Annex 3

Summary of CYC Low Emission Taxi Grant Scheme


CYC Taxi Grant Requirements

·         Replacement petrol-hybrid vehicles eligible for the local CYC grant scheme need to be a minimum of Euro 6 standard and have CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km 


·         To ensure compliance with state aid rules, vehicles eligible for the government’s national plug-in grant, listed here:, are not eligible to receive additional financial support through CYC’s local grant scheme to assist with the purchase costs of the vehicle.  Should drivers wish to purchase a vehicle listed on this website, CYC are able to offer financial support towards running costs (purchased and invoiced from an approved third-party supplier).  This will not exceed a total value of £3000. 


·         The replacement vehicle should be purchased from a local main dealership, where available

·         Trade in vehicles must be older than replacement vehicles purchased through the scheme 


·         To be eligible for CYC grant funding, the applicant must be a taxi driver licensed to work in York by City of York Council.  The vehicle they are buying must be used as a taxi in York, with an intention to operate the vehicle in the city for a period greater than 12 months.  Grant funded vehicles need to be presented for a minimum of 2 successive annual checks in York unless they are written off or the vehicle licence is surrendered.


·         Replacement vehicle should meet all relevant City of York Council Taxi Licensing criteria


Proposed bandings are shown in the table below:









Vehicle type

AQ / Emissions Information

Indication of Government Plug in Grant Available (applicable to new vehicles only)

CYC Grant Available

Any vehicle (car, van, purpose built taxi etc.) eligible for the government’s plug-in grant

See for eligibility criteria

See for eligible vehicles and associated grant levels.

Additional local grant fund of up to £3k to assist with vehicle running costs


(not available as an additional vehicle purchase price discount)


Euro 6 Petrol Hybrid / Plug-in Hybrid (vehicles not eligible for government’s plug-in grant)


Must meet Euro 6 emission standard


have CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km

No government grant available

20% of purchase price capped at £3k

Euro 6 Petrol or Diesel Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Must meet Euro 6 emission standard


Must be Air Index ‘A’ rated for NOx

No government grant available

15% of purchase price capped at £1.5k

Details of vehicles supported through the government grant can be found here:
The Air Index rating for a vehicle can be found at
The CO2 rating can be found here: