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Audit and Governance Committee

 30 November 2022


Report of the Chief Finance Officer


Mazars Audit Completion Report


1.        The paper attached at Annex A is the Audit Completion Report from Mazars and communicates their findings to date of the audit for the year ended 31 March 2022.



2.        Members are asked to


(a)       Note the matters set out in the Audit Completion Report presented by the external auditor



To ensure the proper consideration of the opinion and conclusions of the external auditor in respect of the annual audit of accounts and review of the council’s arrangements for ensuring value for money.


Background and Analysis


3.        The report covers:

a.   Status of the audit

b.   Audit approach

c.   Details of any significant findings

d.   Details of any internal control recommendations

e.   A summary of misstatements and other amendments

f.     Details of the value for money arrangements




4.        Not applicable.

Corporate Priorities

5.        The report contributes to the overall effectiveness of the Council’s governance and assurance arrangements. 

6.        There are no financial, HR, equalities, legal, crime and disorder, IT or property implications arising from this report.
Risk Management

7.        The Council will fail to comply with legislative and best practice requirements to provide for a proper audit of the Council if it does not consider this report.



Contact Details


Chief Officer responsible for the report:

Emma Audrain

Technical Accountant

01904 551170





Debbie Mitchell

Chief Finance Officer




Report Approved




Wards Affected:  All

For further information please contact the author of the report



Background Papers:




Annex A – Mazars Audit Completion Report