Condition 10 and s106 Agreement


Condition 10

Before the commencement of development the developer will carry out a survey of current on-street parking on highways within the area shown on plan 3 and thereafter repeat the survey annually in those zones without a residents' parking zone, unless agreed in writing with the local planning authority that in any year a survey is not required in any particular year and any specific zone. The surveys shall be carried out to a specification and at a time agreed with the Local Planning Authority.

Within 3 months of the annual survey being carried out, the developer will review the on street parking survey results and submit the review to the Local Planning Authority to demonstrate whether the volume of on-street parking in the surveyed zones has increased by more than 20% of the first annual survey as a consequence of the development. 

If this percentage figure is exceeded then remedial measures agreed with the Local Planning Authority shall be undertaken.

REASON: To determine a baseline of on-street parking against which the impact of University expansion can be monitored and thereafter to determine the impact of University expansion on the volume of on-street car parking and in the interests of highway safety.

Deed of Variation to s106 Agreement (excerpt)