evening service is cutting off young people from meeting friends in town or encouraging them to drive or even risk drink driving.

The South Bank loop for the no 11 bus is s nightmare at the times it runs as it is… delays caused by the roads being blocked with cars and stand offs with cars refusing to reverse, the risk of accidents, I’m surprised bud drivers don’t refuse to drive the buses on that part of the route. I haven’t been able to understand why a smaller bus can’t be used & should be considered if this is going to be the route all day.

Restore number 11 bus timetable to pre pandemic

I use the number 26 bus  from South Bank frequently and are mostly happy with the service.  I'm concerned that if the 26 is withdrawn and replaced with the Number 11, the bigger First buses would have difficulty navigating the narrower terraced streets.  A Sunday service would also be good.  I'm fortunate that I am able to walk to Tadcaster Road to catch a bus or use my bike but a lot of older or disabled residents are not able to do that.  I thought with the residential development of the Terry factory sight the bus service in South Bank would improve not get worse!

More frequent services would encourage more people to use the bus rather than their cars. The current half hourly service is often unreliable, reducing the ease with which the service can be accessed goes against every stated aim of the council regarding sustainable transport. Make it easier not harder and people are more likely to use it.

I am an 83 year old man with mobility problems and other disabilities.  I live close to the no.11 bus stop and I can take the bus to the shops or 2 buses to the hospital.  Reducing the service makes it harder for me to do this.

The changes will result in me taking fewer journeys by bus as it will be less convenient and slower than driving to places such as the train station whilst the cost is uneconomical compared to driving, especially if it's for multiple people.

The buses already don't suit my needs to get early trains (e.g. getting to the strain station for a 6am train) so this will only reduce my 'leisure' usage. I do support the recent changes to electric buses on the route however.

Hourly buses are not much use frankly. Imagine I get a bus at 10 am, shop for 45 minutes, then discover the bus back isn’t due for 45 minutes. I can’t decide to get an earlier bus or a later bus because it will be the same problem. So in the end I have to walk or get a taxi…..

The cuts to number 11 result in the service becoming less user friendly, meaning fewer use it, resulting in further cuts, meaning it is less user friendly again, a vicious circle that needs to be broken if residents are not to become isolated and encouraged to use the service.

More people would use the 11 and 26 if the bus companies discussed timetables with one another and had them running every 30 mins respectively. Currently they run 3 mins apart meaning one can be full, standing room only and the one which comes a couple of minutes later has fewer passengers

Having lived in London for 25 years, the state of York’s bus service is pretty shameful I’d say. People here just don’t consider the bus service as an option whereas in London, everyone used it all the time. Make the service regular, reliable and affordable and you would reduce the high dependence on the car that you have in York.

Making the number11 service hourly and having no Sunday service makes it useless for many people.

To collect grandson from school would mean much longer journey times. As only one bus an hour.

We need a Sunday service

The number 11 is a life line. Since it went to every 50 minutes life has become much  more difficult. Please consider putting it back to every 30 minutes and maybe every hour on a Sunday. We need a Sunday service.

Perhaps the Askham Bar Park & Ride could be re-routed through Bishopthorpe (Main Street) and South Bank (Bishopthorpe road), there would be a small increase in journey time but nothing substantial and it would serve as much more reliable and frequent bus service to an area that is nearly going to be cut off. Tadcaster Road is already well served by numerous buses so it would have minimal impact on communities along its existing route.

Removing the flaxman loop would be very detrimental to the residents, many of which are elderly who use the bus to access essential services. My parents,although able to walk at the moment are likely to be reliant on this service going forward. They do not feel 'old' enough to be be using age uk voluntary services (if they continue to exist!) And would then be trapped having a negative effect on physical and mental health.

I have young children and live on the copmanthorpe loop also. It would be a considerably longer walk to the bus stop for us. Pleaser reconsider this proposal.

Not having an evening/night or Sunday service for the number 11route makes access to town difficult. Many people still have to work those hours and have no access to public transport for work.

Also a disabled TA at Knavesmire School will not be able to travel to work although she may not tell you. 

The £2 bus fare seems to have brought more people on to the buses. Don't discourage them now by reducing the sevice.

Really enjoying the electric buses. I feel my bus journeys are helping the environment even more.

Millthorpe school need a bus service that gets us to school at a reasonable time, between 8.10 to 8 30 am, cannot access school before 8.30 am, we pay £30 per month fir a ticket,  at the moment we are being driven to school in individual cars

Would actually find hourly No 11 bus from Bishopthorpe into town easier as wouldn't have to work out every 50 mins

I really do think you need to provide a service on No 11 the gets people into York from Bishopthorpe before 9am ( 08.45?) for work purposes... parking isn't really an option and lots of users don't drive

Thank you

You should be improving the bus services not cutting them. They are important and the backbone of the York transport system. We all want to use the buses more.

I’d pay more for the bus, if it meant on time and journey times were reduced

In 2021/22 the buses just got crappy, far too many no shows, now the frequency has decreased, this has meant journey times have gone up as the retarded northern monkeys getting on the bus are so fricking slow.  Why is there no oyster system to speed things up.  in 2023 ive taken taxis to avoid the buses that don’t turn up or the gap between services is too long, it’s cost me 450 this year, but I haven’t missed one train unlike 2022.  We are told the mindset is get people out of cars, but the bus services get worse and the whole experience on the bus is made worse feral kids, eventually the buses will be just a Sunday service for all days. The sooner the local rail station opens I won’t need to get on the lowest common multiple transport alternative the better

We already end up using the car because of the lack of bus service and now there is talk of decreasing what is available.  There is no bus service on a Sunday which forces us to use the car.  It is already difficult to connect with a second bus to continue a journey.  We end up walking to the station to get a train rather than hope for a bus.  This is becoming more difficult to do as my husband is becoming more disabled. A regular frequent bus service is what is needed.  If we are to get rid of a car and be green then we need more frequent buses.

There are many bungalows down Flaxman Croft catering to elderly people and on the roads which lead from it. This change will prevent many from having access to town and will increase car use. 

Merchant Way is on a hill so difficult to walk up if you have mobility problems.

Please remember the point of the service.

The use of electric buses in our residential areas is a positive change. Living next to a bus terminus , there was nothing worse than having a diesel bus sitting there for 10 minutes with its engine running, filling our garden and house with fumes. So please continue to use the electric buses on our route.

The number 11 has already reduced in frequency, so I am unable to access faciliies in the City Centre isn a timely manner. Reducing further to once an hour means earmarking a whole day for a simple appointment.

Parking is ridiculous at the moment and I am unableto walk that far. I am in my seventies and have never riden a bike, so would not be safe to start now.

My only other option is a taxi or lift from a friend, which increases vehicles in the centre and costs more.

electric buses are the best environmentally.  They are more user friendly because of the on-screen travel details.

I often think that there is a desire to get rid of the number 11 bus altogether. Hope I'm wrong. I have to use the car on sundays

The seat at the Ashbourne way bus stop is in the way of people with disabilities and push chairs

Another comment would be that in the recent Tadcaster Grammar School bus consultation, Councillor Webb and Maxine Squire said that the alternative school for Copmanthorpe pupils would be Millthorpe and children would have to get there on the 13 bus. That bus is already very busy on a morning and afternoon and when we suggested there wouldn’t be space, they suggested that they would ask connexions to put more buses on for the children. Flaxman Croft area is a family area and you are suggesting with this proposal that school children will have to walk up to the top lane stop in the dark in the winter to catch the morning bus. If the tadcaster buses are stopped then the number of children getting the 13 to Millthorpe is likely to increase dramatically and I feel it would be unsafe for those children to be walking so far early in the morning.

It does seem ludicrous to be suggesting to reduce the service when another department in the council is suggesting that they would actually have to increase the service to accommodate an increased number of children going to Millthorpe in future years. Perhaps all areas of the council need to discuss these proposals with each other before putting to the public!

The proposals fail to acknowledge that both the 13 and Coastliner arrive at roughly the same time into York. The removal of the Flaxman loop will make the 13 unviable for other than the village centre users. In addition, in evening rush hour the 13 does not do the loop to drop off, and existing users have to walk. This numbers about 20 people. It also does not pick up in the early evening to be take users to York on the loop.

Reducing the local bus service when CYC housing development at old Burnholme school has minimum parking seems to contradict. If there isn't a frequent bus, more cars will be needed.

Please don’t do this. We need a more frequent, reliable bus service.. these plans just worsen it.

See above. I attended the council meeting on the big plan for transport for York. If the council expect less car usage then they must provide a usable public transport system that is reliable

Whilst I appreciate an hourly service instead of no service on route 12 I have noticed recently that it is not as reliable as it was when East Yorkshire first took over the route. this may be because of the ongoing roadworks on Tadcaster Road, so I hope the time keeping will improve when  the roadworks are finished.It is very frustrating relying on buses to get to appointments/catch a train when the bus  is delayed. A couple of times I have had to dash home and order a taxi instead.

We went from every half hour on Route 11 to every 50 minutes and you now propose to make it every hour.   How long before you cancel it altogether?   There are a lot of elderly people in the Heworth, Stockton Lane area.   Many cannot stand for long and give up and use taxis when the bus is late or doesn’t arrive at all.   Some don’t bother to go into town anymore because of the change in bus times.

First bus is dreadful. Unfortunately when trying to use this bus ‘service’ there is no guarantee the bus will be on time or indeed turn up at all.

Yes bus should return to half hourly as impacts choice especially when service is missed out!

As above

The no.11 should be at least a half-hourly service; preferably 15/20 minute service, with a smaller more agile electric bus; as should all buses on the main routes. This would vastly increase patronage and reduce traffic; with the knock on mobility, economic and environmental improvements.

There is very little service now to get into town for doctors and dentist or shopping and the times are so haphazard it is not a service for residents on bad bargain lane at all.

If the time table that is chosen then they should think of people who get the bus to go and come back from work on the 11 as a lot of people could loose their jobs and not all people do not finish work at 6pm some finish later and having to wait another hour for a bus after a hard days work is demoralising.

I think the number 11 timetable should not be reduced to one per hour. This adds another 10 minutes to my already 30 minutes that I waited the bus stop to go home every evening from the station

Pay attention to residents, please


Route 11 already finishes operating ridiculously early on a Saturday and not at all on a Sunday. Further changes would result in just driving.

If this service change it will impact on my live even more as it is

No point in giving a bus pass if you can’t access the bus to use it.

Please consider bringing back the Sunday service to Bishopthorpe.  There's been a few occasions when there has been no option but to drive. It is missed!

Secondly, the mission creep of reducing the No.11 from 30 mins to 45/50 to no every 60 mins, is meaning the bus is a less viable option.

If you do make number 11 an hourly service please could you make it 60 minutes, not somewhere between 50 and 70 minutes. The timetable is dreadful at the moment.

The number 11 service is essential for people accessing work, schools and appointments. Running every 50 minutes currently makes me either far too early for work or late. Changing this to every hour would be worse. Every 30 minutes was definitely the best option for everyone travelling on the number 11.

Although Bishopthorpe is thought of as a village, in actuality, it is really a small town, with lots of people. People going to work, going to school, with definite times they need to be in certain places. The change from a 30 minute to a 50 minute service as resulted in issues with students getting to school on time and people being late or incredibly early for work.

Surely a 'small town' of this size warrants a 30 minute service and not a 60 minute service. The bus is usually quite full whenever I catch it. Maybe to save costs, you could run a 60 minute service after 7pm but definitely a 30 minute service during the day when most people use it.

I fear people will resort to using their cars to go into town and we all know of the backlogs, over Christmas and generally by the Hospital, no-one wants all this pollution in their city

See above comments.

The proposal to omit the Flaxman croft loop would impact on the older and the disabled people from enjoying the freedom offered them. They would be unable to make it to the nearest bus stop. Instead of taking away this lifeline why not make the Flaxman croft loop once an hour instead of half hourly.

York does not just exist for tourists. Local people need access to allow the town to thrive.

The overall plan is to reduce options for bus travel which is not great at the moment. a 1 hour frequency for the #12 from a large urban area is poor. Many residents cannot walk the extra distance to the #3 or #4 as alternatives to get into town. Their only other option is expensive taxi rides to/from town, therfore increasing the use of cars instead of increasing the use of buses. The council appear to have no future transport strategy other than to push increasing costs onto residents with no plan to improve services.

I try to keep as fit as I can but the ageing process is cruel,I don’t drive or ride a bike please don’t take the 12 bus away it’s my only my lifeline

Hourly is too infrequent for any realistic use if you have to get to and come away from work, appointments and social events. Add to that the unreliable timings and I now have to take the car to ensure I can get to events.

Number 11 is unreliable as it is and would mean over an hour wait if bus didnt turn up - my father is disabled and would be unable to stand for that long

Harder to get to medical appointments if bus didnt turn un - cannot take a chance and rely on a service that would be hourly - same for leisure trips

Bishopthorpe is a fairly large village which is located close enough to York for its residents to want to take advantage of all the facilities etc available there. A  reliable and frequent service is vital for them to be able to do this. Reducing and reducing the service will lead to people not bothering to use it at all.

As you probably realise I’m very unhappy about this.

Many older people rely on their bus service & have no alternative means of transport.  A significantly reduced service is likely to increase isolation

The number 12 & 14 are unfit for purpose. The 12 is highly unreliable and bus stop tracking and app tracking never accurate. The route is too long and long waits in Woodthorpe force many people to walk from Acomb Park to the number 4 at Eason View (15/20 minute walk) this isn’t acceptable. A more frequent bus would encourage people to use them and a shortened route not going all the way to monks cross would benefit many - a frequency of less than 3 buses an hour puts people off public transport. Equally the local routes being run by 3 or 4 different operators is not helpful and means return tickets cannot be bought (residents in Acomb park can be served by the 12,14, 37 or walk to the 4 - these being East Yorks, Transdev, Reliance and First).

Take bus services into public operation similar to London and Manchester, this removes the need to allow private companies to make profits via tax payer subsidies.

See above for comments.

A service that was half hourly, then every 45 minutes, then every 50 and now hourly and no buses on a Sunday, as a non driver with two children we do rely on buses alot and this just makes things alot harder.

Need more frequent buses running to York and take into account parents that gave children to drop at school and children getting to school millthorpe

I would miss the 26 bus a lot. The drivers are very caring with the elderly people .

Heworth Without will be cut off with an hourly service

The number 11 serves the Burnholme centre and other areas no other bus goes 

Service 11 is generally unreliabe and is often late or buses missed out altogether. When half-hourly at least it's not too long a wait for the next one, but the new timetable of 50mins or an hour means a very long wait.

A Sunday service and a last bus around 11pm from town on no.11 would be useful

Is there a reason why you send the largest and longest buses possible on a route with narrow streets busy congested at times and then to a rural village Keighley run the smaller hopper buses in these situations with are more manoeuvrable

The current no. 11 bus is not often enough as it is and it is not at appropriate times for school/workers. In Bishopthorpe we are increasingly being cut off and a regular bus is essential. Not everyone had a car or can afford a taxi. Please keep a regular bus service,it is needed every half hour really especially 730-9 and 430-630pm

You are committed to reducing traffic and congestion bur you are forcing more people to drive into town due to inadequate buses. This is terrible for the city  for traffic and for the environment. You should be looking to provide more buses

The No.11 Bus service has changed from a 30min service to a floating 50min service in the last 12 months.  The floating 50 minute service has not been good as it was impossible to keep track of the buses as times varied between 49 and 60 minutes.  Hopefully the new 60 minute service proposed will arrive as specified.

The City of York Local Transport Strategy includes a target of increasing bus use.  Hopefully, with the receipt of further Government Grants, this will increase the number of buses on the No. 11 route and allow Bishopthorpe to have a much more frequent bus service.

A reduction to hourly for the 11 service with the additional time it would take to do the south bank loop would make timing around work much more difficult. I would need to consider driving again which I would prefer not to do. An hourly bus means if one is late or does not arrive it’s a huge impact on being able to get anywhere. I wouldn’t ever trust the bus if trying to connect with another service e.g train.  I am very unhappy with the proposal.

A blanket cull of buses across the timetable will reduce bus use still further. There are a lot of people who commute to and from York between 7am and 9am and 5pm to 7pm and without a viable bus service they will be forced to seek car use, which is detrimental to York City centre and the environment.

Commuters are the paying customers who you should be supporting not penalising.

Bishopthorpe is a large village with a large working population, many of whom work in York.

I used to be a frequent and regular bus user, but even the current 50 min cycle has made it untenable. Please consider a 20 min shortened service, even to the station and back at peak times to support commuters and this may even help financially support other services.

The demographic of bish needs better serving both the older people that want to get out including to drs which a lot of people need to use in south bank. There are more young people going to school in south bank at millthorpe and more working adults living in the village who this would be inconvenient for. The bus I get right for commuting is 7.57 is pretty full so reducing further is going to make it worse would be better to have more frequent service at peak travel points even if not all day. Also not suitable cycling infrastructure over by the crem to make cycling viable and quick option it’s not safe.

Please keep the number 11 on a more frequent timing than just once an hour. It’s tricky as it us being every 50 minutes.

Adding evening buses is good, changing to one an hour not good

We want a Sunday service!

The service is terrible at the moment, and changing it to one hourly will mean the buses are more crowded, adding in the Southbank loop will make journeys longer- and Southbank already has a bus service, the 26. An hourly service is a ridiculous idea, there are elderly people who rely on the service for hospital visits and to attend social events. The proposal would mean that they lose more independence and would need to rely on others. This could isolate them even more.

It is highly concerning that the bus service in Bishopthorpe keeps being cut - it’s a village of 3000 people, many elderly people rely on the service. Reducing to once an hour is another worrying sign that there is a lack of commitment to keeping the village accessible.

It’s vital that we retain a bus service to the village and obviously the more regular, it’s more convenient, but it has to be financially viable too, as long as Bishopthorpe has a bus this is fine for me, but also I understand that people rely on it for work and school, so the timings are important. I mostly use it to shop in town, so timings are not so crucial. I love that we regularly have an electric bus on our route too.

We need the number 11 to operate on a Sunday, as we have no public transportation access from the village on this day

Reduced services and increasing journey times on the number 11 will make it very unattractive. Ultimately, i believe this will reduce ridership to the point where the service is withdrawn.

The proposed new bus times for the number 11 makes it virtually impossible to work as I will be unable to get a bus home in time to pick the children up from nursery on time and work normal hours. Hospital appointments will now take more time as I will have to get an earlier bus wait nearly an hour at the hospital and then walk back into town and wait again for another bus taking a 1/2 hour appointment will take 5 hours just ridiculous. The bus service as it is is terrible, buses get missed regularly as it is, so if they miss one bus out then that means no bus for 2 hours, with the recent service I have to get the 7.30 bus on a morning and the 5.25 bus is often missed out so have to wait for 6.10 which means I am out of the house for nearly 12 hours to do a 7 and 1/2 hour day at work 😡

if it became leas frequent we wouldnt use it as much

Apply for Network North funding to make transport in this city work for the people who live, work and learn here. Think more holistically and with innovation – we should not be so far behind the South, especially when our city is a major tourist and business hub. Our transport is holding back our progress.

The bus here is well used and I don’t understand why we have to move to an hourly service although I agree the current 50 minutes service is useless. Please can we have a Sunday service? Even if it was restricted hours? Thank you.


Taking the 26 away from south bank is another massive mistake. A lot of the elderly, my mother included rely on that service and as mentioned above, the 11 isn’t fit for purpose.

No 11 - long diversion to route proposed not acceptable

I don’t drive and need the bus for getting about.

Seriously PLEASE rethink this ridiculous idea

The impact on people with disabilities will be huge. Add to that the impact on our planet. We need to increase bus services, not reduce them. The key is in the word service! Public transport should be a service that we all contribute to, not run purely on commercial terms. When the number 11 ran half hourly it was well used. Move it to hourly and it will be less used and it will then be allowed to end. Please think long term!

There are many people who rely on the 13 at the West Nooks end of Haxby including several school children who use it to access Huntington school.

The 13 service is, as I understand, under threat from funding cuts as it is. I do not think that cutting out Copmanthorpe Merchant Way and Flaxman Croft will benefit the service. Because then, the OAPs will not be able to get into town as Merchant Way is too much for some to walk up. Also if it is cut out of the journeys to York, anyone who can walk up to the Top Lane/Tadcaster Road stop will most likely get on the Coastliner service. Which then means the 13 is losing revenue. Doing the Merchant Way/Flaxman Croft on the inward journey only takes a few minutes at best.

Some people won't bother walking up to the Top Lane/Tadcaster Road stop and will simply drive instead. Meaning more cars on the roads again, defeating the object of the bus service.

I have stopped using the car for local and city centre trips due to global warming etc. What you propose is that I will have an hourly bus service so I will revert back to car use.

I tend to catch the No 13 into York and the No 1 back to Haxby.

This side of haxby is always at a disadvantage, we have the worst internet connection, frequent power cuts, reduced recycling service over Xmas one month without a collection. And now you want to take away a transportation service. Yet we still pay the same high council tax for a poorer service

There are no late evening buses,

The changes to the 11 and 26 are very disappointing and I would urge you to reconsider. Until I retired I was the Principal Transport Planner at another local authority so I understand the financial pressure but reducing the service on Bishopthorpe Road would impact on people with walking difficulties and disabled people

This service is the only service for residents of Eastholme Drive and streets off to access doctors off Water Lane and to get into town

i am pleased you are still operating no 11 to Bishopthorpe even if it will be hourly. For elderly people in particular, but all those without cars, they really need the bus.

If #13 doesn't serve Haxby then it will be an over all better bus route as there is less opportunity for breakdowns/delay because of incidents

I suppose with an hourly service we would know when to expect the bus rather than the random times it goes now. Very frustrating that we will now have an hourly bus service. Better advertising is needed, highlighting the cheap £2 fare and group tickets etc available. I’m all for discouraging car use in the city but better public transport is needed. I

Overall,services may be more sustainable as a result ofthese changes but overall it means FEWER buses so how on earth do you expect this to attract more passengers?! Please explain! Oh yes and you wretched lot are planning another 800 houses in Haxby/Wigginton. LOADS more houses and fewer buses, brilliant - NOT! 

Although the proposals related to number 11 and 16 services do not affect me I think the proposals for hourly services rather than 50 and 45 minutes respectively would probably be beneficial to users as a regular clock-face timetable is much easier to follow than those  frequencies.

Public transport is vital. Cutting back will give an increase in car use - which is the opposite of what we want.

For years the number 11 operated half-hourly. Now they say that they can't operate the route and keep to time. If there is a problem with this, it should be dealt with by better traffic management - not by reducing the service.

The proposed cutbacks are unacceptable. Please find the money to maintain and improve service levels.

As a oap with mobility issues, I would have to change from a 24 to a 16 at Green lane Acomb to Ascot way. The 24 is a godsend and I would be lost without the through route to York and back.

The 13 and 12 buses seem to regularly run late.

Sometimes bad driving on the No 13 makes the journey very uncomfortable.

Cutting penultimate Sunday journey to Haxby doesn't take into account possibility of pax from withdrawal of last journey if retained. Also, strategically bad from wider PT perspective given area's significance

Route 1 - Agree

Route 11 - Agree

12 & 14 - Evening trips should be renumbered to 12A so that passengers can differentiate the significantly different route. Otherwise fully agree.

13 - What benefits would these changes bring? I can see no savings to be made anywhere and no benefits to anyone, including the council. The only thing this does is mean that you are funding the 1A additionally so all of these changes and you come out funding an additional bus?

16 & 24 - Agree

19 - Disagree. Service does need streamlining though. Having 4 different route numbers is bonkers.

24/25/26 - Fully agree



APPENDIX C – York Bus Forum consultation response

A red and white sign with white text and cars  Description automatically generated


Local Bus Services Review December 2023

CYC Proposals - YBF comments

General Comments

This review was launched just before the Christmas/New Year break with very limited time to respond. It is also unclear how it links to the general review of bus services in the city, which is not expected to report until after the deadline for this consultation.

It is also unclear how this consultation links to the current Local Transport Strategy (LTS) consultation, which has a later deadline for responses. The abiding principle of the new LTS is to reduce bus patronage by 50% against the base figure of 2019, nothing in these proposals will help achieve these aims.

Policy area 4.1 of the LTS states “work with bus operators to create a comprehensive network of bus services accessible to as many residents and visitors as possible and providing services at weekends and for the nighttime economy. It goes on to state “ensure all low-income areas are appropriately covered”. These proposals run contrary to that aim and affect areas such as Acomb adversely.

These proposals have not been properly discussed in the Enhanced Partnership Forum, leading to the conclusion that this body is currently not fit for purpose.

It is impossible to fully understand the process here without further openness regarding the criteria for and the economic impact of route subsidies.

The term ‘de minimis agreement’ is referred to without any explanation of the meaning.

The intentions with these proposals are to reduce the level of subsidy paid to operators, we require better information regarding the objectives and impacts of these actions.

Have bus users been properly consulted? It seems unlikely given the timing of the publication and the lack of publicity.


Service 1

a) It's proposed to withdraw support for journeys with very low usage and high cost-per-passenger, specifically the journeys timed at 10:32pm, 11:17pm and 11:19pm, Sunday evening journeys on service 1.

b) Potentially the pre-6.00am Monday to Saturday journeys on service 1.

a) We assume the evening journeys to be cut are on Sunday evenings (wording is ambiguous). If is difficult to see how these proposals accord with the stated aim of the Policy area 4.1, as they will significantly reduce the bus service to a low-income area. Moreover, withdrawing support for the journeys described would make Acomb residents disproportionately disadvantaged by ending the service much earlier than at present.

b) The impact of this proposal would be likely to result in the first service from Chapelfields (a lower income area) leaving at 6.59am (Monday to Friday) or 6.55 am (Saturday) which is totally unacceptable.

We therefore oppose this proposal, as it does not accord with Policy area 4.1 and it appears that the ramifications of it have not been fully thought through.

It is unclear what prior consultation has taken place on a) or b) with Haxby Town Council and New Earswick Parish Council, or local councillors in Acomb and Holgate or indeed local residents and bus users in advance of these proposals.

Service 11

It is proposed that all service 11 journeys will operate via the South Bank loop. In addition, it is proposed that the service frequency will reduce from every 50 minutes to an hourly service. In parallel with this change, it is proposed to remove the service 26 South Bank loop. The proposed changes to service 11 will result in the South Bank part of the route (currently labelled ‘evening journeys only’ on the First Bus York map) instead being operated throughout the day.

These proposals will involve a serious reduction in the service which, until recently, was running more frequently.  While the change from an irregular 47 min average headway to a regular 60 min should improve predictability, the diversion of 5 to 10 minutes will make the route less attractive.  The daytime service is currently run commercially – will this now become supported in both daytime and evenings and if so, at what cost?

We are concerned that this will be used as an established principal of those services that used to run on a 20–30-minute frequency, will now be moved to hourly as this will be perceived as a means to cut operator costs.

It is unclear what prior consultation has taken place on these proposals with Bishopthorpe Parish Council or local councillors or residents and bus users in areas served by service 11.

Services 12 and 14

It's proposed to merge services 12 and 14 into one contract to offer a more efficient service, and better value for money. No overall service frequency reduction is anticipated, and all stops will continue to be served, however minor timetable changes would be required to interwork the 2 timetables.

The running of two separate services for essentially the same route has long seemed an anomaly- especially given the significant difference in quality of service provided. The No 12 service is better used, popular with passengers, has friendly staff and modern clean vehicles. The same cannot be said of the 14-service provided by Transdev.

This seems a sensible proposal as it will simplify timetables for users and enable a combined service run by one company to be promoted more effectively.

Service 13

The majority of the route currently taken by the number 13 will remain the same.

a) It's proposed that the Flaxman Croft loop, Copmanthorpe section of the Monday to Friday services will be withdrawn. This will result in an additional walking distance from this are to the nearest bus service of up to 650 metres.

Unlike in b), no alternative service is offered. The elderly residents and disabled residents who live on the Flaxman Croft loop will have difficulty in walking, or may be unable to walk, to the nearest bus stops in Top Lane and therefore suffer isolation. Coupled with the recent withdrawal of the Dial a Ride service, this will leave many residents isolated. What is the expected cost saving by this proposal?

b) It is also proposed that West Nooks, Haxby is served by an hourly variation of service 1 (proposed to be numbered 1A) rather than the half hourly service 13.

YBF has had several representations expressing concern about this proposal. It appears that Haxby Town Centre will not be served by the proposed new (reduced frequency) route 1A, thus making it difficult for elderly or disabled residents to reach the Town Centre. We request clarification on this point.

Services 16 and 24

It's proposed that bus service 16 is retendered as a longer, hourly route, taking in the Ascot Way loop from service 24. This proposal would reduce the frequency of service 16 from every 45 minutes to every hour. There would also be a loss of the direct link from Poppleton Road to Ascot Way, with a change required in Acomb.

This appears to provide a useful cost saving and provide a clockface timetable for service 16. However, it is unclear what consultation with local residents or bus users has taken place – in particular on the loss of the direct link.

Service 19

An hourly Monday-Saturday service is proposed. This would result in a reduction in the current morning frequency from half-hourly to hourly. Priority will be given to maintaining school-time journeys. The proposed changes will only affect the frequency of service 19 and will have no impact on the routings.

We are concerned that the reduction in the morning frequency will lead to increased car usage and do nothing to reduce congestion.

Route 19A

Afternoon variation to maintain timetable during congested PM peak period.

Route 19X

Early morning variation to return to Skelton quickly.

Services 24, 25, 26

It's proposed that the contract for services 24, 25, and 26 will be retendered to provide an hourly service to Acomb and Derwenthorpe and a half-hourly service to Fulford Crossfield Crescent and Germany Beck. The proposed new service numbers are:

·      24 - Fulford; Acomb (incorporating half of the current route 26 and the current route 24 as far as Acomb shops)

·      25 - Fulford; Derwenthorpe (route unchanged)

This proposal will result in the loss of a direct link in one direction from Fulford to South Bank. (Note, it is already not possible to make an unbroken bus journey in the other direction, from South Bank to Fulford).

Service 26 will be merged with service 24 as above.

No route changes are proposed to service 25, other than serving Germany Beck via the same route as the proposed route 24 (Thornton Road, Bishopdate Way, Whitting Close, Porter Avenue, Thornton Road, Fordlands Road to Crossfield Crescent).

We note that services to Acomb (the lower income area) will be hourly, whilst services to Fulford (the higher income area) will remain at half hourly. To partly mitigate the reduction in the service on Poppleton Road (and to increase its potential use), we suggest that service 59 should stop at The Ainsty (Carr Lane junction).

It is unclear what prior consultation has taken place on these proposals with Fulford Parish Councils, Holgate and Acomb councillors or residents and bus users in the areas served.


YBF/GC/RF/NM 100124


APPENDIX D – Cllr Waller consultation response

Comments on bus proposals Jan 2024

24 and 16 Route proposals

The proposals to change the route of the 24 has created a lot of questions in the area that it serves in the Westfield Ward and I have circulated letters to residents who would be impacted by any changes as for several roads the current 24 bus is their only service.

Any change is going to create disruption and one significant issue which has come forward is the use of the 24 to get to Fulford Cemetery. Therefore, those residents who use the bus for this journey are not keen to see any change. If there is a change then there needs to be strong linkages with the 16 at the York Road terminus of that route and that passengers do not have a long wait (as that is becoming an hourly service).

Overall, there is strong interest from residents in what will be done to improve the reliability of the service as it is an hourly service (so if one bus fails to turn up it is a long wait for the next one) and I have received a number of complaints about this aspect of the service. There also needs to be work to overcome concerns that some buses are taken off to service other routes (such as on Race Days).

Having real time information at the bus stops at Lincoln Court, Ascot Way and Radford House, Windsor Garth would help to improve confidence in the service, and could greatly assist usage of the route but only if this is linked to the actual position of the bus rather than the assumed location based on the timetable.



A collage of a street and a map  Description automatically generated

The bus also struggles to get around the bend due to parking especially if this is a van (where the white car in in the photo) this has been reported on a number of occasions to officers.

It would be very helpful to issue a map of the proposed route so that residents can see how they will get to and from Acomb shops/City centre as they do now.

Proposed reductions in 1 service

Residents have raised with me the concern that this is the thin end of the wedge to reduce a service which many workers rely upon to get to and from Chapelfields and other parts of the route late at night, and early in the morning. Starting to unravel this on a Sunday, and then potentially weekday for early morning buses is of serious concern as many are not on high salaries to fund other forms of transport.

Proposals to merge 12 and 14 service.

Having saved the number 12 service it is important to maintain the provision of this route as for many it helps with grocery shopping for roads where it is the closest service. Residents are very supportive of the current quality of service and so want to see this continue. If the merger makes the route more sustainable then then that is understandable, but there should be a clear demonstration on reliability and consideration of routes to school with any timetable changes.


This submission follows the discussion that I had with officers at the drop in at the Friends Meeting House, Friargate on 8th January on behalf of many residents who had expressed their views on the proposed changes and with Christmas holidays during the consultation period it has not been easy to respond to the consultation process.

Cllr Andrew Waller

Liberal Democrat Councillor, Westfield Ward



APPENDIX E – Statement from Haxby Town Council

Statement from Haxby Town Council on City of York Council Bus Network Review and Dial & Ride provision

Haxby Town Council expresses its deep concerns over proposals put forward by City of York Council in their recent consultation on the York Bus Network Review. Haxby Town Council strongly opposes any planned reduction in bus service routes and frequencies in Haxby and Wigginton and urge City of York Council and bus operators to maintain our vital bus connectivity.

The Bus Network Review consultation (poorly advertised and launched just before Christmas) proposed that the half hourly number 13 service (operated by Connexions) would no longer serve Station Road, Towthorpe Road and West Nooks, instead looping back round via York Road. This proposed change would completely cut off the eastern side of Haxby from public transport and would make it impossible for residents who rely on the bus to access vital local services, including the Haxby and Wigginton Health Centre, as well as the pharmacies, shops, post office, dentists, primary schools, hairdressers and other services in and around Haxby Village.

It was also proposed, although no confirmation was made and insufficient detail was provided (since it depended upon CYC negotiation with the bus operator, First York), that a new hourly service (numbered ‘1A’) would be introduced to provide and maintain a reduced hourly service to the east of Haxby along Station Road. However, since limited timetable information was provided, it is unclear if this would restore connections to the shops and services in Haxby. Additionally, since this service was proposed to be a rerouted service 1, it is also unclear what this would mean for the frequency of services to the north and west of Haxby, as well as neighbouring Wigginton - i.e. a reduced timetable/frequency for service no 1.

It is likely that the impact of these two changes to services 1 and 13 would result in a significant reduction in service frequency and quality for north and east of Haxby and Wigginton. It is also unclear from the network review consultation as to what would happen to the Council sponsored late evening no 14 services to and from Haxby which currently serve our community, and are particularly beneficial for locally based shift workers and also enabling our residents to enjoy the evening economy safely and sustainably. The review also indicated some early morning, middle of the day, late evening, and some Sunday services to and from Haxby and Wigginton could be cut, further worsening the overall service.

At a time when we face a climate emergency and a cost of living crisis, we need to support and encourage residents to use public transport, yet this Network Review proposes to do the opposite for the residents of Haxby, by making bus services less frequent and thereby less attractive to new and existing bus users. Haxby Town Council therefore urges City of York Council, as well as the operator of the no 13 bus service (Connexions), to reconsider these proposals and maintain the services as they exist today, with half hourly connections to the east of Haxby along Station Road. This is especially important with the planned Haxby Station expected to be built on Towthopre Road within the next couple of years. Indeed service 13 should not only be maintained but also extended up to Strensall, providing public transport connections to the new station, as well restoring the bus connection between Haxby and Strensall (which was sadly cut in the 1990s).

Finally, on a separate public transport related issue, Haxby Town Councillors were saddened to hear about the termination of the popular ‘Dial & Ride’ community bus service operated by local York charity York Wheels. We understand that an unfortunate range of factors led to this service becoming unviable for the charity to continue to operate. Again, Haxby Town Council call on City of York Council to urgently address the need for a sustainably funded and operated community transport initiative, and to restore these much valued services and connections for our residents. The ‘Dial & Ride’ service facilitated residents, many of whom do not have a car or are unable to drive, and who otherwise cannot travel independently, to be able to make their weekly trips to the supermarket or into York with a door to door service. Not only did this maintain independence for local residents, but was also a vital for mental and physical wellbeing; since the trips these services were often the only time of the week when residents were able to socialise, shop for essentials, and otherwise conduct their business independently.


APPENDIX F – Consultation poster displayed at 150+ bus stops and all York libraries

A poster for a bus service  Description automatically generated

APPENDIX G – Consultation news release

A black background with a black square  Description automatically generated with medium confidence



To be put in place from 28th April 2024


What is happening?


Buses are the main public transport mode in York and will play a key role in delivering our emerging Local Transport Strategy and the Council’s Plan for 2023-2027.


Most local bus services in York are run commercially (for profit) by bus operators. There are seven bus operators in York; First, Arriva, Transdev, Connexions, East Yorkshire, Reliance and Pullman.


City of York Council (CYC) does not have direct control over these services. However, the Council can provide financial support in areas that would otherwise not be served, if there is a social need and it has sufficient budget to pay for them.


Budgets for supported bus services are under increasing pressure, mainly due to a combination of rising costs and growing demands on public finances.


To ensure that value for money is achieved from these constrained budgets, a review has been undertaken to determine if any network efficiency gains can be made. In addition, services which are currently supported by us have been assessed to ensure they meet the following tests:

1)  Receiving a maximum subsidy per passenger of up to:

-         £3.40* for hourly urban tendered services

-         £6.80* for rural 2-hourly tendered services

* These figures will be adjusted based on inflation in future.

2)  Services must carry at least 8 passengers per bus hour operated. Support will not continue past 18:00 if this threshold is not met for the evening operating hours.

Based on these assessments, a series of changes to the supported bus network in York are proposed, and could be implemented from late April 2024.

It is intended that these changes will deliver an as affordable, efficient, and stable bus network as possible, enabling bus patronage to grow and services to become financially sustainable.

Bus users are encouraged to have their say on the review at until Wednesday 17 January 2024.

During the consultation, Paper copies of the consultation are available at all York libraries.

They are also available in alternative formats such as braille or large print by emailing, or contacting Customer Services on telephone on 01904 551550.

Drop-in sessions are also being held at Friargate on Monday 8 January (2pm -5pm) and Wednesday 10 January (2pm -7pm) – on the back of the Our Big Transport Conversation.

What does this mean for my bus service?

The following changes to supported bus services in York are proposed from late April 2024.

Please note, only services listed below are affected. Any bus service that is not listed below is not proposed to be changed in terms of route, timetable, or frequency as a direct result of this review.

·        Service 1

It is proposed to withdraw support for journeys with very low usage and high cost-per-passenger, specifically the journeys timed at 22:32, 23:17 and 23:19 Sunday evening journeys on service 1, and potentially the pre-06:00 Monday to Saturday journeys.

A map showing the service 1 route can be viewed on First’s website at

·        Service 11

It is proposed that all service 11 journeys will operate via the South Bank loop. In addition, it is proposed that the service frequency will reduce from every 50 minutes to an hourly service.

In parallel with this change, it is proposed to remove the service 26 South Bank loop (more details below).

A map showing the current service 11 route can be viewed on First’s website at


The proposed changes to service 11 will result in the South Bank part of the route (currently labelled ‘evening journeys only’ on the above map) instead being operated throughout the day.

·        Services 12 and 14

It is proposed to merge services 12 and 14 into one contract to offer a more efficient service, and better value for money. No overall service frequency reduction is anticipated and all stops will continue to be served, however minor timetable changes would be required to interwork the two timetables.

A description of the current route 12 can be found below in Appendix A, below.

A map showing the current service 14 route can be viewed on Transdev’s website at


·        Service 13

The majority of the route currently taken by the number 13 will remain the same.

It is proposed that the Monday to Friday services using the Flaxman Croft loop be withdrawn, resulting in an additional walking distance to the nearest bus service of up to 650m.

It is also proposed that West Nooks, Haxby is served by an hourly variation of service 1 (potentially numbered 1A) rather than the half hourly service 13.

A description of the current weekday route 13 can be found in Appendix B, below.

A description of the proposed route 1A and weekday route 13 can also be found in Appendix B, below.

·        Services 16 and 24

It is proposed that bus service 16 is retendered as a longer, hourly route, taking in the Ascot Way loop from service 24. This proposal would reduce the frequency of service 16 from every 45 mins to every hour. There would also be a loss of the direct link from Poppleton Road to Ascot Way, with a change required in Acomb.

A description of the current route 16 can be found in Appendix C, below.

The current service 24 routes can be viewed on Transdev’s website at

A description of the proposed route 16 can be found in Appendix C, below.

A description of the proposed route of service 26 can be viewed in Appendix E, below.

·        Service 19

An hourly Monday-Saturday service is proposed. This would result in a reduction in the current morning frequency from half-hourly to hourly. Priority will be given to maintaining school-time journeys.

The proposed changes will only affect the frequency of service 19 and will have no impact on the routings.

A description of the current route (which is proposed to remain unchanged) can be found in Appendix D, below.


·        Services 24/25/26

It is proposed that services 24, 25, and 26 will be retendered to provide an hourly service to Acomb & Derwenthorpe and a half-hourly service to Fulford Crossfield Crescent & Germany Beck. The proposed new service numbers are:

·        24 - Fulford-Acomb

(incorporating half of the current route 26 and the current route 24 as far as Acomb shops)


·        25 - Fulford-Derwenthorpe

(route unchanged)

This proposal will result in the loss of a direct link in one direction from Fulford to South Bank. (Note, it is already not possible to make an unbroken bus journey in the other direction, from South Bank to Fulford).

The current routes of services 24, 26 and 26 can be viewed on Transdev’s website using the following links:

·        24 -

·        25 -

·        26 -

It is proposed that service 26 will be merged with service 24.

A description of the proposed route 24 can be found in Appendix E, below.

No route changes are proposed to service 25, other than serving Germany Beck via the same route as the proposed route 24 (ie. Thornton Rd, Bishopdate Way, Whitting Close, Porter Avenue, Thornton Rd, Fordlands Rd to Crossfield Crescent).





Description of current route 12:

Monks Cross – York – Woodthorpe - Foxwood Lane

From Monks Cross Drive via bus only road inside Monks Cross Shopping Park, Jockey Lane, New Lane, Malton Road, Elmfield Avenue, Monkton Road, Byland Avenue, Huntington Road, Fossway, Dodsworth Avenue, Heworth Green, Foss Bank, Peasholme Green, Stonebow, Coppergate, Nessgate, Low Ousegate, Bridge Street, Micklegate, George Hudson St, Rougier St, Station Road, Queen St, Blossom St, The Mount, Mount Vale, Tadcaster Road, Askham Bar Tesco internal road, Moor Lane, Alness Drive, Acomb Wood Drive, Bellhouse Way (eastbound), Foxwood Lane, Bellhouse Way, Acomb Wood Drive, Alness Drive, Moor Lane, Moorcroft Rd to Woodthorpe shops.

      Foxwood Lane – Woodthorpe – York – Monks Cross

From Woodthorpe shops via Acorn Way, Ryecroft Avenue, Grassholme, Moor Lane, Askham Bar Tesco internal road, Tadcaster Road, Mount Vale, The Mount, Blossom St, Queen St, Station Road, Station Avenue, Rougier St, George Hudson St, Micklegate, Low Ousegate, Clifford St, Tower St, Piccadilly, Stonebow, Peasholme Green, Jewbury, St Maurice’s Road, Monkgate, Heworth Green, Dodsworth Avenue, Fossway, Huntington Road, Byland Avenue, Monkton Road, Elmfield Avenue, Malton Road, New Lane, Jockey Lane to Monks Cross Drive.



SERVICE 13 (and proposed 1A)

Description of current weekday route 13:

Copmanthorpe – York – Haxby (West Nooks)

From Station Rd (Copmanthorpe) via Main St (Copmanthorpe), Horseman Lane, Top Lane, Merchant Way, Flaxman Croft, Merchant Way, Top Lane, Tadcaster Rd (Copmanthorpe), A1036 Tadcaster Rd, Askham Bar Tesco, Tadcaster Rd (Dringhouses), Mount Vale, The Mount, Blossom St, Queen St, Station Rd (York Rail Station), Station Ave, Rougier St, George Hudson St, Micklegate, Bridge St, Low Ousegate, Nessgate, Clifford St, Tower St, Piccadilly, Pavement, The Stonebow, Peasholme Green, Jewbury, St Maurice’s Rd, Monkgate, Huntington Rd, Haley’s Terrace, Haxby Rd, Hawthorne Terrace, Haxby Rd (New Earswick), York Rd (Haxby), Station Rd (Haxby), Towthorpe Rd to West Nooks (Haxby).

Haxby (West Nooks) – York – Copmanthorpe

West Nooks (Haxby) via Towthorpe Rd, Station Rd (Haxby), The Village (Haxby), Westfield Rd, Greenshaw Drive, Wheatfield Lane, Eastfield Avenue, York Rd (Haxby), Haxby Rd (New Earswick),  Hawthorne Terrace, Haxby Rd, Haley’s Terrace, Huntington Rd, Foss Bank, Peasholme Green, The Stonebow, Pavement, Coppergate, Nessgate, Low Ousegate, Bridge St, Micklegate, George Hudson St, Rougier St, Station Rd (Grand Hotel), Station Rise, Station Rd (York Station), Queen St, Blossom St, The Mount, Mount Vale, Tadcaster Rd (Dringhouses), Askham Bar Tesco, A1036 Tadcaster Rd, Tadcaster Rd (Copmanthorpe), Top Lane, Horseman Lane, St Giles Way to Station Rd (Copmanthorpe).

Description of proposed weekday route 13:

Copmanthorpe – York – Haxby (West Nooks)

From Station Rd (Copmanthorpe) via Main St (Copmanthorpe), Horseman Lane, Top Lane, Tadcaster Rd (Copmanthorpe), A1036 Tadcaster Rd, Askham Bar Tesco, Tadcaster Rd (Dringhouses), Mount Vale, The Mount, Blossom St, Queen St, Station Rd (York Rail Station), Station Ave, Rougier St, George Hudson St, Micklegate, Bridge St, Low Ousegate, Nessgate, Clifford St, Tower St, Piccadilly, Pavement, The Stonebow, Peasholme Green, Jewbury, St Maurice’s Rd, Monkgate, Huntington Rd, Haley’s Terrace, Haxby Rd, Hawthorne Terrace, Haxby Rd (New Earswick), York Rd (Haxby) to The Village (Haxby).

Haxby (West Nooks) – York – Copmanthorpe

From The Village (Haxby) via Westfield Rd, Greenshaw Drive, Wheatfield Lane, Eastfield Avenue, York Rd (Haxby), Haxby Rd (New Earswick),  Hawthorne Terrace, Haxby Rd, Haley’s Terrace, Huntington Rd, Foss Bank, Peasholme Green, The Stonebow, Pavement, Coppergate, Nessgate, Low Ousegate, Bridge St, Micklegate, George Hudson St, Rougier St, Station Rd (Grand Hotel), Station Rise, Station Rd (York Station), Queen St, Blossom St, The Mount, Mount Vale, Tadcaster Rd (Dringhouses), Askham Bar Tesco, A1036 Tadcaster Rd, Tadcaster Rd (Copmanthorpe), Top Lane, Horseman Lane, St Giles Way to Station Rd (Copmanthorpe).

Description of proposed route 1A:

York - Haxby (West Nooks)

From Station Rd (York Rail Station) via Museum St, St Leonard’s Place, Gillygate, Clarence St, Haxby Rd, Hawthorne Terrace, Haxby Rd (New Earswick), York Rd (Haxby), Eastfield Avenue, Oak Tree Lane, Holly Tree Lane, York Rd, Station Rd (Haxby), Towthorpe Rd to West Nooks (Haxby).


Haxby (West Nooks) – York

From West Nooks (Haxby) via Towthorpe Rd, Station Rd (Haxby), York Rd (Haxby), Holly Tree Lane, Oak Tree Lane, Eastfield Avenue, York Rd (Haxby), Haxby Rd (New Earswick), Hawthorne Terrace, Haxby Rd, Clarence St, Gillygate, St Leonard’s Place, Museum St to Station Rd (York Rail Station).




Description of current route 16:

York – Acomb via Holly Bank Rd

From Piccadilly via Coppergate, Nessgate, Low Ousegate, Bridge Street, Micklegate, George Hudson Street, Rougier Street, Station Road, Station Rise, Station Road, Queen Street, Blossom Street, Holgate Road, Hamilton Drive East, Holly Bank Road, Hob Moor Drive, Collingwood Avenue, Hamilton Drive, Hamilton Drive West, Green Lane (Acomb).

Acomb – York via Holly Bank Rd

From Green Lane (Acomb) via Hamilton Drive West, Hamilton Drive, Collingwood Avenue, Hob Moor Drive, Holly Bank Road, Hamilton Drive East, Holgate Road, Blossom Street, Queen Street, Station Road, Station Avenue, Rougier Street, George Hudson Street, Micklegate, Bridge Street, Low Ousegate, Nessgate, Coppergate, Piccadilly, Merchantgate.

Description of proposed route 16:

York – Holly Bank Rd – Acomb – Ascot Way

As above to Green Lane (Acomb), then via Front St, Gale Lane, Tudor Rd, Stuart Rd, Danesfort Ave, Kingsway West to Ascot Way.

Ascot Way - Acomb – Holly Bank Rd – York

From Ascot Way via Ashford Place, Windsor Garth, Kingsway West, Danesfort Ave, Gale Lane, St Stephen’s Rd, Cornlands Rd, Askham Lane, Front St,  Green Lane (Acomb), then as above to Piccadilly.




A description of current route 19:

Skelton - York

From Brecksfield, Skelton, via Fairfields Drive, A19 Shipton Rd, Howard Drive, Shipton Rd (service road adjacent to The Mitre), Bowness Drive, Eastholme Drive, Green Lane, Water Lane, Rawcliffe Drive, Rawcliffe Lane, Brompton Road, Water Lane, Burdyke Avenue, Crichton Avenue, Burton Stone Lane, A19 Clifton, Clifton Green, Water End, Salisbury Road, Salisbury Terrace, Kingsland Terrace, Leeman Road, Station Rise, A1036 Station Avenue, A1036 Museum Street, A1036 St Leonard's Place to Exhibition Square.


York - Skelton

From Exhibition Square via A19 Bootham, Burton Stone Lane, Crichton Avenue, Burdyke Avenue, Water Lane, Brompton Road, Rawcliffe Lane, Rawcliffe Drive, Water Lane, Green Lane, Eastholme Drive, Howard Drive, A19 Shipton Road, St Giles Road, The Village (Skelton), Brecksfield (Skelton).

A description of the current route 19A (afternoon variation to maintain timetable during congested PM peak period):

Skelton - York

From Brecksfield, Skelton as per route 19 to Eastholme Drive then Rawcliffe Lane, Rawcliffe Drive (serving stops in opposite direction to 19), Water Lane,

then as per route 19 from Burdyke Avenue.



From Exhibition Square as per route 19 to Burdyke Avenue then Water Lane, Rawcliffe Drive (serving stops in opposite direction to 19), Rawcliffe Lane, then as per route 19 from Eastholme Drive.

A description of the current route 19X (early morning variation to return to Skelton quickly):

York - Skelton

From Exhibition Square via Bootham, Clifton, Shipton Rd, St Giles Rd, The Village (Skelton), Brecksfield (Skelton).




A description of the proposed route 24:

Fulford – York – Acomb

From Crossfield Crescent via Fordlands Rd, Thornton Rd, Bishopdate Way, Whitting Close, Porter Avenue, Thornton Rd, Main St (Fulford), Heslington Lane, Broadway, Fulford Rd, Fishergate, Tower St, Piccadilly, Coppergate, Nessgate, Low Ousegate, Micklegate, George Hudson St, Rougier St, Station Rd (Grand Hotel), Station Rise, Station Rd (York Rail Station), Queen St, Blossom St, Holgate Rd, Poppleton Rd, Grantham Drive, Howe Hill Close, Sowerby Rd, Lindsey Ave, Boroughbridge Rd, Carr Lane to York Rd (Acomb Shops).

Acomb – York – Fulford

From York Rd (Acomb Shops) via Carr Lane, Boroughbridge Rd, Poppleton Rd, Grantham Drive, Howe Hill Close, Sowerby Rd, Lindsey Ave, Poppleton Rd, Holgate Rd, Blossom St, Queen St, Station Rd (York Rail Station), Station Avenue, Rougier St, George Hudson St, Micklegate, Low Ousegate, Nessgate, Clifford St, Tower St, Piccadilly, Merchantgate, Walmgate, St Deny’s Rd, Piccadilly, Paragon St, Fawcett St, Fishergate, Fulford Rd, Broadway, Heslington Lane, Main St (Fulford), Thornton Rd, Bishopdate Way, Whitting Close, Porter Avenue, Thornton Rd, Fordlands Rd to Crossfield Crescent.



APPENDIX G – Service 13 letter and distribution area


CYC logo 2 colour City & Environmental Services
 Transport Services
 West Offices
 Station Rise
 YO1 6GA
 Tel: 01904 551550
 Date: 27 December 2023














Changes to local bus services

We wanted to get in touch tomake you aware of a bus service review and consultation, which City of York Council have recently launched. 

Overall, the proposals will help to ensure that the bus network is more stable and efficient - reflecting post-Covid pandemic passenger demand - and that services are more affordable and reliable.

As residents of the Flaxman Croft loop area of Copmanthorpe, we specifically wanted to alert you and hear your views on proposed changes to the number 13 bus service.

During summer 2023, Connexions Buses, the operator of service 13, advised that their commercial weekday service was losing money. This is due to increased driver and fuel costs, combined with lower numbers of passengers using the service since the Covid pandemic.

Connexions Buses advised that unless the council was able to provide financial support for the weekday service, they would need to remove one of the 4 buses from the duty to stem their operating losses.

A draft timetable was shared, where the operator proposed to retain a half-hour service frequency, but with two parts of the route removed to make this possible with 3 buses. These two sections are the Flaxman Croft loop in Copmanthorpe along with the Station Rd/West Nooks end of the route in Haxby.

To allow officers time to carry out a full review of council-supported bus services, short term funding was agreed with the operator at a cost of £450 per day.

The short-term arrangements were initially put into place from October until 31st December 2023 but were later extended to 28th April 2024.

Through the bus service review, an affordable alternative option has been proposed for Haxby, which involves introducing a variation of bus service 1. However, no such alternative can be identified for Copmanthorpe. This is because the only other bus service serving the Copmanthorpe area is Coastliner, whose services are aimed at interurban commuters and long-distance leisure travellers and are already regularly operating at full capacity. It is therefore not a viable proposition to divert Coastliner around the Flaxman Croft loop.

As a result, the council is proposing that the Flaxman Croft loop, Copmanthorpe section of bus service 13 is withdrawn from 28th April 2024. This will impact on an average of around 30 passengers per day who currently board the service from stops in this area.

The nearest alternative stops are on Top Lane/Tadcaster Rd, which are between 200m and 1000m walking distance from properties accessed through Merchant Way.

We recognise the significant impact the proposed changes will have on the lives of some residents in the Flaxman Croft area, particularly in conjunction with the unfortunate circumstances which have led to the recent demise of York Wheels’ Dial & Ride service. York Wheels will, however, continue to offer their volunteer driver scheme to all older or disabled York residents. More details can be found here

The consultation on all the bus service proposals can be found here until Wednesday 17 January 2024.

During the consultation period, paper copies of the consultation will be available at all libraries in York, including Copmanthorpe Library.

Paper copies will also be available in alternative formats such as braille or large print by emailing, or contacting Customer Services on telephone on 01904 551550.

Drop-in sessions are also being held at Friargate on Monday 8 January (2pm -5pm) and Wednesday 10 January (2pm -7pm) – as part of the York ‘Our Big Transport Conversation(

Following a period of consultation, feedback will be taken to an Executive meeting for consideration in late January 2024.

Yours sincerely


The Sustainable Transport Team, City of York Council

Distribution area for letter: