Corporate Services and Climate Change Scrutiny Management Committee (Calling In)

2 October 2023

Report of the Director of Governance

Called-in Item: Resolution “X” on Ward Funding from Finance & Performance Monitoring Report – Executive meeting on 14 September 2023


1.        This report sets out the reasons for the call-in of the decision made by the Executive on 14 September 2023 in respect of the approved ward funding allocations set out in paragraphs 30 and 31 of the report.  The report also sets out the powers and role of the Corporate Services and Climate Change Scrutiny Management Committee (Calling-In) in dealing with the call-in.


2.        An extract from the Decision Sheet published after the Executive meeting of 14 September is attached as Annex A to this report.  This sets out the decisions taken on the called-in item.  The original report to the Executive, together with its annexes, is attached at Annex B.

3.        The decisions have been called in for review by the Corporate Services and Climate Change Scrutiny Management Committee (Calling-In) by Cllrs Hollyer, Hook and Smalley, in accordance with the Constitutional requirements, and on the basis of the detailed reasoning set out in Annex C attached.




4.      In accordance with the requirements of the Constitution, the calling-in Members have been invited to attend and/or speak at the Calling-in meeting, as appropriate, together with relevant Executive Member(s) and Officer(s).



5.           The Committee must follow the practice for dealing with called in business set out in the Scrutiny Procedure Rules in Appendix 5 of the Constitution. After debate and all contributions have been heard, the Chair will invite each Member of the Committee to state whether they consider the core principles identified in the Call In Request (Annex C) have been breached or not. 

6.           In the event of the majority of Members finding no breach, the call in request will be immediately closed with no further action unless the Committee identifies any areas worthy of future exploration by the scrutiny function.

7.           In the event of the majority of Members finding a breach, the called in decision will be referred back in full for further consideration at the next appropriate meeting of the Executive.



8.           Members need to consider any breach specifically identified in the Call-In Request in relation to the original report to the Executive and the consequential decision made.  As stated in the options identified above, the Chair will then guide the Committee on the constitutional requirements for handling the meeting and culminating in the Committee determining its position on any breaches.  


Council Plan

9.           There are no direct implications for this call-in in relation to the delivery of the Council Plan and its priorities for 2023-27.


10.    There are no known Financial, HR, Legal, Property, Equalities, or Crime and Disorder implications in relation to handling the call in of the issue under consideration.

Risk Management


11.    There are no risk management implications associated with the call in of this matter.


12.    Members’ views are sought on the Call In Request and specific breaches identified in Annex C.


Reason:      To enable the called-in matter to be dealt with efficiently and in accordance with the requirements of the Council’s Constitution.



Contact Details


Dawn Steel

Head of Democratic Services

Tel: 01904 551030

Chief Officer Responsible for the report:

Bryn Roberts

Director of Governance

Tel: 01904 555385





Report Approved








Wards Affected:  All






For further information please contact the author of the report




Annex A – Extract from the Decision Sheet produced following the Executive Meeting held on 14 September 2023, setting out the decisions made on the called-in item.

Annex B – Report of the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Finance Officer to the Executive Meeting on 14 September 2023, 2023/24 Finance and Performance Monitor 1.

Annex C – Call in Request from Councillors, Hollyer, Hook and Smalley.