Project Outline

Project Name

City Centre North-South Cycle Route

Project Manager

Richard Milligan



Purpose of this Document:

This document summarises key project information to allow a Member decision to be made in support of the current course of action.



The mandate for this project derives from an OIC Director Decision on “Local Cycling and Walking Prioritisation (7/5/20)”


This paper can be found attached as an Annex to the main report.


The text within that report states:


“Improvements to a north-south link along the edge of the city centre but inside the inner ring road using High Petergate, Minster Yard, Deangate, Goodramgate, Aldwark, Hungate, Navigation Road and Walmgate”


Project Description:

This project aims to address issues on the North-South Cycle Route for active travellers. This route is on the edge of the city centre but within the inner ring road, and begins at High Petergate and finishes at Walmgate.

The project will consider the routes safety and amenity issues that present due to a lack/poor quality of directional and safety signage at points.


Currently there are amenity issues along the route due to a lack of obvious directional signage. There is also a lack of safety signage along the route.


The North-South Cycle route forms an important part of the York city centre cycle infrastructure as it offers a segregated route through the city for active travellers. By improving the safety and amenity of the route, it shall encourage active travel.


Aims and Objectives:

The Aim of the Project is to:

Resolve existing safety and amenity issues for cyclists and pedestrians along the North-South cycle route.

The Objectives are:


Implement a solution to resolve safety and amenity issues - Feasibility work will determine options for rectifying the existing issues. The objective is to implement the most appropriate solution in line with the project scope.



In Scope:


Geographical location: High Petergate, Minster Yard, Deangate, Goodramgate, Aldwark, Hungate, Navigation Road, Walmgate.


Only the adopted public highway covering footpath, carriageway, cycleway, or verge that is necessary to implement a solution.


Consideration of amendments/additions to directional and safety signage along the route.


Consideration of non-civil construction solutions.


Consideration of civil construction solutions.


Consideration of solutions that would enable 2-way cycling along High Petergate.


Consideration of solutions outside the Hiscox office building on St Saviour Place in relation to cyclists joining or leaving the shared footway.


Consideration of solutions at the informal crossing point on Stonebow / Peasholme Green, to achieve priority for pedestrians over motor vehicles. This can include consideration of new traffic signals and also non-signal solutions.


Consideration of solutions on the Navigation Road side of Hungate bridge to improve pedestrian and cycling amenity.


Consideration of solutions to assist cyclists to cross Walmgate, near the barbican.


Consideration of changes to parking provision, only where necessary to achieve the objectives.


Local traffic modelling.


Consideration of LTN 1/20. Green scoring solutions are preferred, however non green scoring solutions can be considered if they achieve the stated objectives.


Consideration of solutions that reduce link and node capacity, where necessary to achieve the objectives.


Consideration of solutions that impact loading provision.


Out of Scope:


Geographical exclusions:

-      Amendments to any cycle routes or paths that are not part of the North-South Route

-      Any part of the North-South Cycle Route outside of the inner city ring road

-      Changes to Hope St, which forms part of a separate piece of work.

-      Changes to the junction of Ogleforth / Goodramgate, which forms part of a separate ward scheme.


Surfacing of carriageway and footpaths beyond what is necessary to implement an identified solution.


Sections of the aforementioned geographical locations that do not form part of an active travel route.


Consideration of solutions that require resolution of  land ownership issues, or changes to the boundaries of the adopted public highway.


Works relating to a one way ‘plug’ on Navigation Road. These works form part of a separate project.


Changes to the traffic signal junction of Bootham / Gillygate / St Leonards Place, or to any other existing traffic signal junctions.


Consideration of changes at Fishergate Bar or on the Fishergate Gyratory.


Strategic traffic modelling.


Air Quality modelling.


Changes to street furniture or improvement to the public realm, except where necessary to achieve the objectives.


Consideration of changes that restrict motor vehicle access.


Not looking to improve

-      Congestion / Queue lengths / Delays

-      Bus facilities

-      Upgrade equipment

-      Street lighting


Consideration of improvements to public transport operation or infrastructure.



Outcomes and Benefits:

Improved safety along the route, measured by a comparison of accident data over a 5 year period post construction.


Increased usage of the route by active travellers, measured by usage surveys post construction.


Dependencies and related works:

There are no direct dependencies on other projects.


Design Resource Procurement:

A procurement exercise will be undertaken to obtain appropriate design resource support.