Climate Change Scrutiny Committee


12 January 2022

Report of the Assistant Director Policy and Strategy


Portfolio of the Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change


Economic Strategy




1.         A verbal update from the head of Economic Development on the progress made in producing the Economic Strategy


2.         An update on the alignment with other emerging Council Strategies.


3.         An update on the planned phase 3 engagement for economic development



Council Plan


4.         The Economic Strategy relates to the ambitions for well-paid jobs and an inclusive economy.




·           Financial – there are no financial implications

·           Human Resources (HR) – there are no HR implications

·           Equalities – there are no equality implications

·           Legal – there are no legal implications in relation to this report.

·           Crime and Disorder – there are no crime and disorder implications in relation to this report.  

·           Information Technology (IT) – no implications

·           Property – there are no property implications in relation to this report.

·           Other




Risk Management


23.  There are no known risks in relation to the recommendation of this report.


Contact Details




Shaun Gibbons

Head of Carbon Reduction




Chief Officer Responsible for the report:


Claire Foale

Assistant Director Policy and Strategy


Report Approved





Wards Affected: 







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