Annex A

York Climate Change Strategy: Content Summary


Leader of the Council

Chair of York Climate Commission




- Strategic alignment

- Consultation process

- Review points

- Setting the framework for the city

Partner Signatories

Climate Commission

City Partners

Executive Summary



- City Vision

- Collaboration & Co-operation

- Adapting to Change

- Inclusive, Healthy & Sustainable

- New Employment & Investment

- Good Governance

Strategic Objectives

- Engagement

- Buildings

- Transport

- Waste

- Commercial & Industrial

- Natural Environment

- Energy Supply

- Governance

Interdependencies & Co-Benefits


Social (Health & Wellbeing)


Section 1: Background Information

The need for action

A Climate Emergency – IPCC Special Report; Scale of ambition; Global, regional and local context

Collective Effort

Role of the council

Role of stakeholders


Timeline since Climate Emergency Declaration

Section 2: How we will get there…


Current York emissions profile + Extreme weather events

Scale of the challenge

Key statistics and Emissions Reduction Pathway + Sectoral breakdown

Our Approach

1.     Delivering high ambition carbon emissions reduction

2.   Going beyond high ambition where technology, funding and capacity allows

3.   Insetting and Offsetting

4.   Adapting to a changing climate

Section 3: Objectives


- Clear communication and information

- Increase awareness and understanding

- Build strong relationships and networks

- Identify best practice


- Improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings

- Reduce emissions from new buildings

- Move away from gas heating systems

- Switch to low carbon appliances

- Make our buildings climate resilient


- Travel shorter distances

- Fewer journeys by car

- Switch to electric vehicles

- Reduce emissions from freight

- Future proof infrastructure


- Reduce the amount of waste

- Increase recycling

- Promote a circular economy

Commercial & Industrial

- Replace the use of fossil fuels

- Increase process efficiency

- Support the growth of green economy

- Business resilience

Natural Environment

- Plant more trees

- Increase carbon storage

- Move towards more sustainable land use methods

- Reduce impact of extreme weather events

Energy Supply

- Increase renewable generation capacity

- Support innovation

- Encourage local community energy projects


- Open and transparent reporting

- Assign responsibility

- Track actions

- Monitor progress

Section 4: Co- benefits & Case Studies


Economic, Social and Environmental benefits associated with delivering the objectives within this strategy.

Case Studies

Series of case studies looking at what is being delivered locally:

- Yorkshire Resilient Forum

- Zero Carbon Housing Delivery Programme

- University of York initiatives

- York Gin sustainability actions

- Real Junk Food Project

- York Community Woodland

- EV Hyper Hubs

Section 5: Next Steps

Deliver on High Ambition

Prioritise the short-term no/low-regret actions required to deliver the high ambition emissions reduction

Go Further

Identify the needs around government policy, funding and supply chain capacity to create the conditions for going further and faster

Holistic Approach

Embed carbon emissions and climate resilience into local decision-making; considering wider impacts and co-benefits.

Build networks and partnerships

Combine efforts across the city to maximise impact and available funding

Glossary and Further Reading


Includes reference to Technical Annex