23/06/2022 - Forum

1) Annual outline of aims and objectives for the coming Municipal year by Leader and/or relevant Portfolio Holders, including any significant issues likely to be in the Forward Plan


21/07/2022 - Committee


1) York Learning annual update report -   to include digital inclusion and post Covid recovery
2) Cultural offer – REACH update and York Explore annual report
3) Skills and Employment Board update
4) Staff absence/sickness rates within the Peoples directorate

12/10/2022 - Committee


20/12/2022 - Committee


07/03/2023 - Committee





Agenda items for consideration

·        Rearranged joint scrutiny with HASC, Autism Strategy (27 September 2022, tbc)



Council Plan priorities relating to Children, Education and Communities

A Better Start for Children and Young People

·        Strengthen the work of communities, local organisations and agencies so that families become more resilient.

·        Continue the improvement of children’s social care to provide excellent services for vulnerable young people.

·        Prioritise improved outcomes for our most disadvantaged children and young people in the city.

·        Work across sectors to improve apprenticeships and in-work progression.

·        Work with our partners to identify and tackle issues relating to the rise in mental health problems in the city.

·        Focus on the importance of the early years and the impact that this stage of life has on a child’s development.

·        Give every child and young person access a full and rounded arts and cultural offer.

·        Increase the number of foster carers and adopters

·        Improve play and sports provision for young people

·        Develop a York citizenship offer in conjunction with schools in the city

Safe Communities and Culture for All

·        Develop a cultural and sporting offer

·        Deliver an inclusive cultural strategy

Good health and Wellbeing

·        Make open spaces available to all for sports and physical activity