Minutes of the extraordinary meeting of Earswick Parish Council, held in Earswick Village Hall on Monday 28th March 2022.

Councillors present:                     D Jones

                                                            G Offler

                                                            E Dowsett

                                                            BS Wiseman

                                                            P Leveson

                                                            A Bell                                                                                    

Parish Clerk:                                    B O’Connor


Members of public present:   10


1.    Apologies for absence




2.    Declarations of Interest and Any Other Declarations



3.    Minutes of Previous Meetings


The minutes for the Parish Council (PC) meeting, held on the 14th March 2022, were approved as accurate records by the Councillors and signed.


4.    NY Police/Residents Session

Tony & Linda Murphy introduced themselves as the new Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for Earswick. Tony informed the meeting that they are trying to identify where there isn’t a local coordinator, and then plug the gap.

They are also liaising with local NHW coordinators with a view to cleaning / replacing Neighbourhood watch signs as appropriate.

7:15pm Andy Smith(AS) arrived and apologised for being late – he was dealing with an ASB incident nearby.

AS informed the meeting that he would no longer be the PCSO for Earswick after the 28/3 as he would be covering Haxby/Wiggington, however, he is still likely to attend some incidents in Earswick. He will email contact details for the replacement PCSO’s to Cllr Jones.

AS mentioned that groups of youths won’t be moved on without just cause. When reporting a problem, residents are reminded to get an incident number. It is helpful to the police if the resident can provide a description of one or more of the individuals involved in the incident.

Police can issue dispersal orders but they need to be authorised by an inspector and (s)he needs justification e.g. significant number of calls, evidence of drugs / underage alcohol consumption. 

AS mentioned that there are several initiatives taking place to combat ASB namely:

·         PCSO involvement at the Knavesmire on race days is being significantly reduced to free up resources to be used elsewhere in the community.

·         The police are using better analysis of calls & historical data to better target their efforts

·         Better liaison with schools to be more aware of events (e.g. holidays, training days, exams finishing) that often leads to ASB hot spots in certain areas

Inspector Pointon is on secondment and Inspector Plumb is taking on his role.

Cllr Jones thanked AS for sparing his time for the meeting, and for his efforts over the last few years.



The meeting closed at 08:05 pm.



B O’Connor