Name of consultation

Start date xxx

End date xxx

What are we consulting on?

Overview of the proposal, purpose of the consultation, what’s been already agreed, if resident feedback can influence the decision and / or implementation plan, how the consultation maps to the Engagement Framework Contact Business Intelligence Team

The benefits of the proposal

Include any reduced cost to the council, align benefits to the Four Core Commitments (Equalities, Affordability, Climate, Health)

What council policies impact on the proposal?

Are there council, regional or national policies that already cover an aspect of the proposal?  Has resident feedback already informed a related proposal that you can use to inform this one?  What other policy considerations are there?
Contact Policy Team

Is this consultation contributing to the development of a Human Rights and Equalities Impact Assessment?

If there is an impact on any of the protected characteristics then a HREIA will be needed to confirm how the different ways to provide feedback takes different needs into account.  Contact Equalities

Who is the consultation for?

The audience - Contact Communications Team
Examples might include:

·        Residents

·        Businesses

·        Different protected characteristics

·        Visitors

·        Community Organisations

·        Councillors

·        Public Transport Providers


If all residents, how will you ensure inclusive and accessible?
Contact Access Team


How are you designing your questionnaire?

Before you start writing your questionnaire it is important you are clear about the main aims and objectives. These should then help you to develop your questionnaire more easily and ensure that you are asking questions that will give you the information that you need.

Guidance is available on the intranet (Consultations and Engagement section).

All consultations that are city-wide should be discussed with, and approved by the relevant portfolio holder. 

How to comment
Contact Communications Team for guidance Prepare a comms plan

List the different accessible ways of collating resident feedback, for example: 

·        Printed copies of the survey are available in ..., at the following locations ...

·        Letters including the survey are being sent direct to ...

·        Link to online survey

·        Focus groups / 121 interviews

·        Community group workshops

·        Public space consultations eg. in high streets, parks, etc.


Accessible communications
Contact Communications Team for guidance

Thinking about the different audiences you have identified, what accessible communications and consultation documents will you provide? for example:

·        Alternative language

·        British Sign Language (BSL) instruction video

·        Video with audio description and subtitles

·        Easy Read

·        Braille, large print and audio

·        Video Relay Services (VRS)


What happens to my views?

Summarise from privacy statement prepare the privacy statement
How will you share the collated feedback and difference it’s made?
Contact Information Compliance Team



What happens next?

When will the feedback be collated, analysed and published?
Which decision is it going to? (prepare forward plan entry)
Contact Democratic Service Team


Further information

·        Link to service / decisions already made / reports that support

·        Link to accessible formats of consultation documents (see above)