Treasury management scheme of delegation                                       Annex D

(i) Executive / Full Council

(ii) Executive

 (iii) Audit & Governance Committee

(iv) Chief Finance Officer (section 151 officer)


The treasury management role of the section 151 officer

o   Risk management, including investment and risk management criteria for any material non-treasury investment portfolios;


o   Performance measurement and management, including methodology and criteria for assessing the performance and success of non-treasury investments;        


o   Decision making, governance and organisation, including a statement of the governance requirements for decision making in relation to non-treasury investments; and arrangements to ensure that appropriate professional due diligence is carried out to support decision making;


o   Reporting and management information, including where and how often monitoring reports are taken;


o   Training and qualifications, including how the relevant knowledge and skills in relation to non-treasury investments will be arranged.