Staffing Matters and Urgency Committee

     25 April 2022


Report of the Head of Human Resources and Organisation Development  


Temporary Acting-Up Allowance for Assistant Director of Public Health


1.        This report seeks the approval and endorsement of a temporary Acting Up Allowance for the Assistant Director of Public Health for    the period of 1st January 2022 to 31st May 2022.


2.        The Director of Public Health is a statutory post which needs to be fulfilled.  The substantive post holder has been absent from work and the Assistant Director of Public Health has undertaking the Acting Up of the full Statutory role in her absence.

3.        In line with the Council policy, the acting up arrangement will be reviewed again should the period be extended beyond six months, however, for this case this is not currently anticipated.  Should the acting up arrangement need to be extended, further agreement will be sought from this Committee.  The Trade Unions also support this allowance.

4.        It is proposed that the Assistant Director will receive a payment equivalent to the difference between the AD pay band to point 1 of the Director pay band.  In line with the Council’s policy, appointment will be to the first point of the grade, and this will be pro-rata to a five-month period.  The payment equates to £3,547 plus on costs.

Pay Band


01 April 2021





























Council Plan

4.      Whilst acting up arrangements are not material to the Council Plan, they are consistent with the required outcomes of the Organisation Development Plan of maintaining a skilled and experienced workforce to deliver Council Services.


Financial Implications

5.   The acting up arrangement outlined in this report has a cost to the Council of £4.6k.  This can be accommodated within the existing budget for this service. 

Equalities Implications

6.   There are no specific equalities issues, although, not to make a payment for undertaking a role is against the Council’s policies and job evaluation principles to pay the rate of the job.

Legal Implications

7.   There is not an equal pay claim in this particular case as both the substantive post holder and acting up post holder are female.

Crime and Disorder, Information Technology and Property 

8.   There are no known crime and disorder, information and technology and property risks.

Risk Management

9.   The risk of not applying an acting up payment will impact on the Council delivering a statutory role and function and business continuity especially during a period of changing government and public health guidance which was needed to support the Council and the wider population of the City.



9. Staffing Matters and Urgency Committee are invited to:

        a. approve and endorse the acting up arrangement as outlined in the paragraphs above.  

Reason: To make a payment to the Assistant Director Public Health who has Acting in the full statutory role of Director of Public Health.

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Helen Whiting

Head of HR & OD

Human Resources


Chief Officer Responsible for the report:

Ian Floyd

Chief Operating Officer





Report Approved



29 March 2022





Specialist Implications Officer(s):

Janie Berry - Director of Governance and Monitoring Officer

Debbie Mitchell - Chief Finance Officer


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