We refer to your letter dated 21 October 2022 notifying York City Rowing Club of the proposed restrictions along West Esplanade.

We believe that the proposed restrictions between Lendal Bridge and the 'old White Gate' approximately 150 upstream of York City Rowing Club are unnecessary and as such object to them. We believe the current arrangements (No Parking between 8am & 6pm) are adequate provided they are enforced. It seems to us that the lack of enforcement is the issue. The change in the restrictions will not make any difference if they are not enforced.

We would support the introduction of the new restrictions upstream of the old white gate. We note that cars are parking on the triangle of grass adjacent to the car park and we would support measures to prevent this. This parking is causing damage to the patch of land and we would agree it is a nuisance. Ironically we do not believe that the proposals will address this.

We would also support measures to prevent cars travelling above the old gate but note that any such measures would need to be removable to allow access to York City Rowing Club when the Lendal Bridge flood gates are closed. Such bollards are already used to allow access through the Esplanade Car Park and are effective.

We would like to understand how the proposals will affect the 5 events we host on the river each year. We park boat trailers on the road above the Old White Gate. Would we be able to have an agreement whereby we can do this or would we need to apply for a formal suspension on each occasion?

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact ourselves.