Project Outline

Project Name

Fulford Road – Frederick House Improvements

Project Manager

Nigel Ibbotson



Purpose of this Document:

This document summarises key project information to allow a Member decision to be made in support of the current course of action.



The mandate for this project derives from an OIC Director Decision on “Local Cycling and Walking Prioritisation (7/5/20)”


This paper can be found attached as an Annex to the main report.


The text within that report states:


“Fulford Road – Measures to compliment the improvements which will be delivered by the developers of the Frederick House site”


Project Description:

Provision of measures to complement the improvements for cyclists and pedestrians which will be delivered by the developers of the Frederick House site.


The developers of the former Frederick House site are required to make improvements to the section of Fulford Road in the immediate vicinity of their site for pedestrians and cyclists.

This scheme complements those changes.


Aims and Objectives:

The Aim of the Project is to:

To improve safety, amenity and accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians on Fulford Road in the vicinity of the work being provided by the developers of the former Frederick House site.

The Objectives are:


Cycle route improvements – Subject to feasibility, Potential improvements could include:

·        Upgrading existing Puffin Crossing to Toucan Crossing on Fulford Road.

·        Link between end of developer-provided facilities at Kilburn Road and the above formal crossing

-      Better links to Hospital Fields Road and Fishergate


Pedestrian route improvements - Pedestrian route improvements to complement the above cycle route improvements.




In Scope:


Geographical location: Fulford Road between Hospital Fields Road and Cemetery Road junctions


Consideration of A new signalised pedestrian/cyclist Toucan crossing in place of the existing Puffin crossing on Fulford Road at Kilburn Road.


Consideration of off-road bi-directional cycle route linking Alma Terrace and Kilburn Road with the above Toucan Crossing


Consideration of LTN 1/20 Guidance. Green scoring solutions are preferred but non green scoring solutions can be considered if they meet project objectives.


Only changes within the adopted highway.


Consideration of civil construction solutions.


Consideration of options that would impact traffic capacity, where necessary to achieve the objectives.


Out of Scope:


Locations outside of the area defined above.


Resurface any roads/footpaths not required to implement the identified solution.


Drainage works other than those required to implement the identified scheme.


Air-quality modelling.


Changes to existing restrictions and TRO’s, including speed limits and parking.


Consideration of changes that require the resolution of land ownership issues.


Consideration of new traffic signal installations (except where described above)


Consideration of options that would restrict motor vehicle traffic access.


Consideration of solutions that improve street furniture or public realm, except where required to achieve the objectives.



Outcomes and Benefits:

Improved safety of pedestrians and cyclists using the route, measured by a review of accident data 5 years post construction.


Increase numbers of cyclists using the route, measured by a comparison of survey data post construction.



Dependencies and related works:

This project is strongly dependent upon the development at Frederick House.


Design Resource Procurement:

A procurement exercise is required to obtain design resource support.