Corporate Services, Climate Change and  Scrutiny Management Committee


27 November 2023

Report of the Director of Governance


Monitoring and Tracking of Approved Council Motions




1.           This report provides information on approved Council motions since January 2023, when this Committee last considered an update.  Wherever possible due to more pressing work plan commitments, the Committee endeavours to monitor approved Council Motions biannually.




2.           At its meeting in May 2022, the Committee confirmed its aim to ensure a transparent and regular monitoring process was in place in relation to approved Council motions.  It also noted that the Council Management Team (CMT) continued to monitor motions agreed at Council meetings to ensure delivery of any agreed actions.  The Committee felt that receiving a bi-annual report on progress, following on from consideration by CMT, would provide a robust and transparent platform for ensuring delivery of agreed Council motions and actions.

3.           Annex A to this report includes details of motions approved by Full Council since January 2023, showing progress against implementation of any agreed actions.




4.           The approved resolutions relating to motions have, where possible, been split down in Annex A into easier to read actions. Each action has been assigned a relevant directorate ‘owner’, and each responsible Officer has agreed to keep relevant Members informed of progress.  In addition, CMT are able to review the schedule attached after every Council meeting, setting appropriate actions.

5.    CMT has been consulted on the process of monitoring approved Council motions and have acknowledged collective responsibility for ensuring appropriate implementation of agreed motions. CMT will continue to monitor the attached schedule and progress and set appropriate action owners after every Council meeting.




6.      This report is provided for transparency purposes and is therefore for information only.


Council Plan 2023-27


7.    Whilst this report does not in itself materially affect how the work of scrutiny can support and develop the Council’s overall priorities set out in the new Council Plan 2023-27, the proper and effective implementation of approved Council motions can contribute to those priorities dependent upon the area of concern being addressed in those motions.



8.    There are no financial, equalities, legal, information technology, crime & disorder, sustainability or other implications associated with the recommendations in this report.  However, there may, of course, be implications associated with the implementation of any of the motions listed in Annex A, which will be addressed by responsible officers.


Risk Management


9.    Clearly, if the implementation of approved Council motions is not satisfactorily monitored, there is a risk to the organisation around the delivery of democratically taken resolutions. 




10.    Members are asked to note the contents of Annex A to this report.


Reason:    To ensure that processes for monitoring and implementing approved Council motion resolutions remain sufficiently robust.



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Dawn Steel

Democratic Services Team Leader

Bryn Roberts

Director of Governance

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17/11/ 2023


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Annex A – ‘Live’ Council Motions