16 March 2023

Report of the Corporate Director of Adult Social Care and Integration

Portfolio of the Executive Member for Adult Social Care & Public Health


Market Position Statement




1.   The purpose of the market position statement (MPS) is to inform and shape the care market. This includes articulating what we, as an authority, would like to see developed further and what services we would like to see a reduction of.  The market position statement is the start of a market shaping process to ensure services meet the needs of our population; whilst taking into consideration our model of delivery and financial constraints.  Market shaping is a legal requirement as part of the Care Act (2014) and is aimed to understand our local care market and stimulate a diverse range of care and support services to ensure that people and their carers have choice over how their needs are met and that they can achieve the objectives that are important to them. 




1)   The Executive is asked to:
Note the content of the market position statement


2)   Approve the market position statement   

Reason: A market position statement is a key element of market shaping and market shaping is a legal requirement (Care Act 2014)


3)   Delegate authority to agree any minor amendments to the Corporate Director of Adult services and Integration and Councillor Runciman Executive Member for Adult Social Care & Public Health


Reason: The document is a complete document however it may need some minor amendments prior to publishing.  These amendments will be based on feedback from internal & external stakeholders and will be slight, with little impact on the document that is being presented.




3.   The rationale for the market position statement is to encourage commissioners, people who use services, carers and provider organisations to work together to explain what care services and support is needed and why. As the Institute for Public Care says, it is important to understand that a Market Position Statement (MPS) is the start, not the end point of a process of market facilitation as engagement with the market is essential in being able to shape provision and ensure a variety of services available. 

4.   The market position statement will play a fundamental role in shaping the market in meeting current and future needs.  Market shaping is an essential element of commissioning & procurement and forms an important part of what a council must do to help to make sure that there are different types of service and support available.  The MPS is intended to help all current and future providers of social care and community healthcare understand the care changes that the Council and health partners anticipate, as well as the potential opportunities for the market to innovate and improve future service delivery.

5.   We are obligated by the Care Act (2014) to ensure the care market is sustainable, diverse, and high-quality. A step to be able to achieve this is through market insight and market shaping.  Market shaping means that we will collaborate closely with partners to encourage and facilitate the whole market.  The core activities of market shaping include engaging with stakeholders to understand supply and demand, articulating likely trends that reflect people's changing needs and aspirations, based on evidence and signalling to the market the kinds of services required to meet them. This includes encouraging innovation, investment, and continuous improvement.



6.        The MPS has been developed internally by the Head of all-age commissioning & contracting.  Consultation on the MPS has taken place across both internal and external stakeholders including adults and integration, children’s, public health, housing, finance and ICB partners.


7.        Prior to publication the market position statement will be share with providers and the independent care group.       



1.   Approve the market position statement  

2.   Do not approve the market position statement




8.   1) This would ensure that the council fulfils the statutory responsibilities, as market shaping and market engagement is a requirement of the Care Act (2014).  The Care Act states, "local authorities should take the lead to engage with a wide range of stakeholders and citizens in order to develop effective approaches to care and support, including through developing the JSNA and a Market Position Statement".  Approving the MPS would also ensure the market is engaged and aware of the priorities of the Council including the model of care.  This is vital in being able to meet need as well as control costs.   

9.   2) Not approving the market position statement will have a negative impact on the care market, its provision and cost.  Without market engagement, the market will react in a way that is not evidence based and may not be aligned to the priorities of City of York Council.  A lack of market engagement and shaping may see needs not being met as services will not be available as the market will have no insight into our priority areas.  Without market engagement and shaping the costs of care provision will also increase as the market requires strong direction setting with clear measurable outcomes and outputs.      


Council Plan


10.    The Market Position Statement directly supports the achievement of the Council Plan 2019-2023 outcome areas as below:


·        Good health and wellbeing

By ensuring services are provided that meet the needs of the population





·           Financial

There are no financial implications to the MPS. 

·           Human Resources (HR)

There are no human resource implications.


·           One Planet Council / Equalities

There are no negative implications on equalities/one planet council


·           Legal

It is a requirement of the Care act (2014) to have a market position statement.

·           Crime and Disorder

There are no implications on crime and disorder


·           Information Technology (IT)

There are no implications on IT


·           Property

There are no implications on property


·           Other

There are no know other implications


Risk Management


8.    An equality impact assessment has been carried out which showed a positive impact across all protected characteristics.


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