21 April 2022

Report of the Director of Public Health

Portfolio of the Executive Member for Health & Adult Social Care


Physical Activity and Sport Strategy




1.   To present the final draft of the Physical Activity and Sport strategy.

2.   Members are asked to note the content of strategy and confirm they are happy for it to be published in the public domain.



3.        The Executive is asked to:

1)   Adopt the strategy

Reason: This strategy has been developed over a long period of time and well consulted on during the draft stages.




Improving the mental and physical wellbeing of citizens and reducing inequalities in York through a culture of being physically active”

This strategy has been designed to reflect the needs of City of York residents and has during its development engaged with residents in consultation and has had input form relevant partners. (Pre-Covid restrictions)

This strategy document will be accompanied by the formation of the “York Active Partnership (steering group)” to drive the strategic vision and have oversight of the governance. Draft TOR are included for reference however The final published version will be formatted and proof checked by the communications department to reflect the corporate imagery and style as well as meet the accessibility standards, once content is approved for publication.

The strategy has been to PH/CMT and agreed it can progress with two amendments both have been actioned:

                                    i.     The working title of the “Board” to change to “steering group” rather than board.

                                   ii.     Legal implications related to section 106 be explored with Janie Berry (governance) and Frances Harrison (legal) prior to adoption of TOR for the steering group.



4.        The Strategy has been extensively consulted upon prior to Covid 19 restrictions and has been on hold for some time




5.        Members have three options


a.   Approve the strategy for publication

b.   Approve the strategy and agree minor amendments

c.   Delay the progress of the strategy publication for re draft




6.        The strategy has been extensively consulted upon and follows key guidance from the CMO and Sports’ England.

The strategy sets out the vision for physical activity and will be accompanied with a steering group and action plan


Council Plan


7.        The Strategy Good health and wellbeing – The whole strategy builds the opportunities for residents to maintain and improve good health and wellbeing

Getting around sustainably – The strategy considers active lifestyles and active travel

A better start for children and young people – Young people are a core element of this strategy. Including schools and children’s networks to consider activity and sport as a key element of the strategic work.

A greener and cleaner city – By working with active travel and planning partners the strategy looks at the opportunities to travel in a greener and cleaner way and how we design our build environment to offer outdoor spaces for active leisure beyond sports pitches and playing fields in line with Sports England’s national vision and guidance.






·           Financial – There are no financial implications

·           Human Resources (HR) – There are no HR implications

·           One Planet Council / Equalities    

·           Legal – Legal department have reviewed the documents

·           Crime and Disorder  -  There are no crime and disorder implications

·           Information Technology (IT) There are no IT implications

·           Property – There are no property implications

·           Other


Risk Management


9.    There are no known risks, the strategy has been considered by legal and governance officers


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Report Author:

Leigh Bell

PH Specialist Advanced

Public Health


Chief Officer Responsible for the report: Fiona Phillips Acting DPH


Tel No. 01904 554373



George Cull

Sports development officer

North Yorkshire (and York Sport)



Report Approved


5 April 2022







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Frances Harrison

Head of Legal


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Background Papers:





Annex 1 – Draft Physical Activity Strategy

Annex 2 – Equalities Impact Assessment