We live at Bishopthorpe Road and have been happy about the introduction of RPP in this area - it has certainly eased the problem of finding somewhere to park near our property.


The only concern I would raise is that there are still several motorists who choose to ignore the regulation, particularly at times when they think they are unlikely to get caught - this is mainly evenings and weekends.


I have tried reporting these issues to the parking hotline but have little confidence in their ability to respond.  For example two vehicles have been parked in this stretch of road this afternoon/evening (for over three hours) that I sincerely doubt have permission to do so


If the system is to work then drivers must be made to understand that there are consequences for ignoring regulations - that is clearly not the case if there are times when they can ignore them with impunity - just as the majority treat the 20mph speed limit on this street.


This happens, every single day on Bishopthorpe Rd, on the bus route.


The motorist rules in York, we know. Here s/he blocks five modes of none-private car transport: walking; wheelchair; pram; cycle and bus. All for the sake of leaving their empty metal private transport where it is convenient, for them. The bus cannot pull into the curb to accommodate those with mobility issues who wish to get on. They have to go into the road, which is thus blocked for cyclists.


As I say, this happens every day on this stretch.


Last week new parking restriction signs were erected in all the streets around our GP surgery on Bishopthorpe Road. It had become obvious that the number of cars parked on the roads and pavements were creating a hazard for road users and pedestrians so I have some sympathy for the Council's decision.

However it is not at all clear how our doctors, staff and patients are supposed to manage the parking restriction of 10 minutes maximum stay. Although there is a bus stop near the surgery, there is no public car park nearby for patients or their relatives.

Some of our patients are unable to travel by public transport anyway either due to infirmity (temporary or permanent) or because they have symptoms suggestive of covid and are not allowed on public transport. We use this surgery as a 'hot hub' for assessing patients with possible covid symptoms as per NHS guidelines and we have no other suitable premises to do this. How are they now supposed to attend the surgery safely?

The medical staff who work at the surgery are required contractually to have transport immediately available in case they are required to visit a patient. It is in the GP contract that we have to provide a visiting service for assessing patients where this is required on medical grounds. Some but not all the staff use bicycles but this is not always practical considering that we often have to carry life-saving equipment, and the contractual requirement to visit is not waived if the weather is very poor. Where do you suggest the medical staff park their cars where they can access them quickly if they need to attend a patient in an emergency (This is a fairly common circumstance when we are caring for palliative care patients at end of life where an emergency ambulance would be inappropriate).

I suppose the restrictions have been applied to prevent people parking up and going into town to work all day. Is it possible to look at allowing some sort of relaxation on this restriction in terms of making allowances for workers and patients at our surgery? Otherwise we will be unable to provide some of our core medical services as required by our contract or our patients will suffer by being unable to come to see their GP