Economy, Place, Access, and Transport Scrutiny Committee Work Plan



Lead Officer


28 November 2023

Economy (city centre and beyond)

Economic Strategy


Update on implementation, work on inward investment, skills development.




Opportunity to scrutinise, and input into, work and spending decisions related to the committee’s remit.

15 January 2024

Check-in on clients (MIY and GLL) plus update from York BID
Possible guests; lead staff from each organsation.

MIY performance update



Update on performance and plans, and pertinent issues discussed when they last presented in July 2022.

Opportunity to scrutinise, and input into, work to decide future Service Level Agreement.




Update on performance and plans, plus any particular issues committee members want to focus on.


York BID update


Update on performance and plans, and pertinent issues discussed when they last presented in July 2022.

27 February 2024

York’s waterworks - a health check
Possible guests; Yorkshire Water, Natural England, Canal and Rivers Trust?

The health of our rivers and becks



Report on cleanliness of York’s rivers/becks, sewage management, management/support of biodiversity around them.


Drainage infrastructure



Report on the state of York’s drainage infrastructure; covering capacity to meet demand in urban and rural areas, insight into recent and forthcoming investment into repairs/upgrades, scale of challenge faced.

25 March 2024

Our city’s assets - using what we’ve got more effectively to benefit our residents

Asset Management


Report on how the Council’s Asset Management Strategy (2017-2022) worked and where it’s left us now, thinking around the plan for the next five years, chance to have discussion on ideas to feed into this - covering value for money, acquisition, redevelopment, disposal.

25 April 2024

Parking - Digi ResPark, enforcement, plus on street EV charging.

Digital ResPark


Follow up on previous scrutiny session held November 2022 covering any recommendations taken on board, problems dealt with since then, other outstanding issues/challenges/opportunities.


Parking Enforcement



- Brief summary of how this service works (for the benefit of the reading/watching public).
- Appraisal of the Parking Hot Line (who runs it, are we happy with how it works, relationship between who runs this and CYC).
- Performance against demand; how many reports are physically followed up and how quickly, how many of them see enforcement take place, and any other useful KPIs.
- Pressures faced by the service and its staff; personnel numbers versus workload, vacancies, peaks/troughs in demand, and any specific “problem” areas/themes.
- Working relationship with Police who also help with parking offences, especially outside of our service hours.
- Use/roll-out of technology to help with enforcement capacity; to what extent is this happening, how are we deploying current resource, is it working, do we need more.
- Anything else which Officers would value Members/Public input on; addressing future demand, alternative methods of service delivery, that sort of thing.


On-street EV charging

Follow up on previous Scrutiny item on this subject



Unallocated items:

·         Planning Enforcement; with particular focus on conditions relating to the Environment.

·         City Centre Access Action Plan Review

·         How highways projects were prioritised

·         A review of the Council’s highways design guide

·       How the Council tracks spending on capital projects

·         All other items on previous work plans for previous “Economy and Place” committee, plus any items relating to Access and Transport from any other previous committees.