Project Outline

Project Name

People Streets / Ostman Road

Project Manager

Bethan Old



Purpose of this Document:

This document summarises key project information to allow a Member decision to be made in support of the current course of action.



The mandate for this project derives from a bid to the government for ‘Active Travel Fund’ support.


With regards to this project, the text within the bid states:


“There is significant concern about the impact of traffic on the environment and safety of pupils at drop off and pick up times at some schools in the city which we aim to address with this programme. After a successful trial of a people street concept at Carr Junior School in association with Sustrans last year we are including changes to Ostman Rd in Acomb as a pilot scheme in this application for potential future wider rollout across the city”


Project Description:

Provision of measures to improve the environment on Ostman Road near Carr Junior and Infant Schools at school drop-off and pick-up times, to encourage parents and pupils to walk, cycle or scoot to school.


The project is needed to improve safety and accessibility for children and parents affiliated with Carr Junior and Infant schools. Vehicles associated with the school drop-off and pick-up clog up Ostman Road and discourage children and parents from walking, cycling and scooting to school.


The project is also needed to improve the safety and amenity of cyclist journeys along Ostman Road, and to fulfil our commitment to the DfT as part of our Active Travel Fund bid.


Aims and Objectives:

The Aim of the Project is to:

Improve the environment for pedestrians, cyclists and mini-scooter users on Ostman Road near Carr Junior and Infant schools by reducing the impact of traffic.

The Objectives are:


Built environment interventions - Implement Civil Engineering interventions to change the built environment to adjust the priority towards pedestrian and cyclists, away from motor vehicle traffic and to discourage parent parking during school drop-off and pick-up times.




In Scope:


Geographical location: Road space on Ostman Road between junctions with Viking Road and Danebury Drive.


Civil Engineering solutions


Consideration of changes to Parking provision


Changes within the bounds of the adopted highway, including the carriageway, verges and footways


Consideration of LTN 1/20 guidance. ‘Green’ scoring solutions are preferred, however lower scoring solutions that still represent an improvement will be explored.


Consideration of solutions that reduce capacity for motor vehicles traffic, where necessary to achieve the objectives.


Changes to street furniture required to implement a solution.


Out of Scope:


Consideration of solutions in locations outside the area specified above.


Changes to Tostig Avenue, other than in the vicinity of its junction with Ostman Road.


Air quality improvements.


Changes outside  the adopted highway boundary


Consideration of solution that require the resolution of land ownership issues


Not looking to improve the following:

-      Congestion

-      Bus facilities/routes

-      Queue lengths

-      Traffic capacity


Resurface any roads/footpaths not needed to implement proposed solution.


Traffic modelling and air quality modelling


Consideration of traffic signalling solutions


New restrictions on access (all users currently able to access the street will continue to be able to access the street)


Consideration of improvements to public realm other than those required to achieve the stated objectives.


Outcomes and Benefits:

Increased levels of walking, cycling and scooting to and from school – Measured by a school travel survey before and after construction.


Improved cyclist and pedestrian safety – Measured by a review of accident figures over a 5 year period post construction.


Dependencies and related works:

There are no direct dependencies on other projects.


Design Resource Procurement:

A contract is in place and design resource will be prioritised as per the accompanying scheme prioritisation list.