Clerk: Mrs Jessica Bedford

15 Wistowgate, Cawood, Selby, YO8 3SH

Tel: 07562 333508. Email: parish.clerk@dunningtonparishcouncil.gov.uk

Chairman: Cllr Gill Shaw  


Dear Councillor,                                             


Notice is given that a Meeting of Dunnington Parish Council will be held at 19:30 on Monday 13 December 2021

in the Tower Room, St Nicholas Church, Church Street, Dunnington, YO19 5PW


Agenda of the said meeting is shown below

Jessica Bedford

Clerk and RFO, Dunnington Parish Council


1                    FORMALITIES

1.1              To receive apologies for absence given in advance of the meeting

1.2              To consider the approval of reasons for absence

1.3              To receive and approve the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 8th November 2021

1.4              To receive any declarations of interest

2                    EXCLUSION OF PRESS AND PUBLIC

2.1              The Parish Council will resolve to exclude the press and public, from the meeting for any item where the publicity of the matter being prejudicial to the public interest or by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted or for other special reasons


Any member of the parish may speak for up to 5 minutes on any matter on the agenda with the session lasting no more than 20 minutes

4               POLICE REPORT

4.1       To receive and consider a report from the Police and decide on any

       necessary action

4.2       To receive and consider an update from Cllr Thompsons contact with NYP and Cllr Shaws contact with CYC


5.1       To review and consider each committee/working groups leader/chairman

5.2       To review and consider allocating a committee/group/liaison title to each area

6          2022/23 FINANCES

6.1       To consider the budget proposals for 2022/23 for approval at the January PC meeting.

6.2       To consider setting the precept amount for 2022/23 for approval at the January PC meeting.

7          CEMETERY

7.1       To receive and consider an update from the cemetery group

8          ALLOTMENTS

8.1       To consider and agree new documentation and policies

9          H31 DEVELOPMENT

9.1       To consider the current situation relating to H31 and approve any necessary action or costs

10        2022 MEETING DATES

10.1     To consider the dates for Parish Council meetings and Annual Parish meetings


11.1     The Parish Council to consider the approval of an expenditure of £125.00 (plus vat) in respect of Harland and Co.’s fees to amend the contact name and address, contained in five Land Registry documents, from the previous Parish Clerk to the new Parish Clerk.


12.1     To receive full updated Accounts and Accruals to date for 2021/22

12.2     To note the receipts presented and approve the payments presented for authorisation

12.3     Correspondence

            Various items received by email from Ward Councillors, COYC, YLCA and   Parishioners


13.1     The Parish Council to consider the distribution of contact details.


14.1     The Parish Council to consider approval of planting for the Queens platinum jubilee in 2022.

15        PLANNING - Ongoing Applications  

15.1     Ridgeway 2 Greencroft Court Dunnington York YO19 5NN - Single storey   extension to side and rear following demolition of existing garage

15.2     Highthorn Stamford Bridge Road Dunnington York YO19 5LN - Conversion of         the existing agricultural building (located in field to the north east of     Highthorn) to form 1no. dwelling with associated works and infrastructure; and            change of use agricultural land to domestic curtilage. Alteration and widening         of the vehicle access from Stamford Bridge Road

15.3     Laurentide Common Lane Dunnington York YO19 5LS - Raising of roof with hip     to gable roof extensions to sides, front and rear; single storey front and rear      extensions, 3no. rooflights to front and 2no. rooflights to rear

15.4     25 Garden Flats Lane Dunnington York YO19 5NB - Variation of condition 2 of       permitted application 18/01851/FUL to alter access

15.5     Urban House Hull Road Dunnington York YO19 5LP - Erection of a 3 storey            office extension and provision of additional 37 car parking spaces (inc. 3 disabled) and 18 cycle spaces


16        PLANNING - New Applications         

16.1     21/02487/TCA - 15 York Street Dunnington York YO19 5PN - Crown reduce Magnolia tree by 30% in Conservation Area.


17        PLANNING - Decisions (COYC)

17.1     York Guns Camsey House Unit 1 Foxoak Business Park Common Road Dunnington -          Display of 1no. externally illuminated fascia sign to front elevation and 1no. non- illuminated fascia sign to side elevation (Removed from ongoing as was a permitted development)        

17.2     Dunnington Millenium Garden, Intake Lane, Dunnington - Tree pruning works in a conservation area – Approved 10/11/21

17.3     28 Garden Flats Lane Dunnington York YO19 5NB Lateral prune Holly by up to 2.4m TPO in place(Missed from Agenda – 7/10/21) Approved 25/11/21



18.1     1 Church St

18.2     Travellers Site A166


19        AOB

Next Meeting Monday 10th January 2022 at 7.30pm at the Tower Room, St Nicholas Church, Dunnington (subject to Parish Council approval)














Investment Bond & Account

 £      21,089.79


Premium Account Income

 £        2,049.49


Current Account

 £      64,269.81


Current Account Income

Cemtery interment

 £           255.00

Cemetery memorial

 £           130.00

Cemetery memorial

 £           130.00

Cemetery plot purchase

 £        1,145.00

Cemetery interment

 £           255.00

Cemetery interment

 £           255.00

Ward Grant

 £           552.00

Ward Grant

 £        2,000.00

Donation - Christmas Trees

 £           650.00

 £        5,372.00

Current Account Expenditure

Christmas Tree - Installation and removal

 £           350.00

Christmsa Tree Lights - York Road

 £           160.00

PC Expenses - Microsoft, phone,

 £              38.78


 £              14.39

NEST pension

 £              45.47

19.49 employers contribution

Boretree Christmas Trees

 £           650.00

Christmas Lights - Village Green

 £              53.94

Aspects Horticultural - Access road and drainage

 £        5,196.00

SLCC - Parish Clerk iLCA qualification

 £           144.00

Parish Clerk Salary


Parish Clerk Expenses

 £              38.78

 £        6,691.36

Forecast Current Account

 £      62,950.45


Premium Account

 £        2,049.49


Investment Bond 1 & 2

 £      21,089.79


 £      86,089.73