Joint Standards Committee

30 June 2022

Report of the Monitoring Officer

Monitoring Report in respect of Complaints Received


1.      This report is to update the Committee on the position regarding ongoing complaints.


2.      The table attached at Annex A provides information about ongoing complaints and the table attached at Annex B provides the list of closed complaints. 

3.      Case references 739, 740, 741, 2021/06 and 2021/12 were investigated and the Hearing of 20th April 2022 concluded there was a breach of the code of conduct. The Panel imposed sanctions and the decision notice was published. 

4.      Case reference 2021/13 is closed, no breach of the code was found following an investigation.

5.      Case references 2021/17, 2021/20, 2022/07, 2022/13, 2022/14, 2022/16 and 2022/17 are currently under investigation.

6.      Case references 2022/03, 2022/04, 2022/05, 2022/06 and 2022/08 were considered by an Assessment Sub-Committee on 19th May 2022. It was agreed these complaints would not progress to investigation, local resolution to be sought.

7.      Case references 2022/09, 2022/10, 2022/11 and 2022/12 are closed and did not progress to investigation.

8.      Case reference 2022/15 is currently being assessed by the Deputy Monitoring Officer.



9. Not applicable to this report.

Human Resources (HR)

10. Not applicable to this report.


11. Maintaining standards across the City through the Code of Conduct ensures that an ethical framework can be adhered to, including ensuring that equality issues form an integral part of that framework. 


12. As detailed within the report.

Crime and Disorder, Information Technology and Property

13. Not applicable to this report.

14.    That the Joint Standards Committee notes the report, in order to ensure that the Committee is aware of the current levels of activity and is able to provide oversight of the complaints procedure.



Janie Berry

Director of Governance & Monitoring Officer

Chief Officer Responsible for the report: Janie Berry

Director of Governance &

Monitoring Officer

Tel:  01904 555385




Report Approved


16 June 2022






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·        Annex A – Table showing open complaints received.

·        Annex B – Table showing closed complaints received.