Annex C

Details of Proposals


Location: The Hollies, Stockton on the Forest

85th %ile speed: no data

Background information

A new short cul-de-sac development (boundary in red) off an existing 20mph zone (black boundary) outside a school. The road has also recently become adopted highway. The length of new road does not lend itself to speeds over 20mph. If not included in the 20mph zone there would be requirement to install 30mph signs heading into the new estate which would most likely be viewed as ridiculous and reflect poorly on the local authority.

Details of responses from consultation 01 to 21/10/2022:

Responses in favour – 1; against – 0.


Supportive of the extension of the 20mph speed limit to The Hollies which obviously avoids a ridiculous situation where the Hollies has a higher limit than the adjoining section of The Village -- however your proposal mentions "introduction of the respective speed limit with associated signage" - can you give more details on this signage and its location in the street? (Has been provided).

Officer Comments: Implement as advertised: An appropriate approach in the circumstances.

Police Comments: No issues.

CYC Highways Engineer Comments: No issues.










































Location: A1079 Dunnington

85th %ile speed: As below.

Background information

This is part of the primary road network York and Hull route. The existing speed limit is 60mph and this reduces to 40mph as it passes the built-up area of Dunnington that fronts on to the road. The request is for the 40mph to be extended further towards York in order that more drivers will be travelling at that speed when they reach the partially built-up area.

Details of responses from consultation 01 to 21/10/2022:

Responses in favour – 0; against – 4.


I wish to object to the proposed speed limit reduction on the A1079. A reduction to 40mph on this short section of Highway is not what was requested by Dunnington PC or Kexby PC. Requests have been made for a continuous 40mph speed limit along the full length of the CYC section of the A1079 in effect linking the existing 40mph zones at Dunnington with those at Kexby. Those requests have been made not only with regard to road safety but to give drivers a clear and unambiguous speed limit without confusing changes along a relatively short section of road. To have a number of different speed limits, if enforced by NYP, seems to create just the conditions for catching drivers out to increase the chances of fines being issued whereas a continuous speed limit removes these anomalies and leaves no excuses should drivers be caught during enforcement. The current proposal by CYC should be scrapped and the continuous 40mph speed limit as requested by Dunnington PC and Kexby and Scoreby PC progressed to implementation.



I wish to register an objection to the proposal to increase the 40mph zone on the A1079. It is claimed that this proposal is due to “safety concerns”. Who has raised the concerns is not made clear, nor is there any indication of events occurring which might give rise to any concerns.

Having resided on the A1079 for 36 years, I do not consider that any further restriction would be appropriate, and in fact could create further problems for residents on the road. If the 40mph limit is extended, this would tend to create even more of a “convoy” effect of the movement of traffic along the A1079. This might then encourage motorists seeking to exit residences on the road to try and exit into unsuitable spaces in the line of traffic, resulting in accidents. It is very rare indeed for there to be any incident along the section of road concerned ( based on 36 years experience). I would urge the Director of Place to review the proposal again, and hopefully to conclude that the proposal is not appropriate for this location.



The Parish Council requests that the City of York Council progress with reducing the speed limit from 60 mph to 40 mph along the two sections of the A1079 from the Scrap Box layby (point A) to Thornbeck (point B) and the village boundary of Dunnington (point C) to the village boundary of Kexby (point D). (See the attached map)

This will mean that the whole length of the A1079 from the Grimston Bar roundabout to the village boundary at the east side of Kexby (Long Lane) will be a continuous 40 mph speed limit.

This will improve road safety along this whole length of the A1079 by removing speed limit anomalies, and confusion, on what is a very busy arterial route to and from the A64 and York. It will benefit those residential properties, farms and other businesses along this length allowing an easier and safer means of access to and from their properties which will also benefit the road users from a safety point of view as well.

This request will also complement our request to reduce the speed limit from 60 mph to 40 mph on York Road leading from the A1079 to the village boundary of Dunnington.

It will mean that all traffic entering and leaving the A1079, passing through the Parish, and going to and from the village, via York Road and Common Road, will be doing so in a consistent manner on roads all with the same 40 mph speed limit.

The request to reduce the speed limit from 60 mph to 40 mph on the section of the A1079 between the village boundary of Dunnington and the village boundary of Kexby, which is partly in our Parish and partly in Kexby and Scoreby Parish, also supports a similar request from Kexby and Scoreby Parish in respect of this particular section of the A1079.

It will also assist in monitoring and managing the traffic in a much more efficient way.



Kexby & Scoreby Parish Council fully support the below objection submitted by Dunnington Parish Council. Our joint request has always been for a continuous 40mph speed limit from Kexby to Grimston Bar.


Officer Comments: Implement as advertised under an Experimental Traffic Order for a period of 18 months and gather live data. The representations made concern a wider extent of speed limit reduction, which can be kept under review but should not affect the implementation of this section.

Police Comments: We would not support the extension of the 40 limit.  It doesn’t meet the DfT criteria, it’s not clear where the speed data was collected and the existing 40 appears to work well as it is.  There is no history of RTC’s at the north end of the existing 40mph limit.
CYC Highways Engineer Comments: Agrees with Police comment.














Location: Northfield Lane Upper Poppleton

85th %ile speed: As below.

Background information

Whilst the general character of the road sits with the definition of an unrestricted rural road (60mph) this is a dead-end route that only accesses a few properties and two business parks. The section of road adjacent to the Park and Ride site and garden centre currently has a posted speed limit of 40mph.


Details of responses from consultation 01 to 21/10/2022:

Responses in favour – 1; against – none.


You might have seen the press release which shows how pleased I am with the possible introduction of a 30mph limit in Northfield Lane (which I have been requesting for a long time).

Officer Comments: Implement as advertised.   The Implementation will help encourage safe use of the recently introduced cycle and walking path.

Police Comments: North Field Lane, we would support a 40mph limit for the entire length however the road is not appropriate for a Quiet Lane as it is the access route to two industrial estates and not suited to the mixed use that a Quiet Lane is intended to encourage.

CYC Highways Engineer Comments: 85th %ile speeds not in line with a 30mph limit - 40mph?











































Location: North Lane, Huntington

85th %ile speed: As below.

Background information


This is a rural road with few properties or accesses along the bulk of its length. The small built-up section is too short for effective enforcement action to be carried out (it normally needs to be in excess of 400m long). However as there is a junction with the A64 at one end and a bend in the road close to the other end of the built-up section there is a case for posting a 30mph speed limit that the physical features of the road layout and the adjacent properties should encourage a degree of driver compliance rather than them choosing to excessively increase their speed after turning off the A64.

Details of responses from consultation 01 to 21/10/2022:

Responses in favour – 2; against – none.


Many thanks for the letter explaining the proposed introduction of the speed limit. I welcome this new speed limit as cars do speed down this road on a regular basis. However, my questions that I would like responding to are:

- how is this going to be managed as no-one takes notice of the 40mph limit at the top end currently - in fact the sign is completely hidden by overgrown bushes and has been for several years!!!

- there is currently a 7.5T limit on the road - however lorries, wagons and coaches use this route daily. As a resident is it very concerning when your house is shuddering due to the inappropriate traffic down the road. I have lived there for 4 years and have never once seen this being policed/ managed. How do you intend to support the local residents with enforcing this restriction?



Thank you for the notice regarding the 30mph speed limit proposal on North Lane which I support completely. Living on the bend we have had accidents and near misses with drivers coming round too fast and this will make the lane safer for all.

Officer Comments: Implement as advertised. The responses indicate the level of impact for local residents and implementation will make this a safer location for their access onto and from North Lane.

Police Comments: Tbc.

CYC Highways Engineer Comments: Unclear where the speed data was collected, but not in line with a 30mph limit. Likely to be an enforcement problem and reported back via speed concerns. Proposed 30mph is very short, minimum length recommended in Setting Local Speed Limits is 600m.


























Location: Sim Balk Lane

85th %ile speed: As below.

Background information


Approximately 750m long. Lightly built up over much of its length from the existing 30mph position at either end. Whilst the character of the road does fit the general description for an unrestricted rural road it is quite a short length and there are 3 accesses used by students and cyclists accessing the York to Selby cycle  route. Given the short length it is reasonable to assume there is potential for a reduction in vehicle speeds of a few mph.

Details of responses from consultation 01 to 21/10/2022:

Responses in favour – 1; against - none.


Thank you for your letter of 30 September 2022 regarding the proposed introduction of a 40mph speed limit on Sim Balk Lane. I am writing to say how delighted we are at this proposal.

Cars, lorries and buses race up and down the bridge on Sim Balk Lane over the A64. The drive to our house, as well as to Middlethorpe Business Park, is at the bottom of the bridge. I am always anxious when I have to stop to turn right into the drive. There is also the issue of the enormous lorries that thunder up and down the road, day and night, as they use Sim Balk Lane to pass through the village on their way to their base on Acaster Airfield. It would feel much safer to have a speed restriction for the sake of everyone's safety.

Officer Comments: Implement as advertised. As the speed data bears out, and that of my experience when driving this road, 40mph is an achievable objective for traffic and compliments the 30mph at either end of this stretch more appropriately.

Police Comments: We would not support the introduction of a 40mph limit between the existing 30mph limits.  The proposed reduction doesn’t meet the DfT criteria and there are existing excellent off-road cycle and walking facilities.  There is no history of injury RTC’s and reducing the speed limit could introduce an expectation that vehicle speeds are lower than they are which could lead to increased danger.

CYC Highways Engineer Comments: Whilst not in keeping with the environment the speed data suggests we should get good compliance.



Location: Askham Bryan – 2 sites

85th %ile speed: No data.

Background information


Site 1 – Approximately 1km long. The character of the road is rural between the existing 30mph speed limit and the A1237. The length of road and existing speed surveys indicate there is no real prospect of reduced vehicle speeds being achieved. However the start of the village 30mph speed limit is very close to the built up area and this could be extended by 100m which may lead to better compliance at the start of the built up area.

Site 2 - Partially street lit around the collage area hence this length should be signed as a 30mph or be in the TRO as unrestricted but it isn’t and is therefore incorrect. The remaining short length of road heading into the village is rural in character. Taking these factors and the existing speeds recorded into account it is reasonable to assume there is scope for a reduction in vehicle speeds of a few mph if a 40pmh is introduced from the roundabout to the 30mph and extend the 30mph by 50m from the existing start point near a playground entrance.


Details of responses from consultation 01 to 21/10/2022:

Responses in favour – 6; against – 2.


May I ask what national speed limit the highways says does apply along this section of road at present? 60mph because it is a clearway or 30mph because of the street lighting along this section? The last traffic survey listed it as 30mph! I ask why the highways department want to raise the speed limit to 40MPH along this section and their reasons for doing so?  I object most strongly to this increase. This section has heavy daily pedestrian usage from the bus stop near the roundabout to the College entrance by students of the college and villagers going to the bus stop. If this increase goes ahead the highways department are increasing dangers along this section of road and not reducing them.



I support your proposed speed limits into and out of the village however, my own view is that it would be appropriate and sufficient to also impose a 40 mph limit along Askham Bryan Lane.



I am also pleased that you propose introducing 30mph buffers around Askham Bryan village, especially the one leading out of the village on Askham Fields Lane.  The previous chair of Askham Bryan Parish Council asked me to get additional 30mph signs on Askham Fields Lane to stop vehicles accelerating to 60 as soon as they saw the sign and when they were well within the village proper, especially since the sign is very near to the access to the playground.  Extending the 30mph speed should stop this happening – I hope!


You will have received some complaints about your proposal from a few Askham Bryan residents, especially some who live in Askham Fields Lane within the college boundary, wanting the limit beside the college to be 30mph.  This is because, at the recent public inquiry into the permanent closure of the footpath blocked by the zoo in Askham Bryan College, Alison Newbould said that it was perfectly safe to redirect pedestrians onto the footpath alongside the highway because the speed limit was 30mph as demonstrated by the streetlights.  The residents and I disputed her assertions, but she was adamant that she was correct.


Your proposed speed reduction proves that we were correct, but residents would prefer the speed alongside Askham Bryan College to be reduced to 30mph because that is what we were told and because pedestrians are often forced into the highway due to cars being parked on the footpath.  I presume that the inspector made his decision to close the footpath through the college on the basis that the speed was 30mph, believing CYC officers over residents.



I am in receipt of your note regarding the proposed changes to the

speed limit along Askham Fields Lane~ First of all let me say I

welcome your proposals and thank you for finally doing something

about the speed which traffic enters and leaves the village~ I have

campaigned to the Council for some time about this as I live in the

first~ or last~ house on Askham Fields Lane depending on whether you

are coming into the village from the College roundabout or leaving it~

and I can tell you the speed many vehicles pass my house is

dangerously well above the current speed limit~ they basically ignore

the speed limit signs~ For example ~and I have informed the Council

of this~ I followed a tractor pulling a fully loaded 13 tonne trailer

passed my house ~and the 30mph sign~~ entering the village at over

40 mph~ If a child had run out of the play park opposite my house that

tractor could not have stopped~ And when we did the village speed

check the local school bus was also clocked at 42mph in the 30 mph

speed zone~

And so my question is~ what will be done to monitor the speed of the

traffic~ I still firmly believe a ramp adjacent to the 30 mph sign and

one near the junction to Main Street would solve the problem~

However if this will not be implemented~ then illuminated speed

signs showing the speed of vehicles would help~ I fear that if just

ordinary 40 & 30 mph signs are put up they will be ignored just as

they are now.



I am writing to you regarding proposals for speed Limits on Askham Fields Lane as indicated on the attached which we discussed at our Parish Council meeting last night.

The total distance from the roundabout to Askham Bryan Main Street is

0.7 miles and the proposals would leave three different speed limits along this stretch (30mph, then 40mph and then back to 30mph).

We feel that this leads to confusion about the correct speed limit and drivers would struggle to comply due to the uncertainty caused.

We favour a simpler approach, i.e. 40mph from the roundabout, past the turning for Askham Richard dropping to 30mph as you reach our Recreational Area. There are no residential properties prior to the village and don't see the need for the 30mph restriction on the earlier stretch, we do not support a 30mph restriction past the college.

We request repeater signs at frequent intervals to ensure motorists are clear about the speed limit as they make their journeys.

Having revisited the attached document, we wish to clarify that we support the proposals as stated in paragraph 13 thus creating two speed limits on Askham Fields Lane, 30mph from the southern kerb line of Main Street along Askham Fields Lane to a point 320m south of this point and 40mph thereafter to the roundabout.

Further to our email below, at our meeting last month, we wish to restate our position that we do not support a 30mph speed restriction by the college and feel that a 40mph restriction as far as the village is not only more appropriate, but also less confusing than multiple speed restrictions.



Thank you for the communication regarding the above.  Both residents and the Parish Council have worked long and hard to extend any current speed restriction for years so that this comes as a very welcome proposal.

Any extension of the current 30mph will I hope be an improvement and we would welcome any measures to actually enforce the speed restriction.  I also see that it is a proposal to restrict the speed to 40 mph from the roundabout at the A64/1237 junction, has consideration been taken that this runs directly past the Agricultural College (an education establishment) many of which have 20 mph restrictions.  Also between the 40 mph and 30 mph will the speed limit remain at 60 (national speed limit)?



I understand that Council is considering introducing a 40 miles per hour speed limit on Askham Fields Lane, Askham Bryan, between the roundabout controlled junction with the A64/A1237 and a point 320 metres south from the projected southern kerb line of Main Street, which according to the Notice, if that Order is made, will revoke the existing statutory speed limit for that stretch of road.

Please take this letter as a formal objection to that Order being made on the part of the College, for the following reasons.

The College’s understanding is that the road from the roundabout controlled junction with the A64/A1237 to a point just past the entrance to the College is in fact subject to a 30 miles per hour speed limit. This is confirmed by the presence of street lighting and lack of speed signage along that stretch of road (Rule 124 of the Highway Code). This was also confirmed to be the case at a recent Public Inquiry (Planning Inspectorate ROW3275982), to which the Council was a party, as the Order making Authority.

Paras 2.1 - 2.4 of the Highway Safety Assessment prepared for that Inquiry states:

2.1 Askham Bryan College is a specialist land-based college located on the west side of York as shown in Figure A1 Appendix A. It is bounded to the east by Askham Fields Lane, to the north by York Road and to the south by the A64(T). To the east there are a range of fields in agricultural use.

2.2 The college provides courses in agriculture, horticulture, and other rural topics to around 5,000 students, both full time and part time. The campus is quite large and includes working farms, a wide range of buildings and car parks as shown at Figure A2 Appendix A.

2.3 The main access for staff, students, visitors and deliveries is from Askham Fields Lane. There is also a vehicular access to York Road to the Horticulture/ Arboricultural/Floristry area and from Askham Fields Lane to the Equine Centre.

2.4 There are 14 private homes on a road, also called Askham Fields Lane, which is served from the main college access.

Paras 2.8 - 2.11 of the Highway Safety Assessment prepared for that Inquiry also states:

Askham Fields Lane

2.8 Askham Fields Lane has a north-south alignment and connects Askham Bryan, a small village, with the A64(T) and the A1237 northern bypass to York. Askham Fields Lane has a carriageway is 5.9m in width in the vicinity of the college. There is a 2.2m wide footway, Image 2.1 refers, on the west (college) side of the road between the A64(T)/A1237 roundabout and the junction with the main collage access; on the east side there is a grass verge. North of the college access there is a grass verge of between 1.1m and 1.3m on the west side and a 1.2m to 1.3m wide footway is on the east side all the way to the village.

2.9 Some 30m south and 45m north of the main college access there are bus stops comprising a pole and flag sign with timetable information. The stops are served by buses between Tadcaster, Easingwold and York.

2.10 Askham Fields Lane has a system of street lighting between the main collage access and the A64(T)/A1237 roundabout junction. North of the college access Askham Fields Lane has no street lighting.

2.11 In the vicinity of the college access no speed limit signs were in evidence, however 30mph signs are present at the southern entrance to Askham Bryan village, with the National Speed limit indicated on the reverse. The street lighting between

the college and the A1237/A64(T) roundabout under Sc81 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act of 1984 means that this section is a restricted road and automatically subject to a 30mph speed limit, unless changed by a traffic regulation order and indicated by signs. It may be that there is an order establishing a speed limit for this section of Askham Fields Lane and the signs are missing. [my emphasis]

As you will no doubt be aware, it has been statistically proven that higher driving speeds lead to higher collision speeds and thus to more severe injuries in the event of an accident.

For the safety of our students and staff who work at the College and who commute using the bus and who walk along that stretch of road, I feel that that stretch of road should in fact continue to be subject to a 30 miles per hour speed limit and not a 40 miles per hour speed limit, as proposed.

The local Parish Council and local residents who live off Askham Fields Lane also support a 30 miles per hour speed limit for that stretch of road and I understand that they will be writing to you independently to confirm this.

Please can you acknowledge receipt of this letter and that the College’s objection has been noted.


Speeding continues to have a profound impact on this part of the village.  From the boundary of my property I am able to view the entire length of the existing 30mph section of Askham Fields Lane and can verify that it attracts both a high volume of through journeys and a significant number drivers who totally disregard the speed limit when entering and egressing the village. I do hope that the scheme, which I trust will include appropriately sited 30mph and 40mph repeater signs, will help in moderating the speed of some drivers.

Officer Comments: Implement as recommended at Site 1 which will provide a ‘buffer’ area prior to the built-up area allowing a greater prospect of traffic reducing speed prior to reaching it.

Implement the extension of the 30mph from the Village as advertised at at Site 2 as this will allow traffic to sufficiently reduce speed prior to the area by the playpark and residences.  Implement a lesser restriction of 40mph to the beginning of the Street Lighting and correctly sign the 30mph from that location to the A64/A1237. As stated by some objectors, there is street lighting which would indicate a Statutory 30mph speed limit, but it appears that this has not previously been signed correctly.

Police Comments:

Site 1.  We would support an extension to the 30mph limit however it would work better if the new limit started at a point where the change in environment was clearly visible which appears to be about 90m from the current 30mph limit. 


Site 2.  There is a system of carriageway lights on the A1237 and the area around the roundabout and the Copmanthorpe intersection, as well as past the college, which all need to be resolved.  We would support the introduction of a 40mph limit from the roundabout to a point approximately 350m from the roundabout, which combined with the reduced speeds on the A1237 roundabout could be expected to work.  We would not support the introduction of a 30mph limit between the two limits as this does not meet the DfT criteria and speeds are not commensurate with a 30mph limit.  We would support a short extension of the existing 30mph limit to cover the access to the play area.  

CYC Highways Engineer Comments: Need speed data before making any firm comments. Site 1 - seems ok, but needs speed data to confirm. Site 2 - For Info - National Highways are looking at scheme at the roundabout to reduce queuing on the A64 Eastbound slip. No issue with the extension for the play area or 30mph from the roundabout past the college. 40mph would need to see speed data.



































Location: Naburn

85th %ile speeds: As below.

Background information


The presence of the entry and exit to the York to Selby cycle /footway immediately to the north of the old railway bridge, which is on the very edge of the village, along with the marina makes it reasonable to assume that drivers will observe a reason for a lower limit and will adjust their speed downwards.

Details of responses from consultation 01 to 21/10/2022:

Responses in favour – 1; against – none.


Naburn Parish Council very strongly supports this scheme and thanks you for getting it through.

Officer Comments: Implement as advertised. There is no footpath in the area of recommendation meaning users leaving the York/Selby foot/cycle way have to use the road. There have also been cycle scheme improvements in this area that further support a reduced limit. The dip under the bridge is a feature that generally results in traffic slowing at this location and implementation will help protect those in residence and those visiting the marina whether on foot or in vehicles.

Police Comments: We would not support the extension to the 30mph limit, the speeds are some way from being commensurate with a 30mph limit and the road does not meet the DfT criteria.  The recorded speeds southbound in the existing 30mph are high and this reinforces the opinion that an extension to the existing 30mph is unlikely to work without long term enforcement.  We have previously supported the introduction of a 40mph limit on this section of work which would be appropriate.

CYC Highways Engineer Comments: Drivers are not obeying the existing 30mph limit, no reason to suspect they will obey the proposed one. 85th%ile speeds in the 60mph confirm that. 40mph instead??











































Location: The Revival Estate

85th %ile speed: No data

Background information


This is a modern estate designed to encourage low vehicle speeds. There is no through route, hence most traffic will either be local residents, visitors/deliveries to the properties or regular users choosing to park here for the collage. There are plans to consult on the introduction of a residents parking scheme which if residents support will lead to a reduction in none resident traffic. Whilst it is unlikely that posting a lower speed limit will influence the actual speed of the regular road users in the estate, the area is similar to the many other purely residential 20mph zones around the city.

Details of responses from consultation 01 to 21/10/2022:

Responses in favour – 2; against - 2.


This is good news.



I have lived at 1, Teachers Close on the Estate since June 2021 living previously in Osbaldwick on Bedale Avenue - this latter area had a 20 mph speed limit implemented (except initially Tranby Avenue).

My observation from Osbaldwick is simply that it made no difference to those in a hurry since there was no enforcement apparent.

The Revival Estate is slightly different in that the roads are shorter and certainly feel narrower which is probably due to the amount of on road parking - during the day partly by college students and in the evening / night by residents returning from work. The level of parking is such that it almost forces drivers to go slowly - I regard this as a benefit of the parking!

Over the last week I have tried to monitor the speed of our car when I or my wife have been driving and because of the parking it is difficult to see how anyone driving sensibly could exceed 20 mph - let alone get to 30 mph.

I have no objection to the replacement of the 30 mph signs with 20mph signs at the sole entrance to the estate but would hate to see more signage within the estate. I do not believe it would have any effect on actual speeds. Unless there is rigorous enforcement it would not deter the odd idiot who thinks he can drive as fast as he likes in an area with mostly families and many children.



Introducing a 20mph limit in the Reviavl Estate area is neither wanted nor needed. Having been a resident here for

over 12 years  - bascially since the Estate was built - we have had no serious speeding accidents - that I am aware of

and no serious speeding. The streets are basically too small for any driver to get chance to get up to the legal 30mph

speed limit comfortably on any of them.  We also have a massive speed hump on the entrance to the estate which slows

most traffic down anyway. In the current economic climate it seems pointless for the Council or Highways commitee to

waste money on such a project when they cannot even maintain the speed humps that  we have - which is in dire need of

re-marking. Extra signage would not be in keeping with the general aspect of the estate which is very pleasant and easy on the

eye to walk through - and the cost of maintaining the signage is also another unecessary expense.  The cost of policing the area for

speed breakers would also be needed and that would be more expense out of the City budget. If you cannot afford to police the

limited zones then there is no point in having them.  I have spoken to several residents in the area - most of whom did not know

this was happening - and every single person I spoke to said it is a bad idea and we don't need it.

I hope this 'objection' is fully raised and that the project is cancelled all together.



With reference to your letter dated 30 September (received 10 October, I strongly reject to this proposal on a number of grounds, including misuse of resources when the council is challenged by economic pressures. I am also disappointed that you are directing residents to support the proposal, when you offer no evidence that will support using council funds on this proposal.

1.      There is no evidence that this residential has a need for these restrictions. To my knowledge, there have been no incidents of any injury or damage relating to speed.

2.      Your letter suggests that signage will ‘encourage’ drivers to adopt an appropriate speed, but does not provide any examples where this approach has been successful

3.      There is lack of evidence, or collaborated reports, of speeding or reckless driving on this estate.

4.      There is no evidence that the introduction of 20mph limit on a residential road would reduce the risk and severity of injuries as a result of collisions between vehicles and vulnerable road users

5.      As a residential area, with not through access, drivers are already restricted to low speeds and this measure is not required.

6.      Speed restrictions are more effective and better targeted to busier roads, where there is a danger to pedestrians and benefits to the environment.

Officer Comments: Implement as advertised. Appreciating the less than positive nature of some of the above comments a 20mph zone is most appropriate for this estate and by those comments is readily achievable. Signage can be ‘tailored’ appropriately so as not to be overly intrusive but legally and practically compliant.

Police Comments: No issues.

CYC Highways Engineer Comments: No issues.





















Location: Towthorpe

85th %ile speed: No data

Background information

The area has seen an increase in properties over the years, due to conversion of barns in to properties, giving the area a more residential feel and increase the number of vehicles along the length of road.

Details of responses from consultation 01 to 21/10/2022:

Responses in favour - 3; against - none.


I received a letter detailed the proposed 30mph limit on Towthorpe road. As a family with two children under school age, we heartily welcome this proposal. I would also like to suggest a pedestrian crossing be installed on Strensall Road by the junction of Towthorpe Road, as traffic on Strensall road gets very busy and it is extremely difficult to cross the road from Towthorpe with two small children, so makes it impossible to get the bus or feel connected with Strensall.



Your lovely project Manager has posted a letter through my door , I also spoke to him . I completley agree with your proposal to reduce the speed on Towthorpe Road .

Myself , partner and three children live at Thorngarth , Y032 9SP. Everyday my children have to cross this road to get to school and they are literally taking thier lives in thier own hands . I have to physically help them cross . We live right on a blind bend and the cars come up the road at such a speed that they would not stand a chance . The same applies when I come out of our drive . Since moving her in March we have had 12 near misses and counting .

I am more than happy to take video footage of what we're experiencing on a daily basis . No care is considered at all for the residents that live here . My eldest son bikes on this road everyday and it is no exaggeration that I panic for him everytime he goes out .

I am honestly praying for the new proposal to come into action . It will be a much welcomed change .

As the older people on this road move on , families are buying these properties . Something has to change.



I would like to comment on the Speed Limit Amendment (no14/14) Order 2022 regarding the lowering of the speed limit to 30mph along a section of Towthorpe Road (C92).

1. I support the proposal on the grounds of road safety and amenity.

2. I request that the review should extend further along the length of Towthorpe Road as far as the boundary with Haxby. The proposed amendment leaves this section of Towthorpe Road as derestricted (60mph) and I request that this is also reduced, to either 30mph or 40mph. My own observations indicate that the 85th percentile speed of this section of Towthorpe Road is around 40mph. The rationale for this request is that:

A) the road currently has safety issues for all road users due to the narrow, unlit and tortuous nature of its’ alignment

B) the road is an important link between Strensall and Haxby for vulnerable road users (cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians) and the nature of the road and restricted speed limit make using this road uncomfortable and hazardous for such users.

C) Towthorpe Road has already experienced increased access activity due to changes of activities of land uses along its’ length and will do so into the future especially if the Haxby Station proposal is implemented.

Officer Comments: Implement as advertised under an Experimental Traffic Order for a period of 18 months and gather live data. This short section of village road has seen increasing use as mentioned above, and by its nature of road layout and residences/population along it is deserving of a reduced speed limit which is likely to be observed and complied with.

Police Comments:  We would not support the introduction of a 30mph speed limit.  The developments associated with the conversion of farm buildings are isolated from the village, the road does not meet the criteria for a 30mph speed limit and there is no speed data attached.  There is an existing footway and the only recorded RTC was a motorcyclist who fell off at low speed on the bend.

CYC Highways Engineer Comments: No data to indicate whether this is suitable. Quick check on streetview suggests not - 40mph, if data agrees.































Location: A19 Shipton Road, Rawcliffe

85th %ile speeds: As below.

Background information

There is a case when considering the guidelines for either a 30 or 40mph (existing) speed limit along a length of road that is 50% built up fronting on to and with many accesses on to the main road. By starting the speed limit where there is a noticeable change in the character of the road a driver should see and respond to the need for a reduction in their speed.

Details of responses from consultation 01 to 21/10/2022:

Directly received responses: in favour – 39; against – 9.

However, also included are responses provided by Cllr. D Smalley as a result of an online survey of local residents. The result were:

In favour – 49; against – 46.


I have been unable to correlate them against emails received directly to eliminate any potential ‘doubling of comments’. As such they are detailed separately below the directly received email comments.


We fully support the reduced speed limit, to 30 mph, that you are proposing. We live opposite York Sport Club and cars often park on the road from Galtres Grove towards the homestead. They are generally attending events at the club or visiting the park which involves getting people out of both sides of the car. The reduction in the speed limit will make it safer for them and for us when we are walking on the paths and exiting our driveway in the car. There is a slight bend in the road at no. 26 and I often worry that with the speed people drive at they won’t see a cyclist or stationary traffic around that bend. The reduction in speed will hopefully reduce this risk drastically.



Whilst I do not disagree with Loweswater Road as a reasonable commencement of the 30mph limit on the approach to Clifton/York. (The current 30mph signs just past Clifton Sports Park are very difficult to see at night time and can be easily missed by drivers unfamiliar with their location. However, to me it would make sense and very little difference to the road user for the 30mph Sign to commence prior to reaching Manor Lane and cease after the Bollards on the approach to the A19/A1237 round-a-bout. With a 30mph speed limit from this location there would be no need for other speed limit signs apart from 20mph Street entrance/30mph exit where appropriate.



My partner and I are residents of Alwyne drive and both are keen cyclists, for fun and as a way of getting to and through town. 30mph would drastically improve what I feel like us currently an intimidating road, especially at night. Cars wizz past cyclists when going at 40, and often break hard when they realise they can't squeeze past a bike when approaching a central reservation. If we as a city are serious about encouraging active transport, reducing pressure on our busy roads and reducing pollution from cars, anything to improve the experience of those keen to walk or cycle instead of drive would be ace!! Children also walk along a stretch of the road to get to bus stops or to the primary school round the back, so again, a slower speed would be good for safety and encouraging more walking. To those worried about a slower speed increasing traffic issues, hopefully any information available would suggest the pinch points for shipton road are Clifton green lights or exiting onto the outer ring road, both of which would benefit from reduced drivers as a result of more walkers and cyclists. I really appreciate those who've pushed for this amendment to be considered, and the council for looking into the possibility. It means a lot to know there are people trying to do good things for our community, health and planet.



This is to confirm our support to reduce the Shipton Road speed limit to 30mph. From a safety, environmental and noise reduction perspective, the reduction to 30mph is needed. We live at the end of Malton Way next to Shipton Road and it can be quite terrifying the speed that some people drive at on Shipton Road. We have seen cars overtaking around the central reservations and cars frequently exceed the 40mph limit. When I drive at 40mph on Shipton Road, cars frequently catch up, sit on my bumper clearly want to go much faster that 40mph. Also, cars heading past the Sports Club where the limit changes from 30mph to 40mph regularly accelerate hard going way beyond the current 40mph limit. There have been a number of road accidents at that part of Shipton Road in recent years. I can see no justification for a 40mph limit on Shipton Road where safety and environmental considerations must take priory. The sooner a 30mph limit is introduced, the safer it will be for all residents. Traffic calming measures may also be needed to change behaviour.



Both my husband and myself would like to support the proposed reduction of speed limit on Shipton Road. I walk down this stretch of road nearly every day and it is clear to see vehicles exceeding the present 40 mile per hour speed limit. At times it does seem quite dangerous particularly now with bikes, electric scooters and pedestrians all using this route. It is an urban area and we fully support this proposal and hope if passed, there will be sufficient monitoring of speeds.



I am flabbergasted that York Council believe they have had a consultation with the residents in the area as this proposal has not been presented to us at all. With all that said, I am in agreement that Shipton Road needs to be made 30mph from the York Sports Club to Loweswater Road. However, there needs to be measures in place to ensure that the speed limit is adhered to. From experience, Green Lane in Rawcliffe was changed from 40mph to 30mph at the Water Lane end and this has never been enforced and traffic still regularly breaks the speed limit.


Additionally, as cyclists, my husband and I find Shipton Road an horrendous road surface to ride on. The tarmac surface is broken near the verge, there are potholes and sunken drains/manholes right in our line of riding. Perhaps another proposal would be to make the road surface suitable for all vehicles or make the northbound footpath wider and made into a foot & cycle path?



Clifton (Without) Parish Council support the proposed introduction of a 30mph speed limit on Shipton Road (A19) but the parish council would like to see the reduction of the speed limit extended along this road and await with interest the outcome of the active travel measures scheme for the A19.



I wish to support the proposal to reduce the speed limit on Shipton Road from 40 to 30mph. We live locally, off Fylingdales Avenue and at times the traffic easily exceeds the present limit of 40mph.



I write to say I am wholly in agreement with a reduction of the speed limit from 40 to 30. I reside at North Lodge, the noise & the vibrations caused by the paasing traffic is very noticable, especially from large vehicles & trailers. I feel sure a reduction in speed would be beneficial to residents & road users.



I would like to enthusiastically support the proposal for the extension of the 30 limit from the Sports club to beyond loweswater road.  This will greatly improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists, improve air quality and reduce noise.



I'm writing in full support of the proposed 30mph speed limit change. Thank you. However, it's frustrating that this is not proposed right up to the A1079 roundabout. It makes sense to lower the speed limit the full length of Shipton Road. Roads are faster and busier and I welcome this change. Pulling out of Alwyne Drive onto Shipton Road is just horrible due to the speed of vehicles coming around the corner. Anything to slow this down must be welcomed and can't come soon enough.



I am writing on behalf of residents in Galtres Grove, Clifton. We fully support the move to reduce the speed limit to 30 mph on the A19 to the proposed new point near Loweswater Road. However we would have much preferred this extension to go right up to the ring road and hope that other consultations will lead to this happening.



This scheme has my support. Would prefer the start of the speed limit to be at the junction with the park and ride and include enforcement of the bus only lane.



As regards to the change from 40mph to 30mph on A19 Shipton Road, good plan which should have been done years ago. Why not take it back to the lights turning into the P&R. When lights turn to green most traffic will not reach 40mph also avoiding to many signs. Is there a traffic management C of P stopping this?



I think the 30 mph limit should continue from the sports club to the roundabout A10 with A1237.



Whilst any speed limit reduction is a good thing, I feel that by not having the 30 limit from the ring road roundabout, and allowing drivers to speed up to 40+, they will be less inclined to slow down again after that short distance, partly because it will catch people out ( having had the 40 in place for such a long time) and partly because people generally don't seem to pay much attention to speed limits anyway! having lived in Alwyne Grove for 35 years I can testify to this. Is there a reason for not having all of Shipton Road from the roundabout limited to 30?

Also there is a considerable amount of pedestrian and cycle traffic crossing the the road by the roundabout to go over the river bridge competing with two lanes of traffic and the busy junction with Manor Lane and all of this in a 40 mph zone.

In conclusion I think that having the 30mph limit all the way from the ringroad makes more sense as traffic has already slowed down for the roundabout, so Is more likely to keep to 30.



We approve the Council's proposal to introduce a 30mph speed limit on the Shipton Road between York Sports Club and Loweswater Road in place of the present 40mph limit.



I would like to give my support to reducing the speed limit on Shipton road to 30mph. I have lived at North Lodge on Shipton road for 18 months and have in that time witnessed speeds by drivers in cars, lorries, motorbikes many doing well over the 40mph speed limit. I walk with my husband nearly every day to Rawcliffe bus depot, due to it now being the only access point to Rawcliffe meadow. I have seen a van crashed into a bus, and also very close calls for pedestrians and cyclists.

During the evening and during the night some speeds of lorries make the apartments shake. So in agreement that its about time that this was changed before there is a very serious incident. The path along the left hand side for pedestrians heading towards Rawcliffe bus lane is too narrow, then becomes non existent. Having to cross is a huge risk for all.

Having stood in the middle of the road at the middle beacon, it's unsafe to do, as traffic is too heavy, fast and scary. I think genuine speed cameras need to be installed, as this route is used by many large lorries, buses, tractors and HGV lorries. I also think a pedestrian crossing is needed, which will also reduce the speed of traffic I see young children daily walking this route to school, with no safe place to cross. I hope I have made my point towards this problem.



I am a resident at number 90 Shipton Road and wish to express my strong support to reduce the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph.

If these proposals are supported and implemented, then I request that there should be consideration to enforcing them with appropriate speed/camera checks along with electronic speed signs warning drivers that they are exceeding the speed limit. The evenings and night-time seem to be worse for speeding due to there being less traffic on the road. I am often woken by my house shaking as a direct consequence of HGV’s travelling at speed along Shipton Road, in particular supermarket deliveries to the town centre. I therefore ask that in addition to reducing the speed limit, that consideration is also taken to enforcement.



I support in principal the proposal to reduce the speed limit for vehicles travelling along Shipton Road between Galtres Road and Loweswater Road however have a few concerns.

1. Why not introduce this limit along a more extended length notably between Rawcliffe park and ride junction and Galtres Grove. It would seem a rather arbitrary length of road along which to introduce a revised speed limit .

2. Why not sort out the proposed bike lanes and consult on this at the same time as the speed limit proposal and then, when the scheme is agreed, implement as an integrated project for bikes, traffic and pedestrians which would arguably be a financial saving to in terms of costs n of signage and road markings installation etc.

3. In view of this slightly random proposal which does not seem to have much rhyme or reason as a stand alone project, I have concerns that there is another agenda in separately introducing tis proposal as an isolated project as once the speed limit is reduced, it would be an opportunity to allow new access points for vehicles and potentially allow development on the riverside side of Shipton Road on the open land / ________________________________________________________


I fully support the principal of the proposed speed reduction ( to 30mph ) on Shipton Road. I very much doubt however that the measures will be self-enforcing, therefore effective, unless there are complimentary measures to " calm " this wide and open stretch of road such as cycle lanes, more frequent and controlled pedestrian crossings with central islands , width reductions , chicane type road layout , tighter lane markings etc etc . The speed reduction therefore needs to be implemented with complimentary measures if it is to have the desired effect.



We are emailing you in support of the proposal to reduce the speed limit to 30mph. It will make crossing over the road to walk our dogs or go to the Sports Club much safer.  Hopefully it will also have an environmental benefit creating less vehicle emissions and noise.



I support the proposal to restrict the speed limit to 30 mph on the above road. But when will we get the new cycling route.



I write to register my support for the proposal to reduce Shipton Road to a 30 mph limit. In my opinion, this is long overdue for safety and environmental reasons. I regularly walk up and down Shipton Road and I am frequently passed by cars, vans and lorries driving at well over 40 mph. It is quite frightening at times, particularly in the evenings when the road is empty. I live on a road off Shipton Road and feel very strongly that this should be a 30 mph limit. My main concern is that those who currently disregard the 40 limit may need a stronger deterrent than new signage to alter their behaviour behind the wheel!

I look forward to hearing that new lower speed limits will be introduced, and enforced in the near future.



Kindly register our support to reduce the speed limit to 30 mph. The three residents at this address fully support this proposal.

In the six years that we have lived here it has become increasingly difficult (at times) to exit Fylingdales onto Shipton Road as many drivers see the 40 mph limit as a licence to drive at 45 or 50 mph.

The existing pedestrian refuges need to be retained but the addition of dedicated cycle lanes would a great advantage as there is a much-increased risk to them at the refuge pinch points.



I am mailing to inform you that I 100% agree with the reduction of the speed limit to 30mph.

This is long overdue. I live at 56 Shipton Road, York and the speed of traffic is disgraceful showing no regard for residents and their safety. The speeding includes large vehicles such as trucks and  lorries and even on occasion , buses.



I am fully in support of the proposal to reduce the speed limit to 30mph along the Rawcliffe section of the A19. This is a dangerous road to walk alongside and to cycle on and this change will help to improve this.


I would ask why it is considered necessary to maintain the existing 40mph section from 165 Shipton Road to the ring road. This will encourage cars in both directions to accelerate to 40mph (and beyond) for a very short distance, resulting in an increase in pollution and noise. There are several junctions and crossings on this section and I can see no reason why it should not also be 30mph.



I Support the proposed speed limit. Wether anyone takes notice if it is a different matter. Many vehicles totallt ignore it.50 mph is quite noticeable with oss 60 mph ofton seen/heard. i cannot recall seeing any speed traps on Shipton Rd. It would be very interesting to see how manu motorists have been fined even in the last year.



I am writing to support the proposed reduction in the speed limit on part of Shipton Road from 40 to 30mph.

I also request that it is extended to the ring road roundabout as the short remaining stretch at 40mph will lead to confusion.

I would also like to see speeds reduced on parallel routes (Eastholm Drive and Rawcliffe Lane) to 20mph and this alternative route also blocked as a through route.



After having received notification about consultation on speed reduction 40 to 30, I'd like to suggest in relation to the planned length road alterations. My suggestion is phasing the road speed reduction rather abruptly 40 to 30 zone, instead reduce the speed from Rawcliffe Park traffic light junction on A19 from 40mph to 35mph At that point. Remain at 35mph till junction of Northholme drive/A19 & Road into Clifton Park hospital at this point reduce road speed to 30mph proposed, reason I believe this be better as at present vehicles approaching Clifton Park at 40mph brake sharply upon seeing 30mph sign increase fuel usage as opposed to a gradual slow down which use less fuel better for the environment.



Rawcliffe Parish Council has asked me to get in touch with regards to the proposed amendments to the speed limits along Shipton Road.

The Parish Council has no objections to the amendments.



Our main concern is cycling safely; when the road markings were redone, large chevroned areas were put in the middle of the road, encouraging cars over to the left, leaving no space for cyclists when the traffic is queuing at peak times. The speed limit seems fine at 40, given that the road is pretty wide, and there aren’t houses on both sides, unlike an area such as Green Lane, where 30 feels more appropriate, however we appreciate that pedestrians may feel more comfortable with traffic at 30.





Whilst considering the speed limit change from 40 to 30 mph on Shipton Road, I urge you to also make Northolme Drive and Southolme Drive into 20 mph zones. Both roads are becoming a rat run, and the increased on street parking is developing a dangerous environment for all road users and pedestrians.



Living at 66 Shipton Rd, we are only too aware of the dangers of the 40 mph limit....every time we try to enter/exit our properties. And the number of near accidents and accidents reported by our neighbours experiencing the same dangers confirms this. We are very supportive of the proposed introduction of the 30 m.p.h. limit.



As a resident of Shipton Road (108), I’d like to say I fully support the proposal to reduce the speed limit on Shipton Road to 30 mph.

It is often difficult to gain access to Shipton Road from our driveway due to the speed of vehicles and the same can be said when turning left into my driveway from Shipton Rd whilst heading towards town.

The speed of cars travelling behind me is often too fast for them to slow down sufficiently without them using an overtaking manoeuvre.

Whilst there is currently a 40mph limit in place, I suspect this is often exceeded and there appears to be very little to discourage this behaviour.



I welcome the proposed reduction in speed along Shipton Road. Currently the road is very dangerous to cross, and many of the traffic islands are not in helpful places being away from the junctions, which means that in bad weather people don’t go out of their way to use them.

I believe that it would be better to start the 30 mph zone at the roundabout so that drivers haven’t built up speed and then are less likely to comply with the limit.



I am totally in support of the proposed speed limit change from 40mph to 30mph on Shipton Road, York. In my view this will make crossing that road much safer for the residents who frequently cross to walk to the river and beyond. As a family of 2 adults and two children we cross this road to access the excellent play park, and nature reserve, as do many other families from the area North East of the Nature reserve.

Many cyclists also use Shipton Road as a commute and being overtaken by a car at 30mph is much more comfortable for the cyclist than 40mph.



Thank you for your letter about the proposal to reduce the speed limit on Shipton Road. This is very welcome and an excellent change! There is no need to drive at 40mins as there are generally congestion at either end anyway. I would also support the introduction of speed cameras to enforce the limit.



Responses against - 9


For the record, I live in Fylingdale Avenue (No 14) and drive along Shipton Rd daily. I am also a keen cyclist and use this road regularly with my bike.  By profession, I am a safety engineer and conduct risk assessments on a frequent basis. I do not support a reduction in the speed limit and believe the current speed limit is appropriate.  I cannot see any credible justification for a change, as the road is wide and I have never felt threatened whilst cycling along the road. I also believe the accident rate on the road is low and I cannot recall seeing any significant safety issue in the 10 plus years I have lived in this area.  I therefore request that you do not support a lowering of the speed limit.



I feel that proposed speed limit change on the A19, Shipton Road is not necessary and judging by the compliance with the current speed limit would not be adhered to and difficult to enforce. There have been no incidents which make this change necessary.



I do not think the speed limit should change from 40mph to 30mph.  I think that the road is currently a safe road and don't believe that changing to 30mph would have improve safety.  Rather that it would ensure cars are kept on the road longer.  I also think it would be costly to change and advertise the fact that the speed limit is changing.  Please divert this expenditure to more immediate needs.

That being said, I do feel that improvements need to be made at the Rawcliffe Park and Ride section of Shipton Road.  Cars that have no intention of using the Park and Ride but use this diversion to jump ahead of the traffic queuing on Shipton Road to access Clifton bridge are causing hostile and uncareful driving.   I would like a system where cars who have not stayed for more than 5 minutes (such as using the car park for P&R, exercise, dog walking or recycling) are notified on exit (if under two minutes) that they have incorrectly used the P&R.  Perhaps a system of logging number plates at entrance point and exit and notifying drivers on exit of misuse".  Council car parks collect number plates and perhaps this or a similar system could help remind drivers to use the Park and Ride appropriately.  I don't feel it would be appropriate to store number plates unless fines were being issued.



As a resident of the area, I am against the proposed reduction. I have lived in the area for over 15 years. What collisions I have seen or witnessed on this stretch of road have not been due to speed, but to poor standards of driving, these being vehicles pulling out of junctions.

Travel around York is difficult and slow enough as it is with any further restrictions. To support the argument for reducing the limit, I'd be grateful if you could provide the details of the number of road traffic collisions on this stretch of road over the past 10 years, and please provide details of whether speed was the primary factor in these collisions. Any data on recorded near misses would also be appreciated as with the greatest of respect to the local counsellors, word of mouth and speaking to a select few locals doesn't constitute an adequate reason for such a change.



My question would be -unless there have been accidents on what would appear to be a section of road that will comfortably sustain a 40mph speed limit- why wouldn't Southolme Drive be subject to further speed restrictions/measures. Southolme has people regularly travelling in excess of 30mph (already a speed unsafe for this street).



I am writing to you to reject the proposal of the reduced speed limit for the following reasons:


1. You are penalising those who actually respect the speed limit. If people abide by the 40mph limit then pulling out onto the road isn't an issue. Its those who excessively speed near 50-60pmh that cause people to complain.


2. Just because you lower the speed limit to 30mph does not mean those who already ignore the speed limit will suddenly start to obey it.


3. I live just off Shipton road and have to pull out onto it multiple times a day. It has never been an issue unless the traffic is backed up half way down due to the ring road roundabout. Which then its because of the drivers being stupid, not the 40mph limit.


4. Those who walk near the road should respect it (more than can be said for the counciler Darryl Smalley posing imminently on the curbside on the York Press website). It doesnt matter if you get hit at 30mph or 40mph. Rather than trying to cover the issue up with a speed reduction, try get to the forefront of the issue which is the people themselves requiring educating.


5. Cars are getting even smarter, have automatic detection of pedestrians for braking, much shorter braking distances than when the speed limits were first introduced.


6. Cars are now designed to protect people in the event of an accident, inside and outside. More so than their equivalent counterparts 20 years ago.


From all the points above, it is clear that the issue lies with the individuals either walking down the road or people driving. Reducing that speed limit will likely cause people to be less aware of their surroundings due to 'switching off' as they believe its now a safe area being a 30mph zone. Target those who dont obey the speed limit. And educate the pedestrians who dont respect that roads are dangerous. I am writing to advise that I object to the planned speed reduction.



The proposed reduction would cause exiting junctions onto Shipton Road harder than it is now with traffic bunching together rather than keep it flowing.


The same can be said of the roundabout traffic at Rawcliffe Bar; the traffic already causes congestion which would be compounded by the speed reduction prior to this.



I understand from our local councillors Derek, Sam and Darryl's flier that there are plans to change the speed limit on Shipton Road.

I would be against that proposal feeling that the road is sufficiently wide enough to continue to accommodate safely the present 40mph restriction. Presumably 40mph is a more fuel and carbon efficient speed for a car to travel at in terms of the environment. I am largely a cyclist myself and use the smaller roads to commute from 8 Eva Avenue YO305TY our property to York Hospital for work as a pharmacist on the wards. However when do use the main road to travel would prefer to have the option of 40mph when safe to do so please.



I disagree with the proposed change. If the aim is to make it safer for cyclists but there are already near parallel off road routes on SUSTRANS. If the aim is to make it safer for pedestrians there is adequate room for additional traffic islands. The road is wide enough for it to work for all road users at the current speed. Reduced vehicle lighting requirements on 30 mph sections could actually make it more dangerous for both groups. This would be a waste of cash in my view, there is no effective policing of speeds and many vehicles includes Goods vehicles and PSVs already break the existing 30 and 40 limits routinely.


Online survey responses:

You cannot currently see the 30 mph limit sign opposite the Sports Club towards Town, at night.  This evening at 9.05pm for example I was tailgated all the way down to the lights because I reduced my speed to 30 (as I am aware of the speed limit) and was nearly driven into and blasted with their horn, because I indicated and turned right but didn't increase my speed so they could get through the lights quicker.  This is not the first time and very upsetting when I leave work.     The 40mph section is often not adhered to either as I feel very pressured to go faster.

Keep it at 40mph, why would you lower it? It’s a safe enough road for 40mph!

I think this would make the road safer and less unpleasant for cyclists.

No leave it as it is. No one does 40mph on that road anyway, they only do 30. Reducing it to 30 means people will do 20! Pointless.

It’s a great idea. There is a children’s play park, a sports club & it is a main route used for children walking to school there. There are a significant number of RTCs along Shipton Road, these would be considerably reduced by this limit reduction.

Keep at 40 mph

I'm against it, we need quicker access to central York, not restricted, slower access, this would bring no benefits in road safety.

Fully agree. It should also be 30 going through Skelton where the current 40 zone is. My house backs onto that part of the a19 and it’s unbearable with the speed lorries go past. The house shakes from when they start going past regularly around 4am. The a19 traffic going through a residential area should be 30mph! All other villages towards Northallerton are 30 so why is Skelton not the same?!

I think it should go ahead and be extended up to the roundabout. Lots of children cross further up to walk or cycle to manor school and it’s dangerous. I also think there should be pelican crossings at points on Shipton road.

I approve, I live nearby and walk along this road with my newborn baby, a 30 mph speed limit would help us feel safer

I think it should go to the ring road

Why , how many accidents have there been? It will have no impact other than more pollution and a cost to the very poor tax payers.

30 to the ringroad

Keep at 40

pointless attempt that will only cause more congestion in York. Make it all 40mph in my opinion the 30mph section is pointless

Waste of money

Terrible. Happy with the speed limit as it is thank you very much

Why? It's a reasonably straight bit of road which is safely negotiated at 40mph. There is a footpath for walkers so I cannot understand this obsession with slowing everything down. That will happen as soon as you reach the junction with Rawcliffe Lane or the ring road anyway!

Do not change it

Excellent. I regularly cycle on this road with my two children and welcome a speed reduction.

Why has there been lots of accidents

Good idea and should be implemented.

Should be 30

Yes, definitely implement

Agreed good idea

I would support this


Keep it at 40. It isn’t a particularly dangerous road and accidents are rare. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it


Keep it at 40 mph

I think the 30mph should  continue up to the ring road.

Totally agree with the proposal to 30 - even 20


It's a pointless and poor idea, The speed limit is safe at 40mph

Terrible idea will increase traffic

Should be 30mph from the ringroad

Waste of money. No need for it

No, stay at 40mph

At last, this road is residential and 30mph is sensible. I do think it should go up to the roundabout as children from Manor School cross over to and from Manor Lane close to the roundabout.

Good idea. Prefer 30mph from the ring road. Lots of crossings and junctions

I would like the speed limit to remain.

Leave the speed limit alone

No need, the speed limit is perfectly fine on that road

Fully support

I think it ridiculous putting speed down to 30mph and will not make it less dangerous then it already is

A good idea but the existing limit doesn't seem to be enforced

Long time coming …dangerous bend in the road ..Where the 30/40 starts finishes at the sports club .Cars speed up going north of the city making it dangerous to pull out of Galtres Grove ..Near fatal accident at that spot ? 2 years ago .30 miles an hour all the way to the round about in my opinion . Also a cycle path dangerous for cyclists..

Its a terrible idea. 40mph is fine , any lower will cause unnecessary delays

I do not want the 40mph speed limit to change.

Bad idea

It’s a built up area so it’s acceptable

It should stay at 40

Yes agree.

It’s a good idea but I think it should be all the way up to the outer ring road

Good idea. Do it.

There is absolutely no need for a change

No, leave it at 40mph.


I think it should be kept at 40mph it’s been that for years and there’s been not been any crashes due to the speed ,but also how much will it all cost to change it.

I am against the proposal, I’d prefer to retain the existing 40mph limit.


Totally unnecessary

Should be 30mph all the way from the ring road to Clifton Green and beyond.

Should be 30mph formats whole length

Why do half a job, if you intend on reducing the speed limit, reduce it from the sports club to Rawcliffe roundabout. Increasing the speed limit near the junction with Howard Drive is creating a potential accident spot.

Agree that the speed limit should be 30 but why not the whole length of Shipton Rd from the ring road roundabout? Drivers won't slow down from 40.

Support it, I live within this area and the roads are hard to cross and make pulling out of junctions dangerous

Leave it as it is

I think it would very sensible to reduce the speed limit on this stretch of Shipton Road. I live on Shipton Road near the Dormouse pub and often witness the dangers of speeding traffic. On the old hospital site there are now offices, medical centre, a pub, a hotel, flats and an old people’s home. Therefore lots of people need to cross this road often in wheelchairs even just to get to the bus stop. There have been several accidents over the last few years, reducing the speed limit will make us all safer.

This lowering of speed limit is a necessity for the safety of residents especially in view of the development on the Clifton Hospital site. Traffic often travels in excess of the speed limit causing accidents and danger to pedestrians

Against the proposal, keep at 40

I approve of this measure, I think that between the city centre and the A1237 the speed limit should be 30 or even 20 in some places.

Yes it’s a good idea as it’s residential area with no real safe crossing area.

Wrong there is no need

I think the proposed change will increase congestion in an already busy area. There are plenty of crossings etc. along the road to cross safely and it is not hugely built up. The roads are wide enough to safely overtake cyclists at 40mph. I don’t see an overall benefit of it being 30 don’t think it’s needed.

Disagree, not long enough, should be from the A1237 roundabout to incude  the busy junctions of Howard drive,Manor lane and Park and ride

Why it's worked ok for years

I think that it’s a good idea. It will make it safer for children walking to school along the footpath and crossing the road. It will obviously be safer for everyone walking or cycling along the route.

Absolute stupid idea

Ridiculous, pointless, waste of tax payers money, not in line with how the majority feel, serving the anti car policies of a few narrow minded councillors. It’s not an accident black spot, there is plenty of provisions for cyclists and pedestrians to cross alike, I should know I have done both down that road in the past.

I agree

As a supporter of 20s Plenty I disagree with this proposal which will do nothing to make the road safer. The whole city should become a 20mph zone and there should be more investment in separate cycling facilities. There should also be more joined up thinking on initiatives run by the Council. Stop chasing money and develop proper long term strategies that are more compatible with the climate emmergency

Great idea. Would improve ambience and safety and air quality. Yes please.

As always,trying to change when change is not needed.

Keep the speed limit as it is.

Make it 30 mph the full length

I disagree with the proposal, the 40mph limit is fine as it is.

We need a small roundabout for the Fyindales Ave/ Northholme/ Shipton Road junction

I wouldn’t support this reduction in the speed limits as it’s total unnecessary and only cause more congestion.

Its fine as it is at 40mph

No need for 30mph traffic queues would be even longer on buildup to bypass roundabout

Officer Comments: Implement as advertised under an Experimental Traffic Order for a period of 18 months and gather live data. In this location the street environment falls into the defined criteria for both a 30mph and 40mph speed limit (please see the DfT’s criteria table below). Taking the Police and CYC Highways Engineer comments into account there is no professional support for implementing a 30mph limit without introducing additional environmental measures to achieve compliance, such as the proposed A19 corridor Active Travel Plan for which there are no definite dates at this time. There is a current proposal for a signalised crossing at Fylingdales Avenue/Northolme Drive that is currently being assessed for feasibility, and if implemented this would address some of the concerns for pedestrian safety.

Taking into account the direct and online surveyed responses the Executive Member is asked to reach a decision for this proposal.

Police Comments: We would not support the proposed reduction from 40mph to 30mph, the area does not meet the DfT criteria for a 30mph limit, the speeds are not commensurate with a reduced limit and for the 30mph limit to work it would require significant police enforcement which is not sustainable.

CYC Highways Engineer Comments: Data indicates enforcement problem if a 30mph is extended without introducing new speed reduction measures. If other proposed schemes come online to provide those measures 30mph might be suitable. But without will just result in an increased number of speed complaints.