Executive Members and Portfolios: May 2023


Leader of the Council and Executive Member for Corporate Services, Policy, Strategy and Partnerships (including Devolution)

Cllr Claire Douglas, with responsibilities for:

Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Economy and Transport

Cllr Peter Kilbane, with responsibilities for:

·         Economic Development and Strategy

·         Regeneration

·         High Streets

·         Business Friendly Council and Business Support

·         Skills Development and Apprenticeships

·         Civil Engineering and Highways

·         Cycling Infrastructure

·         Parking Services and Parking Strategy

·         Transport Strategy

·         Travel Planning

·         Highways Strategy

·         Taxi Licensing (in conjunction with Chair of Licensing)

·         Street Lighting

·         Digital Infrastructure

·         Local, Regional and National Transport Infrastructure

·         Fleet Management

·         Emergency Planning

Executive Member for Finance, Performance, Major Projects and Equalities

Cllr Katie Lomas, with responsibilities for:

·         Customer Services

·         Bereavement and Registrar

·         Human Resources and Payroll

·         Equalities

·         ICT

·         Information Management

·         Financial Management and Strategy

·         Investment and commercialisation

·         Financial Procedures and Risk Management

·         Financial Inclusion

·         Performance and Business Assurance

·         Procurement Services and Commissioning

·         Asset Management

·         Operational Accommodation

·         Facilities Management

·         Health and Safety Operational Standards

·         Major Project delivery

Executive Member for Housing, Planning and Safer Communities (including the Local Plan)

Cllr Michael Pavlovic, with responsibilities for:

·         Community Consultation and Engagement

·         Ward Committees

·         Community Centres

·         Volunteering

·         Parish Council liaison

·         Planning Policy, Conservation and Urban Design

·         Neighbourhood Planning

·         Planning and Development Management

·         Building Control

·         Housing

·         Tenant Engagement

·         Homelessness

·         Fraud

·         Community Safety and Safer Neighbourhoods

·         Safer York Partnership

·         Police liaison

·         Anti-Social Behaviour

·         Licensing Policy (in conjunction with Chair of Licensing)

·         Community Cohesion

·         Prevent



Executive Member for Children, Young People and Education

Cllr Robert Webb, with responsibilities for:

·         Children’s Social Care

·         School Improvement and Organisation

·         Children and Families

·         Early Intervention and Local Area Teams

·         Youth Support Services

·         School Place Planning

·         Children’s Safeguarding

·         Special Educational Needs

·         Children’s Centres and Early Years

·         Youth Offending

·         Poverty

Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Adult Social Care

Cllr Jo Coles, with responsibilities for:

·         Leisure and Sport

·         Tourism

·         Arts, Music, Culture and Heritage

·         Libraries

·         Adult Education and Lifelong Learning

·         Health and Social Care Integration

·         Public Health and Health Inequalities

·         Substance Misuse

·         Mental Health Services

·         Domestic Violence

·         Services for Carers

·         Adult Social Care and Safeguarding

·         Local Area Co-ordination

·         Assessment and Personalisation

·         Residential, Home and Respite Care

·         Older People

·         Learning Disabilities




Executive Members for Environment and Climate Change

Cllr Jenny Kent and Cllr Kate Ravilious (job-share), with responsibilities for:

·         Flood Protection

·         Community Environment Team

·         Waste Management and Recycling

·         Street Environment

·         Environment Strategy

·         Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity

·         Air Quality

·         Climate Change and Sustainability

·         Parks and Open Spaces