Project Outline

Project Name

University Road Minor Pedestrian Works

Project Manager

Richard Milligan



Purpose of this Document:

This document summarises key project information to allow a Member decision to be made in support of the current course of action.



The trees/roots pose safety issues for users: there is limited space between the trees and the knee-height barrier which forms the boundary between the adopted highway and University land to the rear; the roots make the surface unstable and pose a hazard to vulnerable pedestrians.

This is an important pedestrian path for university students as well as the general public accessing the bus stop and other local amenities.


Project Description:

This project aims to address issues with the pavement surface on the East side of University Road (adjacent to Heslington Hall) by Heslington Hall bus stop.

The project will focus on damage to the pedestrian path caused by tree roots from three trees. Currently the trees themselves as well as the roots partially block the path and pose safety threats, they also render the path unusable to many wheelchair / mobility scooter users and residents pushing children in prams and pushchairs.


Aims and Objectives:

The Aim of the Project is to:

Resolve the pedestrian safety and amenity issues caused by trees and tree roots obstructing and damaging the footpath on University Road.

The Objectives are:


Implement a solution to resolve the safety and amenity issue - Feasibility work will determine options for rectifying the existing issues. The ultimate objective is to implement the most appropriate solution.


Investigate preventative solutions - Evaluate measures that limit further damage to the path from tree roots and present options for implementation of preventative measures where feasible.




In Scope:


Only the footpath/carriageway/verge necessary to resolve the identified issue


Consideration of civil construction solutions.


Consideration of other non-civil construction solutions, including removal of the trees. Solutions that do not require the removal of trees are preferred.


Consideration of land ownership issues where relevant to identifying feasible solutions.


Consideration of a solution that may include diversions around each individual tree or a longer diverted path which avoids all three trees.


Out of Scope:


Surfacing of carriageway and footpaths beyond what is necessary to implement a solution.


Pavement area unaffected by the three trees outlined – pavement that is north and south of the section containing the three trees.


Improvements to provision of cycling, bus or motor vehicle usage beyond the rectification of the identified issue.


Consideration of changes to TRO’s and/or restrictions


Consideration of improvements to:

-      Congestion / queues / delays

-      Bus facilities

-      Upgrade Equipment

-      Street Lighting


Any form of modelling.


Consideration of changes to street furniture or public realm improvements other than those specifically required to achieve the project objectives.


Consideration of improvements to public transport operation or infrastructure.


Compulsory purchase of land.


Outcomes and Benefits:

Removal of obstruction on footpath, resulting in removal of safety issue, measured by Safety assessment carried out after construction.


Dependencies and related works:

There are no direct dependencies. However, potential interactions with other projects in the vicinity will be managed.


Design Resource Procurement:

A contract for design resource is in place and will be utilised. No further procurement of design resource is required.