Staffing Matters and Urgency Committee

    20 February 2023


Report of the Head of Human Resources and Organisation Development  


Death in Service


1.        This report notifies the Committee of a recent death in service.    The Committee are respectfully requested to take a moment to         consider the valuable service that this employee has given to      the Council and their sad passing.


2.        It is with sad news that we report the passing of the employee in Annex A whilst in service. 

Council Plan

4.      There are no implications associated with the Council plan. 


Financial Implications

5.   Arrangements have been made to work with relevant family / next of kin contacts to ensure that pensions and any final salary details are paid. 

Human Resources Implications   

6.   There are no specific HR implications. HR work with the relevant manager and lead on communications, provide and signpost support to teams and individuals who are impacted by the death of a colleague and liaise with the next of kin / family members to ensure pensions and other documentation are finalised.

Equalities and Legal Implications

7.   There are no known equalities or legal issues.


Crime and Disorder, Information Technology and Property 

8.   There are no known crime and disorder, information and technology and property risks.

Risk Management

9.   There are no specific risks for the Council.



10. Staffing Matters and Urgency Committee are invited to:

        a. Note the sad news associated with the passing of the employees who have died in service.

Contact Details



Helen Whiting

Head of HR & OD

Human Resources


Chief Officer Responsible for the report:

Ian Floyd

Chief Operating Officer





Report Approved








Specialist Implications Officer(s):

Bryn Roberts - Director of Governance and Monitoring Officer


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Annex A


Background Papers:

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