Joint Standards Committee

23 November 2021

Report of the Monitoring Officer

Model Code Update – Review of Procedures


This report provides the Joint Standards Committee with Hoey Ainscough’s update of their review of the current procedures in place to deal with Code of Conduct complaints.


At the last Joint Standards Committee Meeting, the Committee decided to request that Hoey Ainscough Associates conduct a review of the current procedures in place to deal with Code of Conduct complaints.  This review has now been conducted and Hoey Ainscough have drafted a procedure document which can be found in their procedure document at Annex A.

Paul Hoey and Natalie Ainscough will be present at the next Joint Standards Committee Meeting in order to discuss their report further with Members their procedure document.  In order to assist Members, the report containing the current procedures from the September Joint Standards Committee meeting can be found at Annex B.



Not applicable to this report.

Human Resources (HR)

Not applicable to this report.


The Equality Act 2010 places specific duties on Local Authorities.  Having a clear and concise Code of Conduct and procedures which aid the process and prohibits unlawful discrimination gives the public confidence in Members and the Council as a whole.


As detailed within the report.

Crime and Disorder, Information Technology and Property

Not applicable to this report.

Members are asked to consider the draft procedures and decide whether to recommend the same to Full Council for adoption and implementation to support the Model Code of Conduct.



Rachel Antonelli

Head of Democratic Governance & Deputy Monitoring Officer

 Chief Officer Responsible for the report: Janie Berry

Director of Governance &

Monitoring Officer

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Report Approved


15 November 2021





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Background Papers:

Annex A – Procedure Document

Annex B – September Joint Standards Committee Report with Current Procedure Documents