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17th November 2021



Report from Catherine Scott, York MCN Programme Coordinator, York MCN Enabling Team


York MCN Cultural Values


1.        In August 2020, the York Multiple Complex Needs (MCN) Network undertook a Cultural Values Survey, supported by Barrett Values Centre. This was done as a part of our desire to build relationships and consensus about ‘what good support looks like’, and to identify what enables ‘system stakeholders’ to act collectively in order to better support people.


2.        The York Multiple and Complex Needs (MCN) Network is an alliance of people with lived experience, frontline workers and strategic leads seeking system change in York. It provides spaces, practices and platforms to bring together people with lived experience, frontline workers and strategic leads. This allows them to think and act collectively with the aim of supporting people facing severe and multiple disadvantage who experience multiple difficulties at the same time.

3.        To find out more, please watch our animation here: https://www.yorkmcn.org/

4.        In 2019, the Network decided to develop a number of experiments and take these forwards as working groups. One of these experiments was set up to understand the culture and health of the systems and services currently responding to those experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage in York. The experiment is supported by Barrett Values Centre.

5.        The COVID-19 crisis brought an additional, and not yet fully visible layer of opportunities and challenges to this work plan, and potentially a reworking of these pieces of work to reflect the new conditions and opportunities.

6.        The Barrett Values Centre cultural values assessment is an internationally recognised model, the results of which provide insights into what is working and not working in the prevailing culture of any setting. Crucially, it highlights what is important to people, how they experience the culture and how they would like to improve it.

7.        The values assessment (or survey), data interpretation and findings report were carried out by an external, independent consultant. The results give us a strong platform to work from.  Armed with new knowledge about the change people want to see, we can now make sustainable adjustments to improve the culture of the system, and ultimately better support those experiencing multiple complex needs in York.

Main/Key Issues to be Considered

8.        The attached report (Annex 1) provides an overview of the Cultural Values journey York MCN has been on over the last 12 months. This includes headline results and messages from the survey, a snapshot of the York Cultural Values Sense-making process that has followed, and some of the tangible and intangible benefits of undertaking the York MCN cultural values process.

9.        We are taking this approach to allow listening and informed action to be at the core of our work and methodology. We hope to display a set of behaviours that all parts of the system can adopt.

10.    Through relationships and participatory actions, we have nourished the soil, planted the seeds and tended to the seedlings, and we now need some other gardeners to come along and help us.

11.    The Cultural Values Working Group and Facilitation Team will be sharing the journey at various meetings across York, and asking people to think about how we might want to take this work forwards together.

12.    There are many opportunities for how this work could be taken forwards by system leaders, sectors, organisations, teams and individuals.

13.    Some of these include:

a.   Getting involved with the ‘test and learn’ phase of our process – using tools and resources used and developed through the sense-making sessions to embed a values-based approach into existing or emerging initiatives. This might be exploring what it looks like to model the cultural values yourself, embed it in teams, or use a cultural values lens when reviewing or creating policies and processes. 

b.   Engaging with and learning from the results and sense-making process - the results provide a snap-shot picture across one agenda area, but there will be many similarities with different areas of the system. 

c.   Undertaking a cultural values process yourself, across a partnership, organisation, agenda area, or the wider health and care system.

14.    If you’d like to learn more about the Cultural Values Process or how you can have input, please do get in touch with Catherine Scott, or email info@yorkmcn.org.


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Strategic/Operational Plans


18.    This work could relate to strategic and operational plans and priorities across the city.


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21.    The York Health and Wellbeing Board are asked to note the report.

22.    York Health and Wellbeing Board members are asked to consider how this work could be taken forwards by within their own organisations, as well as across partnerships.


















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Chief Officer Responsible for the report:

Catherine Scott

York MCN Programme Coordinator, York MCN Enabling Team

Hosted by York CVS

07522 229833


York MCN Cultural Values Facilitation Team:

Philip Marken

Natasha Almond

Miles Goring

Astrid Hanlon

Rebecca Carr


Catherine Scott

York MCN Programme Coordinator, York MCN Enabling Team

Hosted by York CVS


07522 229833


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Catherine Scott

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Background Papers:

Background Papers are linked in the main report in Annex 1, and can also be viewed here:

-         An Introduction to York MCN animation: www.yorkmcn.org

-         York Cultural Values – The Journey So Far animation: www.yorkmcn.org/yorkculturalvalues

-         York Cultural Values Summary Report: www.yorkmcn.org/results

-         York Cultural Values Full Results Report: www.yorkmcn.org/results

-         York Cultural Values Results Presentation: www.yorkmcn.org/results

-         Meet The Facilitation Team: www.yorkmcn.org/yorkculturalvalues

-         The Journey So Far map: www.yorkmcn.org/yorkculturalvalues




-         Annex 1: York MCN Cultural Values