Clerk: Mrs Jessica Bedford

15 Wistowgate, Cawood, Selby, YO8 3SH

Tel: 07562 333508. Email: parish.clerk@dunningtonparishcouncil.gov.uk

Chairman: Cllr Gill Shaw  


Minutes of the Extraordinary meeting of Dunnington Parish Council held on the 25th April 2022 at 7.30pm in the Tower Room, St Nicholas Church, Church Street, Dunnington


Present: Cllr Shaw (Chairman), Cllr Ruston, Cllr Turnbull, Cllr Dykes, Cllr Swallow, Cllr Kay and the Clerk



66.1     Apologies were received from Cllr Brooks, Cllr Ford, Cllr Thompson, Cllr Maggs, Cllr Rees-Gay and Cllr Jackson

66.2     It was resolved to approve the reasons for absence

66.3     No declarations of interest were received

66.4     No written dispensation requests were received



67.1     The Parish Council will resolve to exclude the press and public, from the meeting for any item where the publicity of the matter being prejudicial to the public interest or by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted or for other special reasons


No members of the public were present


69.1     An update was received, and a discussion took place which included:

            Road Closures – The Parish Council have reduced the number of road closures from the initial application.

            It was resolved to consider closing a section of Intake Lane around the playpark but reopen Water Lane

            WI – It was resolved to discuss with the WI charging a nominal fee for cakes etc. The Parish Council will pay the WI £400 towards ingredients which they will return after the event. Any additional profit will be kept by the WI

            Bouncy Castle – It was resolved to remove the bouncy castle due to insurance requirements

            Gazebos - It was resolved that Cllr Kay will provide a gazebo for the face painter but will need to check if he has an additional one that can be used for the WI. It was noted that someone needs to assist Cllr Kay with checking.

            Coffee Van – It was resolved that it will be located on Common Road

            First Aid – It was resolved that Cllr Shaw and Cllr Rees-Gay will contact the St Johns Ambulance about attending

            Bucking Broncho – It was resolved to remove the item from the event

            Opera Singer – It was resolved that Cllr Rees-Gay would request if there was any possibility of singing at the end of the event in the open air

            Drone – It was resolved that Cllr Shaw would contact some possible photographers

            Road Closure Signs – It was resolved that the working group would check with CYC about advance warning signs. It was resolved that the working group would check CYC availability for road closure signs which they are offering for a small deposit

            Protection for new planting on the Greens – (Wildflower meadow on Millenium Garden and 4 beds on Greenside) It was resolved that Cllr Kay will supply some netted fencing and stakes which will be installed the day before the event. It was resolved that the working group will look for volunteers to instal it.

            Leaflet printing – It was resolved to approve the cost of printing leaflets.

            Volunteers/Marshalls – It was resolved that the working group will put in place volunteers/Marshalls to cover the event itself, set up, clear up, litter picking, performer meet and greet and the reading rooms set up.

Cllr Dykes, Cllr Shaw and Cllr Ruston volunteered.   

The working group will ask all Parish Council members if they would like to volunteer.

It was noted that a volunteer and judge for the Crown making still needs to be put in place

It was noted that Cllr Shaw will ask if access to the Reading Rooms will be possible on the Thursday for setting up.

It was noted that gazebos will need installing on Friday morning

            Risk Assessment – It was resolved that Cllr Shaw will complete the risk assessment

            Working Group Spreadsheet – It was resolved that Cllr Shaw will update the working groups spreadsheet

            Bad Weather planning – It was noted that 2 or 3 extra Gazebos, if available, would be a good idea in case of rain or strong sun

            Payments/Invoices – It was resolved that no payments will be made until copies of all suppliers/entertainers’ liability certificate is received.

            Tables/Chairs – It was noted that the Scouts and Guides may have tables and chairs that could be used.


70        PLANNING - Ongoing Applications  

70.1     Laurentide Common Lane Dunnington York YO19 5LS - Raising of roof with hip to gable roof extensions to sides, front and rear; single storey front and rear extensions, 3no. rooflights to front and 2no. rooflights to rear

70.2     21/02659/FUL 20 Kerver Lane Dunnington York YO19 5SH Two storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory

70.3     Former Storage Facility Site Derwent Valley Industrial Estate Dunnington York - 21/02601/FULM Erection of storage and distribution warehouse (Use Class B8) and office building including associated car parking, perimeter security fencing and new vehicular access from Chessingham Park           

70.4     22/00341/FUL 18 Garden Flats Lane Dunnington York YO19 5NB Single storey side extension

70.5     22/00557/FUL Hollytree Caravan Park Intake Lane Dunnington York Erection of information shed, wash/water shed and fenced bin storage area, installation of hard standing caravan access road

70.6     22/00497/FUL Land To Rear Of Mars Centre Stamford Bridge Road Dunnington York Erection of storage and distribution building (Use Class B8) following the removal of telecommunications station

70.7     22/00591/FUL 76 Horsfield Way Dunnington York YO19 5RH Variation of condition 2 of permitted application 21/01808/FUL to decrease size of rear extension

70.8     22/00659/TCA Holly House 22 Church Street Dunnington York YO19 5PW Crown reduce 2no. Norway Maples; reduce Leylandii hedge; fell group of Ash and Elder - tree works in a Conservation Area.


71        PLANNING - New Applications         

71.1     22/00669/FUL 6 Petercroft Lane Dunnington York YO19 5NQ Single storey side and rear extensions after demolition of existing garage

71.2     22/00712/TCA The Poplars 46 York Street Dunnington York YO19 5QE Fell 1no. Holly tree in a Conservation Area.


72        PLANNING - Decisions (COYC)

72.1     22/00615/TCA Dunnington House 31 Common Road Dunnington York YO19 5NG Various Crown works to 2 no. Horse Chestnut trees in a conservation area on the village green to the front of 31 common road CONFIRMATION NO TPO

72.2     22/00326/FUL 12 Church Lane Dunnington York YO19 5PS Single storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory APPROVED



73.1     Unauthorised encampment - A166


74        AOB

Next Meeting Monday 9th May 2022 at 7.30pm at the Tower Room, St Nicholas Church, Dunnington (to include the Annual Parish Council Meeting)