Annex A

Noted below is the numbers of referrals taken from HML’s latest Quarterly report for the period October 21 – June 22, unless stated otherwise.

·        The total number of management referrals from October 21 – June 22 was 321 (an 8% increase from the same period of the previous reporting year).


·        29 (9%) of the management referrals were triaged to face to face assessment while 292 (91%) were triaged to remote occupational health advisor assessment.

·        The total number of Health Assessment Questionnaires received in the reporting period were 199 with 8% requiring further investigation

·        Total number of ill health referrals 15

·        The total number of osteopath referrals were 375

·        The number and type of Health Surveillance carried out in 21-22 was as follows:

Health surveillance carried out 2021-2022



Respiratory /lung function




Hand Arm Vibration



·        Annualised utilisation of the Employee Assistance Service - 2.42%(July 21 – Jun 22)


Summary of Current Provision

Type of Activity


What it covers

Health Surveillance for specific roles

To meet statutory requirement for the council to fulfil its obligations and importantly ensure employees remain safe at work

Carry out an annual programme of health surveillance in the following areas:

Spirometry (breathing test)

Audiometry (hearing test)

Skin Checks

HAV (Hand Arm Vibration)

Night and Lone Working



Health surveillance appointments held at our premises on block a week at a time  to limit service disruption

Occupational Health Clinical Advice (triaged to appropriate health professional e.g., Advisor or physician) via a telephonic delivery model where clinically appropriate.

To provide manager with information about ill health / absence and medical recommendations to inform appropriate action. Main aim being to support employee back into work or help them remain at work

All OH referrals are appropriately triaged to the most appropriate clinical route to enable the provision of information to CYC in relation to:

·        Prognosis;

·        Fitness to work;

·        Restrictions;

·        Adaptations;

·        Likelihood of further absence;

·        Disability legislation;

·        Ill health retirement

Provide the organisation in the form of a written report with appropriate medical information to help the organisation support the employee and manage the absence from work appropriately and mitigate risk.

Provision of data – qualitative as well as quantitative and interpretation of data to recommend actions the organisation might want to consider reducing incidents of absence

Use of data to help inform not only how contract is working to inform practice around the use of provision but to better inform the organisations wellbeing offer and other preventative interventions

Provide and interpret quarterly MI

Interpret and provide recommendations from an occupational health perspective on what the organisation might want to put in place.

Provision of an employee assistance service

Provide employees with 24/7 access to information that can help reduce potential stressors e.g., budget management, counselling support

Provide an easy accessible employee assistance service (on line and via telephone) to provide advice on a range of topics and issues as well as provide counselling services where clinically appropriate to do so.

Provide and review Health assessment questionnaire (HAQ’s) for employees offered employment

On line provision reviewed by exception to ensure we are aware of any ongoing health issues for new employees

Provide an initial online screening health assessment questionnaire. Carry out health assessments for “exceptions” (type of assessment to be determined via a triage system) and advise CYC on outcomes. HAQs to be provided for new employees or employees changing roles. 

Method of referral and reports received via a secure online portal

To ensure confidentiality of information

Easy to use secure online system to refer and receive occupational health reports. Technology platform used to be compatible and able to integrate with the Councils infrastructure.

OH Advisory Line for managers (8.00am to 6.00pm)

Provision of telephone help desk and support for managers regarding heath concerns of employees and the best way to support (recognising referrals may not always be needed

Generic occupational health advice on any health issues affecting CYC employees;

Medication queries in safety critical /customer facing roles;

Pre-referral advice including the timing of a referral;

Clarification on the referral process for an OH assessment and information on how best to construct the referral;

Specific queries about cases and/or updates and amendments

Osteopath service

Clinical oversight and management of osteopath service providing closer integration with OH services allowing for horizontal referral pathways

Provision of onsite osteopath service


Buy in as required an ability to hold OH case conferences for use in complex cases

For both employee and manager to understand issues and best way to proceed

To recommend and hold as necessary case conferences to help support the organisation and the employee on the best way to proceed in managing the sickness absence with agreement of employee.