Annex Civ York Economic Partnership –Terms of Reference


Here to ...

·         Be an independent advisory partnership for the council

·         Promote the shared future ambitions of the city articulated in the Economic Strategy

·         Identify opportunities to work together on areas of shared interest

·         Share expertise, insight and intelligence


NOT here to ...

·         Make formal decisions about our own organisations

·         Add extra layers to existing governance

·         Be a committee of the council



1.    York’s Economic Partnership is a partnership body, bringing together employers, entrepreneurs, education providers, employee representatives, sector representatives and City of York Council. 

2.    Invited guests are large employers, members of the other advisory boards and can participate and join sub-groups. 

3.    The York’s Economic Partnership is responsible for promoting and monitoring the York Economic Strategy 2022-2032.

4.    The York’s Economic Partnership forms part of the city’s partnership structures, with the York Partnership providing overall direction.

5.    Through its work, the York’s Economic Partnership will seek to facilitate a deep and long-lasting partnership to support the advancement and achievement of the aims set out in York’s Economic Strategy.

6.    Membership will be reviewed annually and may be temporarily extended to include additional expertise as agreed by the York’s Economic Partnership.

7.    Organisations joining the York’s Economic Partnership will commit to contributing to city-wide objectives rather than promoting their own commercial interests.

8.    The York’s Economic Partnership will meet every 6 months, with the frequency of meetings to be reviewed annually, and may establish sub-groups. 

9.    Beyond agreeing its own business, the York’s Economic Partnership is not a decision-making body but will advise and make recommendations.



·         Known as York’s Economic Partnership

·         Meetings shared through Linked-in group

·         Shares updates with York Partnership/Executive Members bi-annually

·         Meet bi-annually in private (rotating locations)

·         No unique group brand or identity



·         Commitment to the city vision and shared priorities

·         Open and honest discussions

·         Working together / pooling resources (inc. expertise, energy, focus)


Membership (over)

York Economic Partnership

Chair: Cllr Ashley Mason, Executive Member Economy and Strategic Planning




Stirling Kimkeran

Classone Systems

Rail sector

Or David Horne


Rail sector

Prof Matheus Ruth

University of York

Higher York

Chair Bio Yorkshire steering

Biotech and life sciences

Brannan Coady


ICT and tech sector

Adam Wardle

Middleton Hotel


Retail and hospitality

Laurence Beardmore

Chamber of Commerce


Andrea Morrison

Federation of Small Businesses



Andrew Lowson

York BID

York high street businesses

Sarah Loftus

Make It York

Tourism / destination

York Central Strategic Board

Rebecca Galtres

Galtres Lodge

Indie York York’s independents

Tom Bird

York Theatre Royal

Creative and Cultural Sector

Neil Brown

Inclusion Group

Housing provider
Health and social care

Sally Dillon


Financial and Professional

Local enterprise

Victoria Hughes


Social poverty

Third sector

Anna Hunter

Tang Hall Local

Third Sector

Kurt Calder




Max Reeves,

Helmsley Group


Gareth Forest


Trade Unions

Elaine Armstrong


DWP / Job Centre

Julian Richer

Richer Sounds


Anthony Chilton- Murphy

Signature Rail

Rail sector

Philip Bolson

Mr B


Michelle Mook


Local enterprises / professional services