Project Outline

Project Name

Hospital Fields Road Cycle Improvements

Project Manager

Richard Milligan



Purpose of this Document:

This document summarises key project information to allow a Member decision to be made in support of the current course of action.



The mandate for this project derives from an OIC Director Decision on “Local Cycling and Walking Prioritisation (7/5/20)”


This paper can be found attached as an Annex to the main report.


The text within that report states:


“investigate the potential for segregated cycle facilities between the off-road path at the western end and the Fulford Road junction at the eastern end.”


Project Description:

This project aims to deliver segregated cycle facilities on Hospital Fields Road between the off-road path at its western end (coming from New Walk riverside path) to Fulford Road. This project would improve the East-West cycle route across York and encourage active travel around the City.


Hospital Fields Road forms an important part of the East-West cycle route and currently has no facilities except those which are associated with the ASL at the Fulford Road end and the link at the western end leading down to New Walk. Therefore, the introduction of segregated cycle facilities will help fill a key gap on this important strategic route which links the University of York to the Millennium Bridge.


Aims and Objectives:

The Aim of the Project is to:

Implement segregated cycle facilities along Hospital Fields Road.

The Objectives are:


Implement segregated cycle facilities - Implement segregated cycle facilities on Hospital Fields Road between the off-road path at the western end and Fulford Road junction at the eastern end.




In Scope:


Geographical scope: Hospital Fields Road between the western end and Fulford Road junction at the eastern end.


Only the Adopted Highway covering footpath, carriageway, cycleway, or verge.


Consideration of civil construction solutions


Consideration of reallocation of adopted highway space between users e.g. cars and cyclists


Consideration of non-civil construction solutions


Consideration of removal of on-street parking, including consideration of TRO changes.


Consideration of LTN 1/20 guidance. Green-scoring options are preferred, but non green scoring options will be considered if they achieve the stated objectives.


Consideration of solutions that have an impact on traffic capacity, where necessary to achieve the objectives.


Out of Scope:


Surfacing of carriageway, pavements, and footpaths beyond what is necessary to implement a solution.


Procure or obtain land / extend adopted highway.


Improvements to provision of bus or motor vehicle usage.


Hospital Fields Road cul-de-sac, Fulford Road, New Walk riverside path.


Changes to the existing traffic signal junction at Fulford Road / Hospital Fields Road/ The Barracks.


Consideration of installation of new traffic signals.


Traffic modelling or Air Quality modelling


Consideration of changes to street furniture, or improvements to public realm, except those required to achieve the stated objectives.


Consideration of changes to improve public transport operation or infrastructure.



Outcomes and Benefits:

Improved cycling facilities, as measured by an evaluation of the scheme against LTN 1/20 assessment tools.


Dependencies and related works:

There are no dependencies on other projects.


Design Resource Procurement:

A contract is in place with a design resource provider and no further procurement is required to obtain design resource.