Decision Session – Executive Member for Economy & Transport


11 July 2023

Report of the Director of Environment, Transport and Planning


Bishopthorpe Road Experimental TRO Res Park




1.        The report is prepared to review the Experimental TRO introduce a ResPark Area (24/7), allowing 60 minutes parking for non-permit holders, in the following streets:

·        Bishopthorpe Road between Balmoral Terrace/Beresford Terrace and Campleshon Road/Reginald Terrace;

·        Balmoral Terrace between Bishopthorpe Road and Montague Street.



2.        The Executive Member is asked to:

          i.         Approve the making of the permanent Order, so the Residents’ Priority Parking will continue to operate as it has during the experimental Period.

This will provide permit parking for residents, with an availability of parking for 1 hour for Non-Permit Holders, such as visitors and patients of the surgery.

        ii.         Approve an amendment to the R58 Residents Priority Parking Scheme to allow Medical Practitioners from Gillygate Practice, Southbank Medical Centre, 175 Bishopthorpe Road to apply for Doctors Permits.


Reason: This will help the local surgery provide a more efficient patient service.





3.      The Experimental TRO was introduced in response to concerns expressed by the resident in the consultation period of the draft Order as the marked parking bays which were originally considered for the area, which were not seen to provide a sufficient area for the residents. The introduction of allowance for 1 hour parking for Non-Permit Holders was to address the need for visitor parking but also with consideration of the operation of surgery on the corner of Bishopthorpe Road/Balmoral Terrace.


4.      Bishopthorpe Road between Balmoral Terrace and Campleshon Road, has not historically had a residents parking scheme. Along this section vehicles are parked on both sides of the road, given the limited width of the carriageway, this results in footpath parking, which also restricts width of the footpath in the area. The inclusion of the area within the Residents Parking Zone on an Experimental basis was introduced to obtain a clear picture on if parking on both sides of the road was required for residential needs.




5.        The original proposal was to introduce marked bays with sections of ‘No Waiting at any time’ restrictions (Annex A). The residents along this section of Bishopthorpe Road were of the opinion was that this would reduce the availability of parking to an insufficient level. The plan was then amended to include parking on both sides of the street and provide 60-minute parking for non-permit holders, on an experimental basis, so the Council could review the parking habits of the residents and visitors.


6.        The Experimental Order was for 18 months and allows for residents to provide comments/representation on the live scheme. This gives the Council real life data on who the proposal operates. The Council received three representations (Annex B) in relation to the area of Experimental Traffic Regulation order following the extension of the R58 Residents Parking Scheme, one was from a resident of that section, there was also a complaint that this would make the bus stop inaccessible and the other one was from the Surgery with the area.


7.        The resident commented that they were happy with the introduction of the scheme, which had eased the parking pressures that residents had previously complained about. The resident did raise concerns that the scheme will only be as successful as the enforcement that is undertaken, which is the case with all parking restrictions and the Civil Enforcement Officer do respond to complaints quickly.


8.        A resident did raise a concern about the parking on both sides of the road does create an issue for the bus service as it makes the stop inaccessible with vehicles parking too close to the stand, meaning that the bus needs to load/unload passengers on the carriageway. The Experimental Order would do nothing to ease this issue, as there is still availability of parking the full length.


9.        The local surgery raised concerns about patient access to the surgery and the access of their doctors/nurse as they do move around the different surgeries within the group and maybe required to undertake home visits. The resident’s Parking scheme did not allow for doctors/nurses to apply for permits other than community permits which should only be used when undertaking home visits and not eligible to be used when visit their regular place of work. They have requested to be included within the eligibility of the zone.


10.    There was also a concern about patient access to the surgery, but the area of the Experimental Order provides available parking for non-permit holders for 1 hour, which should give sufficient time for appointments.


11.    The Council did also receive number of representations about the area of the permanent extension of the R58 Residents’ parking scheme, which were outside of the scope of this experimental Order, these related to:


·        Late notification of start date of the scheme

·        Changes to historic signage, due to changes to zone entry/exit points

·        Neighbouring streets not able to apply for permits


These issues were outside the scope of this report, so those comments have not been considered within this report. Although if the recommended option is approved, it is proposed to review the signage for the whole area, to ensure the area has adequate signage to undertake enforcement of non-compliance.



12.    Option 1: Approve the making of the permanent Order, so the Residents’ Priority Parking will continue to operate as it has during the experimental period. This is the recommended option, as it will provide permit parking for residents, with an availability of parking for 1 hour for Non-Permit Holders such as visitors and patients of the surgery.


13.    Option 2: Remove the area from the Residents Parking Scheme and do not approve the making of the permanent Order, which will remove the availability for Residents’ Priority Parking from within the Experimental Traffic Regulation order area. This is not the recommended option as it will create an area of unrestricted parking in the middle of the Residents Parking Scheme, which would be against the wishes of the residents.


14.    Option 3: Approve the making of the permanent Order and propose a formal review of the area to introduce ‘No Waiting at any time’ Restrictions, to reduce the availability of parking for residents. This would help to remove the requirement of footpath parking, along this stretch of highway. This is not a recommended option as it would not listen to residents.


15.    Option 4: Approve an amendment to the Residents Parking Scheme to allow Medical Practitioners from Gillygate Practice, Southbank Medical Centre, 175 Bishopthorpe Road to apply for Doctors Permits. This is a recommended option as it will help the local surgery provide a more efficient patient service.




16.    The recommended option to make the area of Residents’ Parking permenant will listen to the views of the residents and provide a larger available area for residents parking whilst also providing access for parking to the nearby surgery, although this will still create and issue of footpath parking. 


17.    The concern about footpath parking in this location has been raised due to safety concerns relating to safe routes to school. Following the introduction of the Experimental Order, officers undertook initial observations of the area, which showed the area continued to be heavily parked on by residents but as the scheme has bedded in some residents of the experimental area have begun to park their vehicles in neighbouring streets, which has reduced the demand on the area.


18.    Council Officers did undertake a survey of the area, which did show a reduction in parking along the area.  The available level of parking along the section of road is dependent on how considerately the vehicles are parked. 


19.    The area was surveyed on 21 September 2022, at 10am and 10.30pm, to help review the level of parking along the stretch of road. The survey data (below), shows that the parking levels along the section was not at capacity. The vehicle details highlighted green in the survey data are vehicles that were parked in the area in the AM and PM.




20.    The availability of residential parking for this section has been of benefit for the residents, therefore any removal of the residents parking would have a negative effect on the residents along this section, as it provides an area of unrestricted parking in the middle of the residents parking.  This would also remove the availability of parking on the adjacent streets for resident of that section of Bishopthorpe Road, this would lead to all residents returning to park along that section of Bishopthorpe Road and an increase in footpath parking.


21.    The proposed introduction of availability of Doctor Permits for medical practitioners at South Bank Surgery, Gillygate Practice, would help to provide a better service from the practice. If they have an emergency home visit to undertake but need to walk 20 minutes to the vehicle, this would have a negative impact on response time and potentially result in more 999 calls for ambulances which would have an impact on an already stretched service.


Council Plan


22.   The Council Plan has Eight Key Outcomes:


·      Well-paid jobs and an inclusive economy

·      A greener and cleaner city

·      Getting around sustainably

·      Good health and wellbeing

·      Safe communities and culture for all

·      Creating homes and world-class infrastructure

·      A better start for children and young people

·      An open and effective council


23.   The recommended proposals contribute to the Council being an open and effective Council as it responds to the request from the residents in a positive way.





24.    The report has the following implications:


Financial The scheme is already operational, so planned costs for additional signage, although the review of signage in the area may create a charge, which will be funded from the Council Signing and lining budget if required. The ongoing enforcement and administrative management will need to be continued to be resourced from the income generated by the permits.


Human Resources The enforcement would fall to the Civil Enforcement Officers, this would not constitute an extra demand on their workload, as they are already enforcing the restriction.


Equalities The impact of the proposals on protected characteristics has been considered as follows:

·    Age – Positive, as the availability of doctor Permits for the local surgery, will increase response times for home visits and make a more efficient service for people of all ages;

·    Disability – Neutral as Blue Badge holders can park in Residents Parking areas for 3 hours for free and if they live locally, they can apply to have a bay provided outside their homes if required;

·    Gender – Neutral;

·    Gender reassignment – Neutral;

·    Marriage and civil partnership– Neutral;

·    Pregnancy and maternity – Neutral as no changes are recommended to take place;

·    Race – Neutral;

·    Religion and belief – Neutral;

·    Sexual orientation – Neutral;

·    Other socio-economic groups including :

o    Carer - Neutral (see Disability);

o    Low income groups – Neutral;

o    Veterans, Armed Forces Community– Neutral.


Legal – The Residents Parking scheme will continue to beenforced by CYC Civil Enforcement Officers and included within the Legal Traffic Regulation Order  


Crime and Disorder – no Crime and Disorder implications identified


Information Technology – no implications identified


Property – no Property implications identified


Other –no other implications identified


Risk Management – In compliance with the Council’s risk management strategy there is an acceptable level of risk associated with the recommended option.




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Darren Hobson

Traffic Management Team Leader


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James Gilchrist

Director of Environment Transport & Planning


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Background Papers:


Report to Executive Member for Transport on 22nd June 2021; Residents’ Parking in South Bank – Response to Draft Order (






Annex A – R58 Option

Annex B – Representations received for ETRO