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Children, Culture and Communities Scrutiny Committee

23 January 2024


Report of the Assistant Director, Education and Skills

SACRE Annual Report, 2022-23


1.           This report asks the members of the scrutiny committee to receive and note the contents of the SACRE annual report for the academic year 2022-23.


2.           It is required by law that each local authority has its own Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE). The Key functions of a SACRE are to:

·               Monitoring standards of RE and collective worship;

·               Requiring the review of an agreed syllabus for RE adopted by the local authority;

·               Considering complaints about the provision and delivery of RE and collective Worship referred to it by the local authority;

·               Supporting schools through advice on methods of teaching, choice of materials and provision of teacher training;

·               Making a determination on collective worship when requested;

·               Advising the local authority on matters connected with RE and collective worship;

·               Publishing an annual report of its work.


The main function of SACRE is to advise the local authority on matters related to the teaching of religious education which follows the agreed syllabus, and on collective worship in schools.






Council Plan


3.           Education and Skills: High Quality Skills and Learning for All.


·               All ages will have access to learning throughout their lives to equip them with the skills to succeed commercially, socially, locally and nationally.



4.           There are no decisions related to this paper and as such no implications to consider.

Risk Management

5.           No additional risk management is required.


6.           Members of scrutiny are asked to receive the SACRE Annual Report and to note the work of SACRE during the academic year, 2022-23.

Reason: So that members are updated on the work of SACRE during the academic year 2022-23



Contact Details



Chief Officer Responsible for the report:

Maxine Squire

Assistant Director, Education and Skills,

Children Services and Education


Martin Kelly

Corporate Director, Childrens and Education




Report Approved



9 January 2024


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Background Papers:


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Annex A - York SACRE annual report, 2022-23