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7 February 2022


Councillors Aspden (Chair), Ayre, Craghill, Cuthbertson, D'Agorne, Runciman, Smalley, Waller and Widdowson

In Attendance

Councillor Kilbane





Part B - Matters Referred to Council




93.         Capital Programme 2021/22 Monitor 3


[See also under Part A]


The Chief Finance Officer presented a report which set out the projected out-turn position on the council’s capital programme for 2021/22, including any over or under-spends, along with requests to re-profile budgets to and from current and future years.


A decrease of £15.678m was reported on the approved capital budget, resulting in a revised programme of £127.584m, funded from £41.946m external and £85.638m internal funding.  Variances in each portfolio area were outlined in Table 1 at paragraph 6 of the report, and detailed in paragraphs 7-47 The effect of the revisions was shown in Table 2, at paragraph 48.


Officers confirmed that there were no major issues to report and there continued to be a significant level of investment in the programme.


Recommended:  That Council approve the adjustments resulting in a decrease of £15.678m in the 2021/22 budget, as detailed in the report and contained in Annex A.


Reason:              To enable the effective management and monitoring of the Council’s capital programme.






Cllr K Aspden, Chair

[The meeting started at 5.31 pm and finished at 6.11 pm].





















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